A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

Birthday With a BANG!

“Its his birthday!!! Why did no one tell me!”

Lakeshia laughed and I looked at her “I have to get him something” I said and before I could rush out she ran infront of me and stopped me. “Don’tfreak he didn’t want us to tell you because he didn’t want anything” she says and I sighed sitting down. “I feel so stupid though” I said “Why?” she asks coming twoard me and I look at her. “I try so hard to impress him but I feel like its worth nothing” I said looking down. She smiled “Don’t” she says and I look up. “Zane likes you I know it!” she says and I look down. “Why would he like his slave”

“Now you know he doesn’t think of you as that!”

“But I feel like I don’t deserve to be his girl which I’m not! I feel so so….useless” I said laying on my bed “Well your not useless now come on were getting you dressed” she says I look at her then look down. “Sure whatever you say” I said smiling She grabbed my arm pulling me and sitting my in front of my dresser. She began straightening my hair and doing my make up. “Here put this on” she says and hands me a dress and shoes. Before I lave to change I hear a knock on the door and open it to see Sebastian. “Hey!” I said hugging him “Hey what’s up?” he asks “Why did you not tell me that Zane’s birthday is today!” I said hitting his arm. He sighed. “Because I know you” was all he said before looking at a blushing Lakeshia. I gasped just now realizing something and I smiled

“Get out Sebastian I have to change!”

“Wait wha-“ I slammed the door in his face before he could talk. Lakeshia looked at me weird and I smiled at her. “You like Sebastian!” I said and she did not respond. “I knew it!” I shouted and she covered my mouth. “Okay yes I do a lot but the years I’ve known him he’s never noticed.” She states shy. “Welcome to my world” I said before going in the bathroom.

I came out and see her dress and we look at each other’s outfits.



“Come on I want to see Zane!” I said rushing downstairs and she nods and we walk downstairs and he looks at me and smiles. “Hey Harper” he says and I smiled. “Happy Birthday Zane!” I said and he smirks “Thanks” I hugged him tightly. “Come on were going out now is Lakeshia ready?” I nodded and she ended up by Sebastian. “Let’s go” Greg says and I feel Zane take my hand and I blush as he smiles and leads me out. I sit next to Zane and Greg and I feel Zane link fingers with me. I look down shy and he smiles. “Any visions lately?” he asks I shake my head and smile. “Nope you?” he shook his head and wrapped his arm around my waist and I lean against him I wonder why he was acting so close to me today.

Zane’s POV

Nothing was going to ruin today not one thing. I turned nineteen today I’m having a huge party at a club our new song hit number one and today I was going to tell Harper how I felt about her. She was beautiful smart funny and the one person who could really understand where I was coming from and how I feel because she’s going through the same thing. She looked over at me and smiled. I held her closer and she rested on my shoulder

Normal POV

We get there and everyone is smiling and talking to Zane. I guess dancing with him was out of the question for tonight so I just sat in the corner table and watched everyone. Out of nowhere Zane comes to me and pulls me. “You’re my date tonight so you have to have as much fun as I do” he says and takes me to the dance floor. He sat his hands on my hips and I smiled at him. We began dancing for hours and grinding our bodies against each other. Things now began running through my head. How my blood was rushing through my body making me hot how he touched me in the right spots now without going to far. How he whispered things in my ear that drove me wild I thought I was going to lose it.

“Zane hey Zane we need you over here real quick!”

We both stopped and I huffed and he smiled. “Thanks for dancing with me” he says and I smiled “No prob” I said and he kissed my cheek. “Were going to have cake and stuff back at home we’ll be leaving soon” he says and I nod. I go to the bar and get water and chug it down. I then see Greg sitting down by himself and I smiled at him. “What’s wrong?” I asked he shrugged. “I’m in no mood to party I guess” he says and I grab his hand. “Come dance with me” I said and he sits his drink down and got up with me.

We began dancing but not like Zane and I did he knew that my heart is taken. He pulled me a little closer to him which I allowed I cant deny that there is an attraction between us but we never tried to make to much of it. “So I saw how you and Zane were having a little fun out here tonight” he says smirking and takes my waist as a slow song plays. “Yeah I guess so” I said looking away blushing. “Harper?” he says and I look at him.

“D…do you think girls would want to date me?”

I looked at him like he was stupid. “You are seriously asking me that?” he nods. “Greg you are a funny cute sexy smart guy not to mention you’re in a band! What girl wouldn’t want you?” I asked “Girls like you” he says and I look at him confused. “What?” I asked “Girls who aren’t afraid to speak up or be there for someone even in they don’t know what to say I can’t find the girl for me” he states and I sighed and hugged him. “Greg your nineteen don’t worry about settling down so soon you’ll find the girl of your dreams and when you do you’ll know it” I said and he nods.

“Come on guys were heading back!”

I let go of Greg and we headed to the car and got in I sat back next to Zane he smiles at me and holds my hand and I sit closer to him and rest on his shoulder. When we get home I rush to my room and I change out of my dress and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top and brush my hair back. I then walk down and see Zane and I sit in his lap playfully and he laughs. “I had a lot of fun today Zane” I said and he smiles I did to and there there’s one thing that will make it all better” he says and I smile curious.

“If you’ll be my gir-“

“SO LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!” Dan shouts coming down and I look at Zane. “I’ll tell you later” he says and I nod and sit next to him. And everyone sits down. I look over at Zane to see he has a disturbed look on his face like something was wrong. HE clenches his fist so hard his palm is bleeding and veins popping out. “Zane?” he did not answer. I grabbed his hand and he looked at me his eyes were red. He was the Zane that scared me again but what triggered it this time?

“I’ll be back”

He runs upstairs and I look at everyone. “I’m going to check on him,” I said running up and I go into his room. I see him stick a needle into his arm and he is breathing hard. “Zane?”

“Harper get out”

“A...are you alright?” I asked and the door shut behind me. “Go” he says huffing and I turn to him and look him in the eyes. It was clear he was trying to control himself but it was not working. I just wanted to help him I knew I could help him control him self something in me just told me so. I touched his cheek and he grabbed it breaking my hand and I scream and he covers my mouth. “No screaming!” he says and He picks me up by my throat sinking his nails in it and I look at him afraid. “Zane..” “SHUT UP!” he then threw me against the wall hard and denting it and I gasped in terrible pain feeling the back of my head and seeing blood. Something in me made me afraid of him now to scared to love him too scared to be near him. I wish I could run but I passed out.

Lakeshia’s POV

We all ran upstairs hearing a loud noise. We burst through Zane’s room to see Zane losing himself at one end and Harper unconscious on the other. “Harper!” I shouted and ran to her. “Zane growled and charged to me but it took all the guys to hold him back. “Give her to me!” he shouts. I looked at him he was getting worse each year until he would lose complete control. “Give me her blood!” he says and I look at the back of her head to see she was bleeding.

“Lakeshia you have to get Harper away from Zane now!”

I nodded and picked her up I looked at Zane to see tears falling down his eyes he was afraid he knew he hurt her the real him. I already knew none of this was good or was going to end out good. “Harper!” he shouts and I froze he had changed back into himself. He pushed them off and ran to her holding her in his arms. I realized if Harper was in danger but she was bleeding it was as if the scent of her blood was blocked out by the fact she was in danger in Zane’s mind. He picked her up looking at her. “I’m a monster!” he says and looks at the blood back on his hands. I felt bad for him because all he saw himself for was a monster but I knew that it was just a monster in him.