A Vampire Bought Me In an Auction Now I'm His Slave

That was Unexpected

I woke up in terrible pain more pain than I ever felt before and I sit up feeling dizzy. “Hey take it easy” I hear and see Lakeshia. “W…what happened.” Before she could continue flashes of what Zane did to me went through my head and I gasped afraid. I got up realizing I’m in his room and began to rush out but Lakeshia held me back. “Hey calm down Zane’s not even here” she says and I see someone open the door I look up to see Zane. “Harper your alright” he says and comes to me. I flinch and run to Lakeshia.

“No! NO! Don’t touch me!”

I coward in fear and he looked down ashamed. “She is afraid of me” he says and just turns and walks away. I never felt so bad but I want to talk to him but kept feeling afraid. “Harper” she says and I pull away. “I’m sorry it’s just when I saw him I got flashbacks of when he hurt me!” I said and she hugged me. “Its alright” she says and I let go of her and run to my room and shut the door. I leaned against the door crying. “The one man I’m in love with I’m afraid of!” I shout falling on the door and hugging myself.

“Harper…Harper it’s me Greg”

I slowly got up and opened the door and he looks at me. “How are you” he asks and I look down. “I’m afraid of Zane Greg! How can I be afraid of the one person who saved me and the man I love!” I said crying and he hugs me tightly. “I don’t want to be afraid but I can’t help it he scares me so much.” I said softly and he sighs and let’s me go. “I can’t force you to do anything this is something you have to get over yourself” he says and I look down “I don’t think I can.

Zane’s POV

“She can’t live here with me I refuse to let her stay in fear everyday its just as bad as her living in that slave place!” I shout and Dan and Dave look at each other. “I can’t believe I threw her! What the hell is wrong with me!” I said throwing fists as I paced. “Zane calm yourself before you lose yourself again.” Sebastian said. “WHY SHOULD I CARE ANYMORE? THE GIRL I LOVE IS FUCKING TERRIFIED OF ME!” I shout at them angry and Sebastian stands up sitting me down “You have to stay calm Zane” he says and I push him off. “I can’t I fucked up big time and there is no taking it back. I hit her! What makes it worse is I was about to ask her to be my girlfriend guess I know my answer now!” I said anger.

Dan and Dave stood up noticing I was losing control again. “No! I swear if any of you touch me I will rip your head off!” I said and they stayed back. “I have to go somewhere far from here” I said grabbing my keys running out.

Normal POV

A month has passed and I’m told Zane is looking for places for me to live. I can’t object because every time I see him I flinch in fear. Everyone says that he always yells at them and will not do anything until I talk to him. But I doubt that’s going to happen any time soon. I was now in my room with Greg and he was just keeping me company. “So are you still afraid?” he asks I nod. “Not as much though I’m working on it” I said and he nods smiling. I don’t want to leave you guys I love it here” I said and he looks at me. “I don’t want you to leave either.” He says and I hear a loud bang and see my door open with Zane standing there.

“Greg leave”

Greg looks over at me and I grip his hand. “Greg leave now!” he shouts and Greg gets up and leaves and Zane shuts the door. “Harper” he says walking to me. I back away to the bathroom door. “Please stop running from me!” he says and I don’t move. “I’m so sorry Harper I never want to make you that afraid again.” He says and I look at him. “If you really cannot be around me I have to remove you from here because I care about you too much to see you hurt like that” he says and I walk towards the door but he grabs my arms. “Damn Harper why are you making this so hard” he says and I look at him his chest rising and falling and he pushes me against the wall kissing me hard.

“I love you damnit! I’m madly in love with you I can’t live without you please Harper forgive me!”

Everything in me all my fear went away and I just lunged at Zane and kissed him hard. He wraps his arms around my waist and I break away from him. “I love you too Zane I love you so much!” I began crying and he kissed me again and he grabbed my legs hoisting me around his waist. The sensation he was giving me right now his lips on mine as he kissed me was amazing. He pushed me against the wall groping my whole body and I moaned in his kisses. I wanted more I wanted so much more I was torturing myself the way hadn’t spoke to him in a month. I needed Zane I needed him badly.


I break away and look at him. “I’m sorry” he says “I never want to make you afraid again” he says and I nod and he kisses me again. “I don’t want to lose you again” I said and he brings me to the bed and he gets on top of me kissing me with more passion and I gasp as his soft lips touched my neck. I flipped him over and pulled off my shirt. “Zane” he looked at me and I stared in his eyes with more love than I thought I ever had.

“Make love to me”

I woke up very tired and a little sore. I feel someone soft lips pressing against the base of my neck and chest. I opened my eyes to see my dark room curtains covered over every window hiding every inch of sunlight that could have gotten in. I turn my head to see a smiling Zane and I smile at him. “Hello love” he says and I my smile gets bigger. “Hi” I said giving him a quick kiss. I look arouns to see our clothes scattered around the bedroom and feathers everywhere. “Sorry guess I got a little rough” he states and I smile. “Its fine” I said and sat up wincing in some pain. I look at him and see all the feathers in his head and pull them out. “Where is everyone” I asked he looked at the clock. “They went out some hours ago they should be back soon” he says and I nod.

“What’s wrong?”

I look over to him and tilt my head. “Why do you think there is something wrong” I asked and he shrugged. “You seem…quiet” he states and I lean against the head board and hear it crack and fall and Zane catches me helping me back on the bed. I look over to the spilt headboard and then look at the embarrassed Zane. “Sorry about that” he states and I laugh. “I’ll get you a new head board and pillows. He states and I look down at my clothes. “And a new bra you kind of ripped my favorite on in shreds” I said finding a piece. He sighed scratching the back of his head.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“Nope I’m fine you actually did the complete opposite” I said smirking and he looks at my body. “But you keep wincing in pain.” He says and I sighed. “Zane I was a virgin before that I knew I wasn’t going to feel like I did before we did that” I say and he nods. “So I wasn’t too rough?” he asks and I pull him to me and kiss him hard. “I like it when your rough” his face turned red and I smiled. I then laid back down and Zane held me in his arms. “Man I’m tired” I said and he laughs “That’s because we only slept for an hour” he says kissing my neck softly. “Oh…” I said as I looked over at him. “Your not a monster” I said softly “I remembering you screaming that when you threw me a month ago. Even if I was afraid I wanted to still help you. And I still do” I said and he looked at me then away.

“Its getting worse…day by day month by month year by year I lose my self more and more. I’m warning you now Harper now that you are with me it can get dangerous”

I leaned forward and kissed him deeper and he held me close and we smiled at each other. “No one deserves to go through something so hard alone” I said and he smiles at you. “I love you so much” he whispers and I smiled “I love you too Zane” he brought my body closer to his and I felt his leg push my lower body to his and I rest my head in his neck as he holds me. Our legs intertwining bodied melting together his scent mixing with mine and mine with his. I never felt so happy before my heart was about to explode. Everywhere his hands traced felt good to me his breath on my neck made my body shiver but just want him more. I didn’t want to leave but I knew the moment was all to good.


I froze as I hear Dan’s voice and he turns on the lights to see us in bed. “Holy crap” he says and everyone else is behind him. I sit up bringing the sheets with me and their mouths drop. “I did not see this coming” Lakeshia says and I had to agree I didn’t either but then again it was my idea to do this. “Hey guys” I said nervously and Greg broke out in laughter. “Wow! This is the funniest day ever” Sebastian’s face turns red and Zane covers me more. “Can we help you?” he asks “I didn’t know this is why you two didn’t want to come out tonight!” Dave says laughing and I hide my face behind Zane. “Guys can we talk about it in the morning Harper and I are very tired” he says and I sit my head up. “How long have you’ve been asleep?” he asks “An hour” Zane slips out. “Whoa you two been at it that long!” Dave shouts and I look at them. “In the morning please I’m tired!” I said and they shutoff the lights and leave out.

We look at each other and he pulls me to him and we lie back down as he holds me close. “Sleep good Harper.” He whispers. “You too” I said softly and I closed my eyes having the weirdest dream ever.

“Zane! Zane!” I ran through a forest looking for him. I was wearing my usual Victorian vampire dress that I had to wear for special occasions. “Zane!” I feel someone grab me and I see my one true love the man of my dreams. “Harper what’s the problem?” he asks and I look at him. “They’re making me marry him!” I shout and he freezes “What” he says and I begin crying. “He’s a great guy but…but” I never told him the truth but I had to now. “But what Harper?” he asks and I look at him. “I love you” his eyes went wide and I leaned forward and kissed him and he kissed me back then stared into my blue eyes with his green ones “I love you too”. He pushed me down to the tall grass where no one could see our actions and he made love to me like I never thought someone could.

I wake up sweaty and my body hot and wanting from the dream I just had. I feel Zane rubbing my thighs as he sleeps and I move his hands and try to catch my breath. He opens his eyes and looks at me “Hey you alright?” he asks and I look over at him. “Yeah” I said and he sits up. “What did you see?” he asks and I look down. “Well us but in a forest I was telling you how I was marrying someone and you were mad but I told you I was in love with you and you said you loved me to and well we showed how much we love each other in the forest”

“The forest??

I nod “It was weird but it was like I was feeling it happen” I said blushing and he smiled and kissed my lips. “Come on let’s get some food” he says and I get up and grab the first shirt I see and slip it on and I go in my dresser and grab a pair of boxers and I feel Zane grab me by the waist and push my back against his chest. I feel him place kisses against my neck and I sigh softly and turn around and kiss him lustfully. He picks up my legs and smahes me against the wall as he continues to kiss me as forcefully. I pull off his shirt and he throws me on the bed. “Are we going to do this again?” he asks smirking and I shake my head. “Nope I just got some sleep and I have energy” I said pushing him off and he goes in front of the door before I can get through it. “You can’t be serious” he says and I smirk. “Oh but I am you might want to go take a cold shower.” I said and he glares at me and I kissed his cheek and left. This was going to be fun teasing him.