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Forget It All

It wasn't like I thought about him everyday. His face, his eyes, his voice simply just echoed through my memory like a haunting ghost- constantly reminding me of what happened and the stupid mistake that we made.

If I could go back I would change it. I know I could have stopped him. I could have reassured him. I could have had him right then and there.

But then again, I'm pretty confident we would have found ourselves at a dead end anyway.
  1. Remembering The Summer
    -Growing Up, The Maine
  2. I'm Not Over You
    -All Over You, The Spill Canvas
  3. You're Dancing All By Yourself
    -All By Yourself, Austin Gibbs
  4. You've Got Me Sweating A Heart Attack
    -Cry Your Eyes Out, Hit The Lights
  5. Manage Me, I'm A Mess
    -Weightless, All Time Low
  6. We Can Leave This World
    -Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back, My Chemical Romance
  7. I Got Troubled Thoughts
    -What A Catch, Donnie, Fall Out Boy
  8. Cause I've Seen Love Die Way Too Many Times
    -Emergency, Paramore
  9. When You Were There For Me
    -Fear Of Flying, A Rocket To The Moon
  10. Don't Mind Me If I Get Weak In The Knees
    -6 Months, Hey Monday
  11. This Charade Is Never Going To Last
    -Coppertone, The Academy Is...
  12. Funny How I'm Nervous Still
    -Kill, Jimmy Eat World
  13. You Were All I've Ever Known
    -Memories, Panic! At The Disco
  14. My Heart Is Under Arrest Again
    ~Best Of You, Foo Fighters
  15. We Were Almost Make Believe
    -Sound Of Fire, This Century
  16. A Little Bit Of Love And A Whole Lot Of Lust
    -My Heroine, The Maine
  17. I Am Taking You With Me
    -Drop Out, Jack's Mannequin
  18. Tearing Down Those Walls
    -Crash, You Me At Six
  19. I Don't Have Roses In The Closet
    -Local Man Ruins Everything, The Wonder Years
  20. My Song Has Not Been Sung
    -The Reckless and the Brave, All Time Low
  21. Say Another Word and I'll Lose It
    -On Your Own, We Are The In Crowd