Status: Active

Bruised and Beat Up

Raavi Hensley isn’t like normal 16year old girls. She’s headstrong, and she’s independent. She attends La Playa High School in La Playa, California. Raavi only has two best friends, both guys, and both go to another school across town. She could care less what people think about her, and tries her best to keep to herself. Her home life isn’t the best in the world, but no one else knows that.

Brydan Willis is the new kid. He just moved from New York to sunny California. He’s a hot topic around the new school with girls throwing themselves at him constantly. Being eighteen and a senior didn’t exactly help out his situation. However, he could care less. Only one girl catches his eye, and that girl is Raavi. Brydan finds her mysterious because she isn’t like the girls at her school. He likes the fact that she walks to the beat of her own drum.