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Bruised and Beat Up

Back To The Beginning.

Slowly, I pulled into the driveway, not finding my mom's car there. I sighed deeply in relief before I turned off the car, and slipped my luggage from the back. I was sure to lock my doors before walking up the sidewalk toward the house. It was locked, which was a good sign...sort of. It means that my mom is indeed sober. It's good because she won't hit me right off the bat, she'll just wait until she's drunk to actually do something about it. I unlocked the door and walked into my house. It reeked of beer and liqour. I scrunched up my nose, closing the door behind me. Carefully, I walked up the stairs and un-packed all of my stuff. I quickly changed into some cleaning clothes, and I walked back down stairs. I might as well go ahead and get this part over with, so it would be less that I half to do later. I finished around the time I would normally get home from school, and my mom was still done. I pondered on where she might be, but I never really did care. She could have died without my knowledge. I wouldn't exactly be thrilled, but I wouldn't cry over her either. She's hurt me enough to prove I wouldn't do anything by leaving her. She really didn't care.
I walked back upstairs and I worked on the homework that I would have missed for the past two days. I had just finished when she came home.
"RAAVI!" She shouted from downstairs.
I flinched before slowly making my way down to the kitchen.
She was already drinking, of course.
"Yes, mom?"
"Where in the fuck have you been?!" She snarled.
"I've been here mom," I lied.
"Don't you dare lie to me, young lady," She threatened.
"Mom, maybe if you paid attention, you would know that I have been here,"
"Bull shit." She muttered, sitting down her bottle.
I should have known better than to have talked back to my mom.
I get hit when I do that.

"Raavi!" Brydan called after me as I made my way to my first period. I didn't turn around toward him. I couldn't face him. I just couldn't. I felt so...guilty. "Raavi, stop it!" He stated, grabbing my wrist.
I yelped from the pain and turned to face him. He let go as soon as I had made a noise.
"Brydan...I have to get to class..."
"Why are you basically running from me?" He asked, his eyes intense and brows furrowed together.
"I just...I'm not in a good mood today. We can talk later," I stated, putting on my best fake smile.
"O...okay," He nodded, agreeing. "I'll see you in second and in lunch?"
I nodded my head up and down before moving quickly out of his view and into Mr. Yates's classroom. Math was clearly my least favorite subject, but if it got Brydan off of my back, it was definitely worth it. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt again today. Thank God that it's getting cooler, and I can get by with this. The sleeve's covered bruises that covered my back, arms, and waist. Cuts marks also covered my left arm up to my elbow. I know, it's stupid and gross, but it helps me. I'm messed up. I may be bruised and beat up, but I'm not broken. Not yet, anyway.
"Ah... Miss. Hensley, how nice of your to grace us with your attendance today."
"You're welcome." I replied sarcastically. "I totally wanted to come here and everything."
"Raavi, have a seat."
"Whatever," I mumbled.
I was seriously itching for a detention.
"What is with this sudden attitude?"
"What's up with this fucked up school?"
Mr. Yates sighed.
"Raavi, hallway. Now."
I rolled my eyes.
"Whatever you say."
I got up and led the teacher out of the class and into the hallway.
"Why did you disappear for two days and come back with the sudden attitude?"
"I-I want to see my sister in Baltimore."
"I thought you only had one sister that died a few years back?"
"My older sister...Eve. She's there." I lied swiftly. "I kind of just took off, and she put me in a horrible mood."
"You're a good liar, Raavi." He sighed. "Do you need to talk to someone? Maybe a therapist?"
"What?! No! Mr. Yates... I-I'm fine. I promise. I'm just...a little shaken up is all. My sister isn't the easiest person in the world to visit,"
"In that case, I hope things work out with the two of you,"
Me to, but that's not going to happen. I can't work things out with her because she's dead. She took her own life. It's not possible to fix our broken relationship. She screwed me over.
But I couldn't possibly tell him that.
So I gave a simple smile in return.
"Thanks, Mr. Yates,"
"You are aware that you're going to receive a detention for your behavior though, right?"
I sighed heavily and nodded.
"I understand perfectly well, sir."
"Okay," He nodded before leading the way back into the rowdy classroom. Without hesitation, I waltzed back to my seat while he went to the desk. Slipping out the pink notepad, he wrote up my detention and slipped it to me. I so do not need this. If I wasn't a dead woman before, I sure am now. My mom is seriously going to killme.
The bell rang, and all of the others sprung out of their seats, but not me. I was having a hard time even moving. Nearly every part of my body was sore in some shape or form. I had to ease myself out of the desk. My backpack was even more of a challenge. The entire time I was getting up, Mr. Yates watched me carefully. It wasn't until other teens started slipping into the room that I was able to get out without being questioned. At least I had managed to get away from someone.
Thirty minutes into art class, Brydan finally talked to me.
"V...are you okay?"
"Why wouldn't I be?" I asked, forcing a fake smile to my lips.
"You're acting how you acted when I first met you,"
"I'm fine," I forced a fake laugh, and it worked for him.
"Okay. I was just checking. We're still good, right?"
I actually smiled.
"Brydan, you're my boyfriend. If we weren't good, we would be over."
He nodded slightly before I turned back to my half-painted canvas. The light side had been barely touched. I wasn't feeling this whole positive thinking anymore. I'm starting to think that nothing will ever get better. It's only ever going to go downhill. I know that much.
"Why is it that your painting is depressive?"
"Um... I like dark colors?" I allowed. "Eyes on your own canvas, please." I tried to joke.
"I was....I'm worried." He sighed. "You're acting strange today."
"I got detention." I huffed.
"Is that the reason why?"
"Yeah. It's my first detention...ever."
"My mom is going to be so freaking pissed."
Correction... she's going to be livid.
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Dangggg..... I feel like such a terrible person to put Raavi through this.

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