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Bruised and Beat Up


I sighed heavily and I stood up from my spot in the sand. I looked out into the waves. They looked so inviting. I wanted to feel the water rushing over my body as I dove and swam. I wanted to feel the burning that it would leave on my open cuts. I just wanted to be in the ocean. It was home to me.
Finally around nine, I fished out my phone and I dialed Teddy's number.
"Raavi? What's up?"
"Ted...I...I hurt." I admitted, feeling low. "I think she broke my rib."
"Are you serious?" He asked sounding alarmed. "V, where are you now?"
"My spot." I answered. "I don't know how much more of this I can take."
"You shouldn't have to take any of it." He retorted. "I've been telling you for years that it's not right."
"I know that you have." I answered, half caring what he had to say. He says the same thing over and over again anyway. What's the point in listening.
"Can you meet me at the urgent care?"
I nodded.
"Yeah," I nearly whispered.
"Okay." He replied softly. "Have you told Brydan?"
"Nope." I replied. "I have to go, Teddy. See you in a minute or so."
I hung up the phone, and I stuffed it in my pocket. I walked slowly toward my car, and I got in. My rib was seriously killing me. I felt like crying, but that would only make it hurt worse. It literally hurt me just to breathe. To keep my mind off of my rib, I turned on some metalcore music while I drove to the urgent care. I spotted Teddy's car and I two parking spaces beside it. I opened up the door and hopped out. Seconds after I did, Teddy got out of his car, but the passenger side door was open before a brunette boy stepped out. He smiled over at me, and I glared at Teddy. He wasn't supposed to bring my boyfriend into this.
"Raavi..." Teddy sighed, trying to explain.
"What is he with you?" I snapped, ignoring the shooting pain.
"He deserves to know that you're hurt. Okay?" Teddy retorted as Brydan walked around and stepped beside of him.
"I was going to tell him tomorrow." I retorted.
I was slightly pissed that he brought Brydan with him.
Brydan stepped forward and he caressed my head softly.
"Don't be mad at Teddy. He's just trying to help." He whispered, his green eyes pouring into my own.
I stole a glance at Teddy and then back to Brydan.
I pulled away completely.
"Let's just get this done and leave, okay?" I almost whispered, leading the way to the building that looked nearly empty. I walked in and I sighed in before taking a seat in the uncomfortable plastic chair. Brydan sat across from me as well as Teddy. I refused to look at either of them. Finally Dr. Morris called me back.
"We're going to get your weight first." She stated sweetly.
I nodded, already knowing the drill. I've had to come here a few times over the years for broken bones and sprangs. Luckily for me, they didn't happen very often. But I still knew the drill pretty well. So I slipped off my shoes, with the two guys standing behind the doctor and myself. She messed with the scale until it balanced and then I slid off of the cool metal and put back on my shoes.
"Raavi..." Teddy whispered, looking heart broken when he looked at me. I wasn't sure what he was referring to, but I knew it hurt him.
"Right in here." Dr. Morris stated before the four of us walked into a room. "Okay, you're height is normal, but your weight...."
"What about it?" I questioned, sounding completely bored.
"You need to start eating more." She smiled at me. "What seems to bring you here today?"
"I think I broke one of my left ribs."
"How did that happen?" She asked, making a face.
"I tripped over my rug in my house and I landed on my left side." I replied, which was kind of true…but not really at the same time.
She nodded before checking my rib. She announced that it was definitely broken, and she started wrapping me up.
"Okay. So you are going to have to start eating regularly."
"I do." I laughed, lieing. "Why so serious?"
" weight ninety-seven pounds. You're underweight. It's a miracle that you only broke a rib when you tripped. A person in your condition would have broken a wrist or something else along with the rib."
"Okay." I huffed. "I start eating regularly again." I replied.
I didn't even know that I wasn't eating right. I eat how I've always ate. I ate whenever we had food and once at school. I didn't realize that it wasn't normal. I’ve been doing this for years, so apparently I ate enough that I wouldn’t kill myself.
“That’s all I ask for,” She smiled. “Just take this paper and give it to the lady at the front desk.”
“Will do,” I mumbled before I led the way out of the exam room. Teddy lightly put his hand on my shoulder so I would turn around. I didn’t dare look at the green eyes that I knew were staring strangely at me.
“Are you okay?” He questioned.
“Raavi, are you okay?” He asked again.
“I’m fine.”
Teddy sighed heavily.
“Last time I’m asking you this. Are. You. Okay.”
“I’m fun fucking tastic, Teddy! How do you think I am?!” I snapped, pulling my body away from him. “I just want to go home, and pretend that none of this happened. Okay?”
“Are you sure that’s a g-.”
“Fucking forget it, Teddy. I’m going home.” I retorted and moved toward the front desk. I heard him give up and sigh while the two of them followed me.
“Are you paying, or billing?”
“Bill it please?” I asked her as nicely as I could.
She nodded and filled out the rest before I walked toward the door that would lead the way out of here.
“Raavi, don’t be mad.” Teddy stated the second the door closed behind us and we were out in the California air.
“I’m not mad, Teddy.” I replied, defeated. “I’m just in a lot of pain, okay?”
“Okay.” He nodded. “I worry,”
“You shouldn’t have too.” I replied. I let my eyes sweep over Brydan who looked extremely confused. His eyebrows furrowed as he tried to figure out what we were talking about. Without warning, I wrapped my arms around him tightly. It took him a minute, but his arms finally wrapped around me too. He made sure it wasn’t tight, so he wouldn’t hurt me. “That goes for you too,” I whispered.
“I can’t help it,” He whispered back to me.
I pulled away from him, and left a small kiss on his lips.
“I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“Of course,” Brydan replied. He kissed me one more time, and then he walked over to the passenger side of the car. Teddy gave me one last look before he got in. After they drove off, I slid myself into my own car. I stared at the steering wheel for five minutes before I finally turned on the car. I was trying to prolong the drive as much as possible, but I knew that it would only make everything worse. She’s always worse when I’m late, and the later I’m out, the worst it gets from there.
I parked my car, and walked inside of my house. My mom was sitting on the couch, watching Niteline.
“Honey, you’re nearly an hour late.” She called.
I felt a sigh of relief.
“I’m sorry. I left my phone in the car, and I-my watch said that it was an hour earlier.”
“I was worried sick,” She said, pouting. “I hate not knowing where my little girl was this entire time.”
“I was just at the beach, mom,” I huffed. “It’s not like it’s the first time you didn’t know where I was.”
“Raavi…what’s gotten into you?”
“Nothing,” I replied, chewing on the inside of my lip. “I’m going to bed, kay?”
“Okay.” She nodded.
I bent down and kissed her cheek lightly before I scampered off to my room. I found my bottle of pain killers and I took a few to subside this ache, and then I got into the shower. The razor was practically calling my name. I wanted to so bad, but I stopped myself. I pretty much marked up my entire left arm, and I don’t have the steadiest left hand in the world. I couldn’t the perfect cuts across my right arm. It would end up very messy.
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