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Bruised and Beat Up


I don’t even know why I’m here. I don’t party, and I don’t drink. Why must Reef be so convincing? I let those two push me over in the blink of an eye, and it pisses me off. I would have been happy to stay at home tonight, and spend some time alone for once, but both Reef and Teddy made me come to this stupid house party. I guess you could say that Reef and Teddy were slightly popular. So, because of them, I made myself look nice, and came with them. I didn’t want too, but I did anyway.
“Can I get you something to drink?” Eric asked.
Eric was the owner of this house.
“Uh…yeah, Surprise me,” I replied.
He nodded and wondered off to the kitchen. My eyes roamed the living room for Teddy and Reef. Teddy was dancing with a shorter brunette girl. They looked great when they danced; they both had that talent. I looked for the head of blonde hair and found him with three blondes. I rolled my eyes, and laughed at him. Reef was such a ladies’ man, and he knew it too.
“Here you go.” Eric stated had he handed me a can of unopened Bud Light. I studied the can for a moment before I opened it and took a chug. I wasn’t going to worry about what happened later. I just wanted to have fun now.

An hour later, and I believe that I was on my fourth can. My head was fuzzy, and I couldn’t really think straight. I was dancing with some guy who kept running his hand over my body, but at this state, I didn’t care. I was actually enjoying myself a lot. I probably looked like a total whore at the moment, but I don’t care. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted to dance, and have fun. I normally don’t get to have fun.
“Holy shit, Raavi?!” I heard someone exclaim.
I ignored them, and brought whomever I was dancing with closer to my body.
“Dude, she’s completely shit faced.”
“I can see that, Reef.”
I groaned. My friends were trying to ruin my fun.
“Come one, Raavi. We have to get you home.”
“I don’t want too.” I shrugged. The two figures were slightly blurry. “I’m dancing.”
“No, you’re dry humping that poor boy.” I knew that it was Reef.
All of the sudden, the guy let go of me, and we stopped dancing.
“Look, I just want to party…so I’m going to go do that.” He slurred as he walked away.
“See what you just did?!” I stomped my foot.
“Raavi, stop it.” I knew that it was Teddy’s voice.
“No! What gives you a right to tell me what to do?!” I yelled louder. I was sure that people were staring at me. “I’m not a broken toy, Teddy! I can’t be fixed!”
“I’m getting you out of here.” He stated as he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder.
“Put me down! Now!”
“No, I’m taking you home, Raavi. You really need to sleep this off.”
Much to my protest, I was tossed in the back of Teddy’s car, and he was driving me to my house.
“Teddy! Don’t take me home! I can’t go home!” I cried from the back seat, but my best friend just shook his head. “What if she hurts me, Ted?! What if she kills me because I drank?!”
My head was spinning twice as fast, and I couldn’t see straight.
“Raavi…just be quit.” He hushed me.
The tone in his voice made me flinch. I lay back down, and I felt my stomach churn at the slight movement.
“Are we almost there?”
“Yeah, about another minute.” He replied.
I groaned, and but I slowly sat up.
“Will you walk me in there?”
“Sure.” He sighed heavily, but agreed anyway. After Teddy parked his car, he helped me get out of the backseat, and he walked me toward the door. “Should I ring the doorbell?”
“It would be pointless.” I slurred.
Teddy rolled his eyes, and then he rang the doorbell anyway.
Seconds later, my mom came toward the door, and opened it.
“Oh, Teddy! What happened to her?” I heard worry in her voice.
“I took her to a party with me, and I wasn’t aware that alcohol was there, and she got a hold of some. She’s totally trashed, Mrs. Urie.”
“Bring her on in. Thank you so much, Teddy. I was worried sick about her!”
“Sure, ma’am.” He replied as we slowly made our way through the door.
“Bathroom.” I managed to say. “I got to puke.”
“Here, let me take her.” My mom offered. “She’ll be okay.”
Teddy stared at her carefully for a minute.
“Okay.” He nodded. “I’ll call you tomorrow, Raavi. Have a good night, Mrs. Urie.”
“You too, Teddy.” She smiled and waved with the hand that wasn’t holding my body up.
Teddy left us alone, and my mom slowly hobbled me to the bathroom. I ran to the toilet in enough time to puke up the bile that was building in my stomach. It was awful.
“You didn’t eat before you drank, did you?” She asked me softly.
I shook my head, and didn’t reply due to the fact that my throat was burning like hell.
“You shouldn’t drink that much your first time.” She replied softly. “I’m going to go get you some dinner, alright?”
“Okay mom.” I managed to whisper.
“I love you, Raavi,”
“Love you.” I squeaked.
This is my mom, my real mom. This is the mom that I wanted around one hundred percent of the time. When she didn’t drink, she actually took care of me, and treated me like she loves me. I don’t get to see this mom very often, but I treasure each moment that I actually have with her. It’s only a matter of time before she goes back to drunken, abusive mom again. I didn’t want that at all, but I knew that it’s inevitable. If I could have a normal family, just for at least a week, I would be happy. But who knows when that’s going to happen. Oh, wait, I do know. The answer? Never.


“Hey, Raavi.”
I groaned, but looked up anyway.
“How are you today?” He asked me with a heartbreaking smile on his face.
“Just peachy.” I stated through my gritted teeth.
Today I was not happy. Just two days ago, my mom had taken care of me, but yesterday she kicked me in the ribs. Needless to say, I broke one or two.
“You don’t look too peachy.” He laughed and sat down on the seat beside of me.
“Don’t you have anything better to do than terrorize me all hours of the day?”
“Nope,” Brydan chuckled. “Besides, it’s only during art and lunch that I choose to terrorize you.”
I shook my head.
“You don’t give up do you?”
“Not at all.”
“Okay.” I sighed heavily, and ate a bite of my salad.
“So there is this party tomorrow night, and I was wondering if you wanna…you know…go?”
I looked up at him in shock. His brown hair covered his left emerald green eye as he asked me. Seconds later, he flipped it out of his eyes.
“You want me… to go to a party…with you?”
“Well…when you put it like that…I guess you could say I’m asking you out.”
“Then no.” I stood up and grabbed my tray.
“Why not?” He asked me as he followed close behind.
I turned around to face him.
“You’re seriously asking me that question?!”
“Yes, I am seriously asking you out.”
“No, Brydan. Just…no.”
I shook my head, and practically ran away from him. I didn’t want to get caught up in some high school relationship when love doesn’t exist. I know that it doesn’t. Human beings are not capable of love; my mom proves that. God is the only person that could ever love me, and whom I could ever love. I walked toward my next class and refused to think about Brydan, but he was always on my mind it seems.
I seriously can’t shake this boy.
I noticed a piece of white notebook paper stuffed in my locker right after I opened it to put my books inside. I had no homework tonight, so there was no need to take my books with me. I picked up to note that simply had my name on the front of it.

Raavi (:

The party is at Ashley M’s house tomorrow…if you still want to come that is…
I really hope to see you there.

The gorgeous new kid…aka Brydan ;)

I laughed and rolled my eyes at his odd note, but I stuck it in the back pocket of my skinny jeans anyway. No matter how much I refuse to believe that I will show up there for him, I knew that I was going too.
Fuck you, Brydan Willis.
Fuck you and your gorgeous green eyes.
♠ ♠ ♠

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