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Bruised and Beat Up

Too Wasted To Care

“Mom, I’m going out!” I called.
“Whatever!” She yelled back.
Okay, more like slurred back. She was drunk again.
When I got home she was on her way to being shit faced, so I decided that going to the party with Brydan would be so much better than actually staying in this hell hole waiting for another beating. I was dressed in skinny jeans, converse, and a long sleeve shirt. I still have a tone of bruises from earlier. I don’t want Brydan to see them…especially on our first date. I hate thinking that. I don’t want to even talk to Brydan, let alone date him. I knew where Ashley lived, and it wasn’t too far from here. To avoid my mom and driving home drunk myself, I decided to walk to her house. Sure, not the classiest thing I’ve ever done, but come on! It was the only logical explanation. So naturally, I walked the entire way there. When I arrived, the party was already in full swing. I didn’t bother knocking considering half of the people were already shit faced. I walked right in, and I started toward the small bar island that was set up in the huge house.
“A rum and coke, please.” I told the guy that I recognized from school. He was acting as the bar tender tonight, and from what I had heard about him, he had definitely earned the spot.
“Here you go, babe.” He winked, and handed me my drink.
I smiled politely, but didn’t waste any time in letting the drink ooze its way down my throat. I started to push my way through the large amount of people, but I didn’t see Brydan anywhere. Figures. When I decided to actually put myself out there for the dude, he’s a no show. Jackass.
“You’re Raavi, right?”
I turned around to be met with some guy from the football team.
“That’s me!”
“You don’t look so scary.”
I laughed.
“And you don’t look like a tool.” I rolled my eyes.
“Hey, I was just making conversation.” He laughed. “Can I get you another drink?”
I shrugged.
“Why the hell not?”
“Great! What do you want?”
“Another rum and coke would be amazing.”
“Coming right up.” He winked at me.
I rolled my eyes, and looked around the room again. It looked like any other typical high school party, the same as the last one I went too.
“Back so soon?” I lightly teased as I took the cup from his hands. I took a long gulp.
“Do you want to dance?”
“Sure.” I shrugged. I chugged the rest of my drink, and I started to dance with him. He was a great dancer, and I honestly didn’t mind that his hands were close to trailing up my shirt.
“Raavi!” Someone called.
I groaned.
“Not again!”
“Raavi!” He called again.
I stopped dancing with the random dude, and turned to see Brydan standing there. Girls were staring at him, but I didn’t care.
“Yay!” I giggled as I tossed my arms around his neck and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek. “My date decided to finally show up!”
“Whoa.” He laughed as he pulled my arms from around his neck. “How long have you been here?”
“Fifteen minutes, give or take,” I shrugged.
“And how many drinks have you had?”
“Only two.” I replied. “I’m just buzzed.”
Brydan laughed and shook his head.
“So you came?”
I nodded.
“I’m here in the flesh, aren’t I?”
“I guess you are.” He laughed again. “Come on, I want a drink.”
I gasped.
“You drink?! I never would’ve guessed!” I joked.
Brydan rolled his eyes.
“Of course I drink. I’m from New York.”
“Fancy!” I giggled for no apparent reason. I turned toward the guy I was dancing with and I playfully waved and winked. “Buh bye baby!” I called.
He laughed and smiled a drunken smile before grabbing a random slut to dance with.
It my right hand was Brydan’s left leading me toward the bartender again.
“Another coke and rum.”
I nodded.
“Yessss sir,”
“Make that two.” Brydan added.
“Sure thing, man.”
He quickly fixed our drinks and then Brydan and I walked over to an empty couch to sit down at.
“My dear, Brydan…what possessed you to ask me out?!” I wondered out loud. I had been thinking it, and with amount of drinking I was already starting to do, I couldn’t stop myself from saying it out loud.
“You’re cool, Raavi. You’re different, and you’re completely breath taking.”
I blushed and giggled.
“You’re gorgeous too, Brydan. Even if you too annoy the hell out of me,”
“I annoy you? How?”
“You ask too many questions. I love to keep to myself. I don’t like it when people try to figure me out. My private life is private for a reason.” I winked playfully at him and he shook his head.
“Are you sure that you’re not drunk?”
“…I’m getting there…”
Boy was I getting there.


“Raavi, come on. It’s nearly five in the morning, and you’re shit faced.” I only nodded, not really understanding what was going on. Here we go again. “I need to get you in my car so I can take you home.” I pressed my weight on him as we wobbled down Ashley’s side walk and toward a pretty black car. I slid into the passenger side of the car. Brydan soon got into the car, and started to drive.
“Where are we going?”
“I’m taking you home.”
“NO!” I yelled, and Brydan stole a glance at me.
“Raavi? What’s wrong?”
I started to begloudly.
“Don’t make me go home, please. Brydan, I’m begging you. If you never do anything for me again, I would be okay with that just as long as you don’t let me go back there. Don’t ask why…just please…” I begged as I began to cry slightly.
“Whoa, Raavi, calm down.” Brydan stated as he slowed down to a stop. “I’ll take you to my house, okay? My parents aren’t home, and it’s a Friday night, right?”
I slowly nodded and hiccupped.
Brydan started to drive again, and we pulled into a semi familiar neighborhood.
“Come on,” He stated as he pulled me out of his car, and toward the house. We walked in, and He picked up to take me up the stairs. As soon as he reached the top step, I was let down, and we carefully walked toward his room. I sat down on the bed while he got me some clothes to wear. “Put these on, and change into the bathroom.”
“Help me?”
I swear I saw him blush.
“I can’t change by myself.” I whispered, with my head spinning and my eyes slightly hurting from crying.
“Okay…” He slowly agreed.
Brydan bent down in front of me and started to unlace my high tops. I waited patiently before both converse were off of my feet. He helped me stand up, and I started to work on my pants.
“I can’t get the button.” I stated. “I’m too fucked up.” I groaned.
Brydan nodded as I placed my hands on his shoulders while he went for my button. It felt like everything when in slow motion after that. He took off my pants, careful to look at me, and then proceeded to help with my shirt. I didn’t feel self conscious at all, because I was drunk, but my hormones wanted both of us completely undressed.
“What’s wrong, Brydan?” I lightly joked. “Never seen a girl before?”
He still only looked up into my eyes.
“I have.”
“Good, this should be nothing new.” I mumbled before I kissed him roughly.
My hormones were certainly winning.
Brydan didn’t pull back, so I smirked into the kiss and started to quickly undo his belt buckle. I wanted him undressed too, which he quickly helped with.
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