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Bruised and Beat Up

Unknown Bed and Blacking Out

I groaned deeply. I had a headache from hell. I rolled over and opened my eyes only to be met with a head of brown hair. I furrowed my brows and sat up, letting the soft blue sheets to fall off of my body. I was aware of how naked I felt. I looked around the room. Band posters covered the walls, and so did pictures. I noticed a guitar in a corner of the room. I couldn’t really remember where I was and how exactly I got there. I picked up the sheet and held it to my body, slightly pulling it off of the naked boy beside me. I decided against moving, and I laid back down in the unknown bed, and closed my eyes once more. No need to worry myself with where I was until after the guy was gone. I relaxed into the bed, and slowly started to fall asleep.
That wasn’t until I felt someone shift next to me that I realized that he was getting up.
“Shit.” He mumbled.
My eyes flew open and I knew who it was. I lifted my head, and looked at the back of the naked boy’s head.
“Brydan?” I whispered.
As I guess, the green eyed boy turned his head to look at me.
“Did we?”
“Isn’t that part obvious?” He joked. “I’m going to go take a shower. Do you need anything before I do?” Bryan whispered. I shook my head silently, and he smiled. Brydan leaned over and placed a light kiss on my cheek before climbing out of the bed completely naked, and grabbed some clothes before he walked toward the bathroom door.
“Shit! Fuck! Damn!” I cursed to myself as soon as I heard the water start to run. I jumped out of the bed, and gathered my undergarments and clothes from last night. As fast as I could, I got dressed, and I left the house. I turned to look up at his window to find him staring down at me as I walked backwards. “I’m sorry.” I whispered before I turned around and started running toward the one place I knew everything would be alright. I ran toward the beach.
I reached the old shack that held my surf board, and I thought about it for a minute before I grabbed the white board with pink and purple flowers on it. I stripped down to my bra and panties before I started off toward the water with my board in hand. No one but the life guard was out already. I ran out until I could get on the board and swim toward the waves.
There was no greater feeling than standing on a surf board and sailing with the waves toward the sore, just to repeat the motions again.
“Yo! Raavi!” Teddy called. I laughed as I lightly jogged toward him. “What are you doing here so early?!”
“I could ask you the same thing.” I laughed. “I’m surfing.”
“I can see that.”
“Of course you can.”
“In your underwear?” Teddy raised an eyebrow.
“It was a last minute thing.”
He started at my face, because I was laughing and smiling.
“Holy shit! You either had sex last night or got wasted.”
“How about both?” I asked as I wiggled my eye brows. “But I freaked out on him and ran here.”
“Doing what you always do best and run away?”
I playfully winked.
“You know it.”
Teddy laughed.
“Whatever. Let’s surf!” He stated before he went to get his board. We were out on the water for a couple of minutes before he was asking me questions. “So, who was it?”
“Whoa! New kid, Brydan?”
I only nodded and paddled toward the waves.
“Did he say anything about your…bruises?”
I shuttered.
“He wasn’t exactly staring at me, damn.”
“I’m just saying that normally guys like to let their eyes roam a girl’s body during and stuff…” He stated awkwardly.
“I know that I was shit faced, but he never broke eye contact. I’m grateful for that.”
“Awe, someone loves Raavi.” He sung.
“Shut the hell up, Teddy.” I sneered.
“You sure are defensive today…”
“And you are prying into my life.”
I was starting to get annoyed. I turned around and paddled toward the shore.
“Raavi!” He yelled as I did. I knew that Teddy was following me, but I didn’t care. I got to the shore, and took my board back to the shack. Without getting dressed, I scooped up my clothes and started to walk off. “Come on, don’t be like this!”
“I’m going home, Teddy. I’ll call you later.”
He sighed heavily, and nodded.
“Talk to you later, V.”
I merely nodded as I begun to walk home quickly with both my clothes and shoes in my hand.
As I walked up my driveway, I noticed that my mom’s car was home. This wasn’t going to be fun for me. I didn’t hesitate, though. I turned the door knob, and I walked into my house as quietly as I could. I hoped that she wouldn’t hear me, but of course, she did. I could head her drunken movements going on until she reached the spot that I was standing. I was frozen, I dared not to move. I knew that it would be a mistake if I did.
“Where in the hell have you been?!” She yelled. She was outraged.
“I-I…” I was scared. “I was at a party, and slept over. I-I-I’m sorry, Mom.”
She raised her hand and slapped me across the face.
I flinched and whimpered.
“How dare you not come home last night, nor tell me where you were going!” She yelled, hitting me again on the other cheek.
My hand moved up to my stinging face as tears pricked my eyes.
“I-I didn’t mean too…”
“Shut up, you bitch!” She seethed. “Awe, little baby’s going to cry.” She laughed and grabbed a handful of my hair, ramming me into the wall.
I screamed in pain.
“Mom, please! Stop! You’re hurting me!” I pleaded.
“Good! What have you been going, Ray? Whoring around?! Of course you have! You’re nearly nude!” She yelled, pulling my hair so I was turned to face her. Then she kicked me in the shin. I flinched again, and she smirked. “Does that hurt?!”
I nodded, tears flowing from my face.
“It does…” I whispered.
That was when she grabbed me by the hair and pushed me to the ground. I skidded on the floor and my back hit the stairs. She kicked me in the stomach five times before laughing and walking away.
“Don’t disobey me again. It will be worse.”
“I don’t see how.” I mumbled.
My mom turned back around, and stood up on the carpeted stairs. She bent down and grabbed my hair one more time. She started to drag me up.
“Don’t you dare talk back!” She yelled loudly.
Her voice was nearly drowned out by my screaming and sobbing. As soon as we reached the top of the stairs, she let go of my hair. I moved my head so that I could see her.
“Please…stop.” I whispered.
“But, my dear, Raavi…I’m not finished.” My mom said before kicking me in my already sore rib. I groaned in pain, and my right hand flew to my side. The next thing I knew, I was being pushed, and then I started to tumble down the stairs. My head hit the corner of the open closet door before I black out.

When I finally woke up, the entire house was quiet. I figured that my mom went out, but I didn’t care. I was in way too much pain. I slowly picked myself up off of the ground. My sides hurt, my face still stung, and the back of my head was throbbing. I cried and moaned the entire way up the stairs. I figured that I had been out of a few hours based on the fact that the soon was going down. I didn’t care, at least I didn’t feel anything when I was knocked out. I made my way into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess and I had new bruises on my arms and torso. My pale stomach didn’t have a many bruises, but the third rib down stuck out more than the others. I knew that was the rib that was broken.
“I look like shit.” I mumbled to myself.
After I brushed my hair out and cleaned up myself a little bit, I searched for my beloved razor. I found it in the trash, a place I decided to throw it away. I promised that I would never use it again, just like I did a bunch of times ago. And just like those other times, I broke my promise. After sliding the three blade razor across my wrist four times, I gave up and dropped it back in the trash. I sat on the toilet and started to cry again, letting my wrist bleed out my pain. But the pain never stopped like it usually did. I only cried harder. I ran my arm under steaming hot water, and dried it off before I wrapped my left wrist in gauze. I have a routine when it comes to cutting. Call me crazy, but I’d rather have it planned than let me bleed out.
I grabbed pain pills from the medicine cabinet above my sink, and swallowed six. I was only supposed to take two, but taking more was the only way I could actually not feel pain. I hate pain. I needed just enough to knock me out cold. I paced myself as I walked to my room. Once inside, I closed my door, and locked it. I didn’t bother changing into some clothes, so I just collapsed on my bed. Tears still streamed down my face, and my head started to get dizzy again. I let my eyes close, blacking out for the second time today.
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