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Bruised and Beat Up


“Catch that wave, V!” Teddy encouraged as I stood up on the board, only a few feet away from his own and Reef’s board. I rode the wave back to the beach, and I tossed my arms in the air. Who knew having my mom gone this long would make me feel so much better? It’s been three days since I broke down in the girl’s bathroom. Surprisingly, I felt a thousand times better. My bruises on my legs had healed and looked like any old bruise that would be on a teenager's legs.
“Holy shit! That was amazing!” I yelled and laughed at the same time. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to actually enjoy surfing, not counting after I left Brydan’s house.
“You looked like a real pro.” Reef laughed, appearing beside me.
Reef and I were surfing while Teddy was taking a break. He claimed that he was water logged, but I had other ideas.
“Do you want to go again?” Reef asked me. I nodded eagerly, and we started running toward the water, once again leaving Teddy alone on the beach. I did feel slightly bad, but it was his choice, right? “So who is this Brydan guy that you keep mentioning?”
I slightly blushed, but didn’t let Reef see.
“Awe, are you jealous, Reef?” I joked.
He laughed.
“Oh, yeah. I’m totally jealous, even if I have a girlfriend. I’m just that kind of guy.”
I smiled.
“I’m happy for you, Reef.”
“Thanks.” He chuckled.
Yes, I don’t believe in love.
But I’m not going to stop others from foolishly believing in it. That would be like telling an eight year old that Santa doesn’t exist. I couldn’t cause him pain.
“Why do you ask?” I wondered, taking the conversation back toward Brydan.
“Well, Teddy called him and asked him to come meet up with us. When I asked Teddy about Brydan, he told me that it was some guy you’re obsessed with.”
Now I was fuming mad.
“I am NOT obsessed with the kid. I barely can even stand him!”
“But you can have sex with him?”
This time, I didn’t hide my burning cheeks.
“TEDDY TOLD YOU?!” I yelled loudly.
“Yeah…” He laughed nervously.
This time, I turned my board around, and faced Teddy.
But this time, Teddy wasn’t alone.
Standing beside him was Brydan. They were talking like they knew each other for years.
“Raavi! Catch that wave!” Reef called from behind me.
I didn’t have time to think, so I jumped up on the surf board and rode the wave back onto the shore. Teddy and Brydan watched me. I unhooked my board from my ankle, and I picked it up. I carried the board to where they were before I dropped my board. I grabbed Teddy by the collar.
“WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” I snapped, earning stares from kids, their parents, Brydan, and some teen girls from my school.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Teddy threw up his hands, but I didn’t back up.
“Raavi, chill.” Teddy placed his hands on my shoulders, and scooted me back from him. “You’re acting like Reef would tell anyone! It’s just Reef, Raavi. He’s one of your best friends.”
I calmed down a little bit.
“It doesn’t change the fact that you promise!” I still slightly yelled. Then I turned toward Brydan. “And what the fuck are you doing here?!”
“I invited him, V.”
“You did?!”
I already knew the answer before I even asked Brydan why he was here.
Reef told me.
“I just wanted to hang out with the guy.” Teddy replied.
“I wasn’t talking to you!” I snapped. “Brydan, walk now!” I yelled.
Brydan nodded and started to follow me as we walked the beach, still earning odd looks from other people.
“Listen, Raavi, I didn’t mean to piss you off.”
“Of course you didn’t! You never do!” I yelled and turned toward him.
“Raavi, why are you so upset?” Brydan asked softly, calming me down a little bit.
“Reef…he knows.” I felt like a little kid for blowing up.
“He knows what?”
“He knows that we…had a one night stand…”
“Okay?” Brydan raised his eyebrows. “What’s so bad about that?”
I scoffed.
“Of course you would think that. You’re Brydan.” I rolled my eyes, no longer yelling. His hand brushed back my hair from my eyes, and let his hand linger on my cheek.
“Calm down.” He whispered.
“What are you doing?” I whispered back.
Brydan smiled before he bent his head, and his lips met mine.
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Totally cute chapter....yes?

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