Sequel: Attractions

Counting the Ways to Reject You

Chapter Nineteen

“Jesus, get your foot in the shoe Cinderella!” Kaner snapped at me as I struggled to get my foot in the high heeled shoe.

“I can’t help it!” I whined. “My feet won’t stop shaking!” I swatted at Kaner’s hands with my feet. “Maybe if you could move your hands like an actual hockey player, we wouldn’t be having this problem!”

“You only seem to get this clumsy whenever Sharpie’s name is mentioned,” Ray mumbled.

“Tell me about it,” Star joked as she swooped by in her dress. Since she’s my only bridesmaid, I let her pick out whatever she wanted. She seemed quite excited by that considering she dragged me out dress shopping for four freaking hours. “I joked that he might not be at the alter and she about had another panic attack. She’s chalk full of them now that Sharpie walked into her life.”

“Was that why she called me the other night?” Tazer asked. “That was probably the strangest phone call I’ve ever received.”

“Essentially yeah,” she winked at me. “I hung up for her so you wouldn’t have to listen to her wailing.”

“Well I’ll be,” Corey Crawford walked in. “Sharpie’s up there, sweating like he just played a game and you look absolutely stunning. If he passes out, we’ll throw some water on him,” he told me.

“Thanks guys,” I took a shaky breath. “All of you are so encouraging.”

Kruger smiled. “You look lovely.”

“Aw thanks Krugs!” I pinched his cheeks. “Such a kiss ass you are!”

“Only to you,” he confirmed.

“I’d have it no other way,” I winked. “Alright! Kaner! Tazer! Get out there! Dad? Don’t let me fall!”


“So married life?” I furrowed my brow as we walked back into our house after our honeymoon eight months later. “Feels a like lot regular life except I get to wear rings now,” I held up my hand.

Patrick laughed and kissed me. Because he could do that whenever he wanted and he apparently really liked that perk of married life.

“I’m glad you can see positives in marriage Nat,” he rolled his eyes playfully as we unpacked some things.

“Pat. . . ?” I asked, backing up. “Things are out of place,” I whispered/hissed.

“What are you talking about?” he asked, standing next to me. “Nothing is out of place babe. You’re seeing things.”

“Um no. We didn’t leave any books on the counter. Or mail. Someone was in here!” my voice turned to a shout.

We both heard rustling coming from out back and we both raised an eyebrow at each other. “Let me go first Nat,” he said, taking his hockey stick.

“You’re going to beat him up with your hockey stick?” I said doubtfully.

“Don’t question me and just pretend you’re a normal woman who’s actually afraid of the things in the backyard, yeah?”

“Oh no!” I tried to sound realistic. “I am so scared!”

“Close enough.”

I grabbed the lighter from the counter just in case as we quietly stepped into the backyard.

“WELCOME BACK LOVEBIRDS!” was what we were greeted with and we both had our weapons ready to attack.

“What the. . . ?” Patrick dropped his stick. “How the hell did you all get here?”

Kaner smiled. “You gave me a key last year, likewise with Nat and Crow. We got your mail for you!”

I hit Patrick’s arm. “I freaking told you people were here.”

He laughed. “Hey! Why do you have the lighter?!” he looked offended.

“Well excuse me! If there was more than one attacker, I’d have to fight for life too!”

“I could have handled it!”

“It was a just in case scenario!” I argued.

“Glad to see married life has worked out so well for you two,” Kruger and Tazer stepped between us.

“Next time I promise you can have all the attackers. And the spiders. You can be the one and only to kill all the spiders, okay?” I promised him.

“Good enough,” he grinned and kissed me again. Man, did I love it when he kissed me like that.

“Here’s to the new season!” Kaner shouted! “Where Sharpie will be happy and our goaltenders will live! And we will win the Cup this year!”

Everyone cheered.

Because, really who wouldn’t?

Pat turned to me and smiled. “Kaner’s right for once.”

“About what?” I asked.

“Our goaltenders will live to see the end of the season,” he winked and I shoved him playfully.

“It was only when they mentioned you that I went a little crazy.”

“Really now?” he smirked.

“Just a little,” I said slyly.

“Well I’m glad you weren’t always rejecting me,” he said sarcastically.

I laughed a little. “No, I wasn’t always rejecting you.”
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