Insert Cheesy Love Title About Mr. Johnny Toews

Chapter Nine

I had just opened my doors Friday morning and was straightening some Detroit Red Wing stuff when I heard people come in.

“Good morning!” I greeted. “Oh!” I smiled, seeing Kris, Andrew, Kaner, Seabs, Sharp, Celeste, Marnie, and Johnny. “You guys played awesome!”

“What?! What is this?!” Kris looked so overjoyed by the look of my store. He was running from rack to rack touching everything he could get his little hands on.

“Knock over anything Kris, and I mean anything, you will pay for it,” I warned him. He was a lot more careful after that.

Everyone wandered around except for Johnny Toews. He came up to me, hands in his pockets, mouth slightly ajar. “This place is amazing,” he said.

My cheeks colored slightly. “Thank you.”

“You know, I saw like six advertisements for this place and I never actually connected two and two,” he laughed. “I feel like an idiot.”

“Nah, don’t be. I was trying to keep it a surprise.”

“You did really a good job here Tess,” he told me slowly, his chocolate brown eyes staring right into my blue eyes.

I put down the shirt I was folding and turned so my body was facing his and only a piece of paper would come between us. “Are you going to kiss me again Jonathan Toews?” I asked him.

He paused. “Only if you want me to,” he told me.

“I do,” I stated.

He smiled and took my face in his hands and gave me the best kiss I’ve ever experienced. Right there in my little hockey boutique with seven people gawking at us.

“Jesus Christ Johnny, that’s my sister. Lay off the tongue in my view, eh?” Andrew shivered. “Jonathan Toews kissing my sister. Dating my sister. This is just wrong. I can’t see it. It’s just too weird!” he said.

“Especially after all those conversations about who would be Johnny’s girlfriend,” Seabs grinned, nudging Andrew. “And it turns out to be little Tessie. You should be honored Laddie boy.”

“Honored? I’m going to need some time before I can accept that my sister is sucking face with Johnny Two Toes over here,” he waved the defense man off. “Can you two just not kiss right now?” he asked, shielding his eyes. “Hold hands or do something cutsie. I can handle the cutsie holding hands thing.”

I laughed and Johnny grabbed a hold of my hand. “Okay Andrew. The scary part of the movie is over now.”

Andrew sighed in relief and pulled his hands away from his eyes and Johnny timed it perfectly. A quick kiss on the mouth and Andrew just froze.

“Jesus Christ Johnny Toews! I will aim for your head next time you do that!” he exclaimed.

“So we’re like official?” I asked the captain who was still laughing at my brother who had ducked behind a Senators display.

He turned back to me and grabbed me in a giant hug and kissed the top of my head. “Tessa? Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Sure Johnny Two Toes,” I said, smothered in his rather good smelling jacket and his rock hard abs. “But I can’t be your girlfriend if I can’t breathe.”

“Right,” he said letting me go.

“Tazer, you can’t kill your girlfriend in the first ten seconds,” Sharp laughed.

“They happen to frown upon that in society. Keep her for a while,” Seabs winked, wrapping an arm around Celeste.

“Where’s Andrew?” Marnie came back from the back room.

“Hiding,” I said simply. “He saw me and Johnny kiss and suddenly he’s in a horror movie.”

“Christ Andrew, we kiss all the time!” Marnie rolled her eyes.

“Cause you’re not family and I think you’re really pretty. She’s my sister kissing Johnny Two Toes.”

“You’re right honey,” she rolled her eyes again. “I totally understand it.”

“At least someone understands me,” he sniffed and took his girl’s arm to lead her out of my boutique. “Have her home by six,” he told my boyfriend.

“Store doesn’t close till eight,” I reminded him.

“Eight thirty and not a minute more,” he put his fingers to his eyes and pointed them at his captain.

Kris ruffled my hair. “Don’t listen to him. He’s a cranky old man. You stay out and party it up like we all know Tazer does every night,” he pinched my cheeks.

Maybe Chicago had just a little more of an edge to it than New York. I mean, Jonathan Toews did live here after all.
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So only like three more chapters left :'( but on a happier note, I love this chapter and I hope you all do too!