I Don't Want A Bloody Dad!

Me, And My Partner In Crime Apparently

“Now girls I find this behaviour utterly disgraceful! Calling out obscenities like that in class! I won’t allow it! Absolouetly disgraceful behaviour!”
Mr. Bradson was yelling away, but I wasn’t paying attention. I kept my eyes on those hilarious chins like I usually do. I just chuckled to myself and looked over to Becky in the seat beside me in Bradson’s office. She seemed to notice the wobbling chins too. I caught her eye and we shared a stifled laugh together before looking back up to him.
“I’ve called your guardians! I hope you know that! Miss Way your uncles aren’t going to be best pleased let me tell you! And Miss Richards, I’ve had that Malcolm man in my office more times then I’d wish to remember! This just takes the biscuit! I thought you could do no worse after the “pudding fiasco” but apparently I underestimated you! Yet again!”

Oh wait I never told you about the pudding fiasco did i? Well basically we were in the cafeteria for lunch and a prep was asking me something about something. Don’t really remember. Let’s just say I wasn’t in the best of moods, because I failed a history test, and I threw my pudding over her head. Completely coating her peroxide hair. Fuck it was hilarious! Only thing is though, the jocks thought that it should have progressed into a food fight, and soon the whole cafeteria was pelting food at one another. When it finally got broken up, everyone’s arms pointed to me and I was in deep shit. Again.
But it was definitely fun!

“Miss Richards I’m serious here! Considering your record here you can be in serious trouble here! In your short time here you’ve already filled up your first permanent record file and have progressed to your second! Not a single student here has ever progressed to another file, especially ones who have only been here a few months! Now your father is coming here soon and …”
What the fuck did he just say?
“M-m-m-my father?”
“Yes your father! He was with Miss Way’s uncles when I called them and he said he’d be right down. I wasn’t to call him at all because it’s not written on the forms but he’s on his way all the same.”
Aw fucking shit! Just goddamn typical. I could get expelled for having a bit of fun and that creep gets called down. Just great. I would actually prefer Malcolm.
I glanced over to Becky. She didn’t look a bit happy about her uncles coming. I wanted to ask why her parents weren’t coming but I knew better to told my tongue at the minute. I would ask her later. If I didn’t die in the process.

There was a knock at the door and Bradson’s secretary, what ever you call her, peeped her head through the door and said, “Mr. Bradson? Mr. Way, Mr. Way and Mr. Iero are here to see you now.”
Mr. Bradson smiled a very ugly little impish smirk and said, “Let them in.”
The door swung open and I could hear three sets of feet pound their way in. I couldn’t see who they were, because I had my head down, but I think it was obvious.
“Please sirs, take a seat beside your … amm … girls.”
Three chairs got pulled up from the side of the room. Two on my right and one on my left. I looked over to my left and I could see a pair of converse, ever so tight black jeans and a set of hands with Halloween tattooed on the fingers. Three guesses who that was.
“Well sirs, I think you must already know why you’re here. Miss Richards and Miss Way here have pulled the final straw. I’ve had it up to here,” indicating to his forehead, “and I’ve had enough of the both of them!”
Someone, I’m thinking Gerard because it sounds like him, exclaimed “What exactly have my niece and Scarlet done Mr. Bradson?”
“Done? DONE? Do they need to actually do something? THEY RADIATE EVIL THEY DON’T EVEN NEED TO DO ANYTHING!”
I looked up and Mr. Bradson looked really, really red. Would be funny, if he wasn’t saying I radiated evil and all that.
The man on my left said, “Well then why the hell have you called us down here if my daughter hasn’t done anything?”
Daughter? Who’s his … oh no wait. I’m his daughter.
“Your daughter,” he spat somehow. It landed on my cheek, “has a record bigger of any other student in this establishment Mr. Iero. I could tell you of a million things your daughter has done. This is only the latest. And sirs I don’t think you can consider your niece to be an absolute angel either. Ever since she met Miss Richards here she’s gone to pot too. They’re public menaces to society and I for one would gladly expel them!”
I stood up in my seat, “IT WASN’T EVEN THAT SERIOUS!”
“Yeah. Like I said, it wasn’t serious,” I said with a smirk
Haha he looks like he was going to explode.
An arm reached out for mines. I looked down and Frank was holding onto my arm softly, “Scarlet sweetheart sit down. You’re not making this any easier for yourself.”
“So? I don’t give a flying monkey fart! This dude should be the one getting expelled!”
He laughed evilly and said, “Oh really? And how do you propose you do that? I’m a well respected man.”
I laughed myself, showing him I definitely was not afraid of him, “Well I don’t know. I suppose I could phone up the police and cry on this phone. Maybe say something like … you’re molesting me in my free periods. Giving me detention just to rape me. Something like that yah know?”
I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. “SCARLET!” I looked around and saw Becky, Gerard, Mikey and Frank’s faces all looking horrified.
Mikey said, “You can’t be serious can you?”
“Yeah I am. Did it at my last school too.”
“Why the hell did you do that?” Gerard asked.
“Well because he used to do stuff like that to me. Not just me, my friends too. He was a fucking bastard I hated him.”
Stunned silence.

I could feel the hand on my arm again, and then I was engulfed in someone’s shirt. I was getting severely squashed and suffocated so I pulled away and looked up to see Frank’s face. Teary none the less.
“Oh sweetheart I’m so sorry you went through that.” And he pulled me into another hug.
I pulled away again and just grunted a “Get off me you loser” to him. He wiped at his eyes with his shirt sleeve and sat down, head in hands.
“Are you being serious Scarlet?” Becky was turned to me in her seat.
“Yeah. But it was along time ago forget about it. I got him fired.”
“Yes well Miss. Richards you are NOT going to get me fired just because you’re a troublesome little so and so and you believe you can get your own way!”
Bradson was coming out from behind his desk towards me. His body was wobbling in fury as he toddled over to me. “I refuse to be kicked out of my own school by a troublesome little bitch like you!”
He grabbed my arm, very roughly, and dragged me out towards the door. Everyone else was just looking on in severe confusion and shock. Just as Bradson reached the door and my arm started going dead from his grip even though I was struggling as much as I could, Frank stood up and dashed over to us.
“Let go of my daughter you creep!”
“No! This girl needs to learn manners and basic moral values. She’s probably whoring around with half of the school anyway.”
Sweet crap he didn’t just say what I thought he said did he? Bastard oh I’m sooo gonna …

But of course, Frank beat me to it. He punched him square in the face, making Bradson go flying into the wall and slide down it. Thankfully he let me go first. Then he strode over to him and kicked him.
“Don’t you ever,” kick, “ever,” kick, “EVER,” kick, “TALK ABOUT MY FUCKING DAUGHTER LIKE THAT AGAIN OR I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD I’LL KILL YOU WITH MY OWN BARE HANDS! KEEP YOUR FUCKING PERVERT HANDS OFF HER WHILE YOUR AT IT!” Frank gave Bradson one final kick and he was left slumped over a chair panting for breath. He looked like he would have gladly beat the crap out of him, except now Gerard and Mikey got up and held him back.
“That’s enough man. I think he gets the message by now,” Mikey said.
Frank just said, “Yeah I suppose. Fucking freak show.” He then looked around everyone, and when he landed on me he took my arm again and led me out of the office.
“Come on Scarlet. Let’s get you out of this fucking hellhole.”
Got to appreciate the man for that like. He gave the principle from hell a beating for me. Who would do that?

I mumbled a “Wait a minute,” and unhooked myself from his embraceish (is that even a word?) hold. I walked back into the office, past Gerard Mikey and Becky who were following us out of the office. Becky was holding onto Gerard but she said, “Where are you going?”
I ignored her for a moment and walked up to Bradson. I caught a sight of myself in the mirror above him. His uniform really didn’t fucking suit me. I stared at myself for a second. Everyone was watching, I could feel it. And Becky came to stand beside me to look at the mess of a man before us.
“What are we doing Scarlet?”
“What I’ve wanted to do since day one here,” and I kicked him square in the privates.
He doubled over in pain and groaned and moaned until I said “Shut the fuck up man you deserve it.”
Becky laughed and held onto Gerard again as I walked out past all of them and led them out the Belleville Academy doors, not even pausing to look at the crowd of students who had heard and lingered nearby the office.
Frank came and stopped me. “Why did you do that?” He was giggling slightly.
I just shrugged, “Dunno. I wanted to ever since I first saw him though.”
I laughed and looked up at Frank’s face. He was laughing now and smiling at me, his hazel eyes warm with affection and, probably, love for his daughter.
And you’ll never guess what?
I took his hand in mines and smiled straight back.
I never saw it coming either.