I Don't Want A Bloody Dad!

As Much Pain As Possible

[[Scarlet’s pov.]]

“Scarlet? Sweetheart? Are you okay? Are you sick?”
Oh fuck this crap. I pushed back my chair and began running out the café doors, my eyes blurry behind a curtain of tears. Why was I crying? I hadn’t even noticed I’d started. I dodged a waiter on my way out, excused myself and ran on into the street.

I hadn’t noticed where I was running. I just was. Running that is. I hadn’t a clue where I was going, just as long as I put as much distance between myself and the cafe as possible.
I turned a street corner and I stopped, to catch my breath. How long was I running for? 15, 20 minutes? I’m not the most athletic of people (understatement) but somehow I must have kept going. I backed myself against a nearby shop wall and collapsed against it, panting like a dog, bent over on myself. I had a stitch in my side and it was aching. I wasn’t feeling all that sick at the minute though so that was good at least. I straightened myself back up and fixed my fringe, which was all askew on my face, and I took a look around myself.
It was then I started to panic.
Because I didn’t have a fucking clue where I was.
I jerked my head around frantically, looking for something, anything that was familiar.
“Fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck!” I slid back down the wall and brought my knees up to my chin, rocking myself gently.
No more curses came, my throat was choking and I couldn’t speak through the river flowing freely once more on my face. I could taste every salty tear as it slid onto my lips and into my mouth. Each tear I tasted bringing another 10 to my eyes.
I could barely breath as I choked out more and more sorrowful sobs there on that pavement. I gasped for air in between each new bout of tears, sickening myself.
I was shaking uncontrollably at this point, banging my head off the wall behind me.
Each bang harder and more painful than the one before it. I just want to fucking cause as much pain as possible.
A sharp white heat erupted in my brain and I screamed, disturbing nearby people even more than before. And they still never stopped, just walked on.
I reached my shaking hand up to the back of my head, and I winced as it burned when I touched it. I brought my hand back down and gasped for air once more. My trembling hand was dripping in crimson liquid, little teardrop shaped blobs of the thick liquid falling onto my drainpipes. I let my hand fall to my side as the agony in my head came and went in bigger and bigger waves, making me nauseous every time.

I could feel my cell phone vibrating in my trouser pocket, but I could barely move my arms now, pain seeping down my shoulders now as well. I grimaced and lifted my hand, pulling the cell phone out of my pocket.
“Aw fuck! Damn…fuck…fuck…”
My shoulders felt like they were on fire, and I could feel sticky, thick goo-like liquid dripping down my face now.
It got very cold all of a sudden, and I shuddered trying to keep in what little heat I still had whilst I flipped open my cell with effort.

Mikey calling…

I pressed the call button and automatically I heard the voice on the other side as I dared myself to put the phone to my ear, ignoring the agony as best I could.
“Scarlet? SCARLET? Are you there? Talk to me? Where did you go? We’ve all been looking for you.”
I tried moving my mouth, but it was agonizingly difficult.
“Scarlet? You’ve been gone for 3 hours! Where the hell are you? We’re all worried. Frank is going mental here.”
3 hours? What the fuck? I’ve only been gone for half an hour at the most.
The searing white pain in my head subsided momentarily, as a new wave of pain was building up to attack me.
“Scarlet? What’s wrong?”
“M-m-m-my head. B-blood. C-c-can’t move…”
There was a struggle on the other side and I guess the phone must have been handed over because the next voice I heard was Frank’s.
“Scarlet? Baby where are you? Are you hurt?”
“Dunno…where I am. Ooh fuck…”
Yet another wave of sickness spread over my body, making me keel over and cry out in pain. Sobbing once more.
I dropped the cell onto the pavement and I held my stomach in my arms, begging the pain to just stop. What had I done to bloody deserve this?
“Scarlet? Come on keep talking to me! Please!”
I fell to the ground, hitting my searing head on the pavement and crying out for help.
I shuddered from the cold as I lay sobbing uncontrollably, as the world closed in and my vision went dark.
“Scarlet? SCARLET!”