I Don't Want A Bloody Dad!

And They Came Just That Little Bit Closer

[[Frank’s pov.]]
“Scarlet? SCARLET!”
I could hear sobbing on her side, and then the phone cut off.
I threw Mikey’s cell phone against the kitchen wall. We were in Gerard’s house. We’d spend the last 3 hours or so searching for Scarlet, but we hadn’t found her so we came back here to regroup.
“Dude! My bloody cell!” Mikey was standing nearby, looking really pissed.
Gerard came up beside him, “Dude, so not the time to be complaining about a broken cell phone.”
Jamia came up behind me, laying her hand on my arm. “Frank? Babe? What did she say to you? Where is she?”
I turned to her, feeling all the guys and Alicia’s eyes boring into me, awaiting my answer. “S-she could barely speak. Something about she doesn’t know where she is. And blood. She mentioned blood. Then she dropped the phone.” Jamia threw her arms around my neck and made shushing noises in my ears, whilst I began crying into her shoulders. “My baby is out there. She might be hurt. What the hell have I done to her?”
I felt another hand resting on my arm. I swung my head around and gazed out of my hazy eyes to see a dude with a fro standing beside me.
“You havn’t done anything Frank,” Ray whispered. “She just got upset and ran off. She’s just got herself lost and scraped her knee or something…”
I stared into his face, all contorted with fear and worry, just like everyone else’s. I can tell he’s not just trying to reassure me, but everyone else too.

I broke away from Jamia’s grasp and stood back from everyone. “No, this is all my fault. She could have been stabbed, or r-raped or shot or something. This is bloody New Jersey for fuck’s sake! My daughter is lying dying in a gutter somewhere, alone and afraid and I c-c-can’t go to her because I don’t know what fucking gutter she’s fallen into and if I just knew that then maybe I could go and find her and then she’d be okay if I could find her and if I found her then she would be found and she’d be okay because I found her and…” I was stopped then my the tears choking in my throat, and I was shuddering too.
“I-I-I’ve only j-just found her…a-and I’ve l-lost her again.”

I could feel people rush over to me, but I couldn’t tell who they were. They were all just big evil blobs trying to take my daughter away from me now. One after one they approached me, stretching out their arms to me. “Get away! Go away! You can’t fucking have her!”


I was brought back to reality as I spun around to the source of the ringing.
“What the fuck…?”
Couldn’t remember anyone picking it up though.

-time elapse-

It was the pain that woke me up I think. It hit me like a ten ton hammer to my balls.
“Aw FUCK!”
I couldn’t open my eyes. Brightness. Not good. Never good. Burns you see.
A scrambling sound met my ears, echoing through my brain.
“What the fuck? CUT IT OUT!”
And it was silent…until “Frank? Man? Dude? You awake yeah?”
No fucking shit I’m awake. And I have a headache the size of fucking Alaska.
“What the hell happened … umm …whoever you are?”
I could hear him laughing, “Can’t recognise my voice yet? And you’ve only known me like what…god knows how many years Frankie. Is my little princess okay yeah?” A weight pressed down at my feet, telling me I was in a bed and someone was after sitting down on it.
“Grrr…Gerard man fuck off.”
I opened my eyes. It wasn’t as bright anymore so I thought I’d keep them open and wait for some sort of vision to come.
What the hell happened? Why the hell do I have the motherfucking headache of the century and why is Gerard sitting at the end of a bed with me?
“Dude, three words. What the fuck?”
I could make out his shape now, his messy newly-dyed black hair shining and reflecting the lights, practically glowing. Arrgghhhh pain!
It was silent. I could see things more clearly now so I leant up in the bed and looked down towards my feet. Gerard was sitting with his head in his hands.
“Gerard. Dude. What happened?”
He turned his head to me, his eyes were red and bloodshot and his eyeliner was running ridiculously. I actually chuckled until I caught his stare. His eyes were so mournful, like he’d been crying. Like someone had died.
“Dude, who died? You okay Gee?”
Gerard stood and the weight was lifted from the bed. I sat up further, the pain in my head decreasing slightly.
“Gerard tell me. What happened?”

He just turned and stared at me, “What? Don’t you remember?”
Okay now this is just annoying me, “Remember what Gerard? What the hell happened?”
Tears started falling down Gerard’s face as he choked to answer me.
“It’s Scarlet, Frank. She’s dead.”
And it hit me like a bullet to the heart. The café, Jamia, Scarlet ran out. We searched and couldn’t find her. Mikey called, she was lost. Blood. Crying.
I clambered out of the bed and stood up, swaying slightly. “Gerard! STOP LYING! WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?”
He put his hands on my shoulders and talked soothingly, even though more tears were invading his face. “Frank. In the kitchen, remember? You had a panic attack? You’ve been out of it for 2 days. We thought you weren’t gonna wake up. They found her, Frank. The police. She was found on a sidewalk. Her blood was spilled everywhere.”

No…no…no…no he’s lying to me. Scarlet can’t be dead. I’ve only just found her.

I could feel my eyes stinging, my own tears enveloping me as I crashed to the ground sobbing madly.
“Come on man. Your daughter is dead. Get over it.”
I looked up to Gerard, his glowing black hair dulling each second.
“What did you say?”
“I said, she’s dead man. Get over it. I mean come on you hardly loved her. You ignored her! It’s your fault she’s dead! No point crying over it now when you can’t do anything about it.” Gerard started to cackle above me, no tears left visible on his face. Hadn’t even looked like he’d been crying at all.
“What the …”
Just then, the room door was burst open and Mikey, Ray, Bob, Jamia, Becky and some dude marched in. I know him, he’s umm … Scarlet’s friend. Charlie I think.
“What the fuck is going on guys?”
Bob walked up to me, dressed head to toe in his Black Parade uniform, then again so were Mikey and Ray. I looked up to Gerard, he had one on now too, even though he had jeans and a jacket on before.
“Frankie man, come on. Stop moping. We have a march to do.”
“Bob man what the hell are you talking about?”
I glanced up to Jamia, looking for solace. But she and Becky were too busy doing the can-can with their cheerleader pompoms to notice me, in their cheerleader costumes.
I glanced to Charlie. But he was head banging in a pink tutu. To a Britney Spears CD.
“Dude what the fuck are you doing!”
Charlie stopped momentarily, and he looked at me and smiled, “Frankie man. Britney is the best shizz eva! Come on man spread the luvvvvv! WOOO!” And proceeded to his head banging again, and shaking his ass. Eugh.
Jamia stopped what she was doing and walked over to me in her cheerleader costume. And she waved her pompoms in my face.
“Aww Frankie baby,” she cooed, “that was old news. You didn’t care about her anyway. You killed her. And you know I hated her. You just chose me over her. And anyway we have a baby together to look forward to.”
Wait…hold up here.
“You’re pregnant?”
Jamia laughed in a high-pitched preppy thing unlike her own laugh, “Yeah baby! It’s going to be a girl! I want to call her Scarlet.”
“But you can’t do that. I already have a daughter called Scarlet.”
Jamia held her hand to my face, “But darling, you don’t have a daughter anymore. You killed her remember?”
“I DIDN’T KILL HER!” I backed away from everyone. “YOU’RE ALL CRAZY!”

I backed up against the wall, as the others approached me.
“But Frank come on. We have to go march. We have a job to do.”
“Yes Frank. We need to march in the unicorn day parade.”
Uhh… “Guys? What the hell? The unicorn day parade?”
“Yeah! I invented it!” Mikey said as he approached me.
“Yeah, should have guessed it was you,” I muttered under my breath.
“Come on baby. Dance with us. Celebrate Scarlet’s death with us.”
“Jamia, why the hell would I celebrate my daughter’s death?”
They all stopped their advance and looked to Jamia, positioned dead centre of the group. “Well obviously you wanted her dead; otherwise you would have cared more. Tried harder. Loved her more.”
“I did love her!”
“Obviously not enough,” Becky said. “She hated you. Because you didn’t love her. That’s why she ran away. Because she hated you. And you hated her. Don’t be sad Frankie. It’s just another angst ridden teen who killed themselves. No need to worry your little head about it.”
How dare she say that? I did love my daughter … do love her … did … do … did … shut up brain now is not the time!
“Guys leave me alone please.”
They all were about three feet in front of me, reaching for me. I cowered to the floor and wailed. “Leave me alone in peace to mourn her!”

I looked around them all as they stopped a foot in front of me in a semi circle. My eyes fell on each in turn. Ray, Bob, Gerard, Jamia, Becky, Mikey, Charlie.
It was Gerard who caught my attention. His mouth was snarling into a devilish sort of smirk, “Yeah Frankie. And you know what? It was my fault she felt so unloved. I was the one who stopped you looking for her way back then. When you actually bothered to search for her. When you actually did love her. It was my fault wasn’t it? Blame me.” His smile was twisting evilly on his face as his skin went paler and paler until it was ghostly white.
Jamia stepped forward slightly. “Frankie honey. You need to get over that loser Scarlet. We have our new Scarlet baby to think of.”
Bob, Mikey and Ray gathered together to one side, whispering to each other. Looking at me and laughing behind my back.
Becky was kissing Charlie, waving her pompoms behind his neck as they swapped saliva. They broke apart briefly, long enough for Charlie to say, “Watcha starin at dawg? Go fuck Gerard why dontcha. We all know you’re gaspin for him.” and then they resumed.

Sweet crap am I going crazy? I must be. This is bullshit.
Wait …
Fuck Gerard?
Well I suppose he is kind of hot in his own way but …

I kept on wailing as everyone stared advancing again, cackling evilly as the came closer.
And they came just that little bit closer …
And closer …
Until they were right on top of me.
I looked up and the last thing I saw was the luminous white fangs on Gerard’s face growing as they leaned in towards me. What the fuck? Where did they come out of?
“Britney Spears is the shizz dawg!”
Thank god for the blackness.