I Don't Want A Bloody Dad!

A Very Confused And Upset Group Of People

[[No one’s pov.]]
The doctor entered the hallway, rubbing his head like he was confused about something.
Gerard saw him leave Scarlet’s hospital room, and came rushing up to him. When the rest saw he’d moved they’d followed him.
“Doctor? What’s happened? Is she…” and Gerard stopped.
The doctor was rubbing his head still, “She was.”
Malcolm was there. He’d pushed his way through the group to where Gerard and the doctor were standing. “Was? She was what?”

Gasps were let out from the girls. Jamia and Alicia began to cry and held onto one another. Mikey threw his arm around Charlie, who they’d called and Malcolm brought over. Becky sat back in her seat, enveloped in a world of her own. Ray and Bob glanced over everyone, not knowing what to say, their eyes finally landing on one another and they looked to the ground.
And Gerard? He fought on.
“Dead? She can’t be dead! She was breathing earlier!”
The doctor just looked to him, “She’s not dead Mr. Way.”
“B-b-but you said …” Gerard stuttered.
“Yes. I said she was dead.”
Everyone looked up to the pair as he said this. The crying stopped and there was silence.
“She died. And she … she … came back.”
They could see from the doctor’s eyes that he was as confused as they were right now.
Jamia came up to Gerard, “What about Frank? Is he …”
The doctor, who was called Mr. Walsh, looked at her. “He’s with her.”
“Is she awake? Can I go sit with Frank?”
“Who are you?” Walsh asked.
“Jamia. I’m Frank’s fiancée.”
“I don’t know miss. Mr. Iero wished noone to disturb them. I’m sorry you’ll just have to wait until he’s ready.”

And with that Walsh walked away down the hospital corridor, leaving behind a very confused and upset group of people.
Becky held onto Mikey, who reached his arms over both her and Charlie, embracing them.
“Are they going to be okay uncle Mikey?”
He looked down at his niece, aware the rest of the party was waiting with baited breath for him to reply. Not just to assure Becky, but them too.
“I don’t know Becky. I just don’t know.”
And nothing more was said. They took seats in the chairs nearby and waited.
Just waited.