I Don't Want A Bloody Dad!

Prep Just Called Me Cool?

“Hey, emo bitch! Where do you think you’re going?”
“Fuck off Amber I’m not in the mood.”
“Aww the poor little Goth ain’t in the mood for me today.”
A chorus of laughter followed me through the corridor. Amber and her prep cronies have been following me everywhere lately. She really hates me, not that I know why or anything. Well no that’s a lie, on my second day at Belleville Academy, I kind of got pissed at her in our art class and poured black ink over her bright peroxide-blonde hair. Hehehe it was so much fun watching her shriek and cry. She didn’t think it was funny though, or my teacher who gave me two weeks of detention. But it was worth it. And she’s hated me ever since really.

I had come to my locker to change my books and the laughter still followed me.
“Aww little Scarlet, looking for your razor are you? Lost it, have we?”
Fuck this shit.
“Yeah actually it seems that I have, could I borrow yours?”
“Well I don’t have one with me. Unlike you, Goth, I don’t slash my wrists.”
“Yeah I suppose that makes sense. If you did have one, you would have the sense to shave off that really obvious moustache that you’re growing.”
And with that I walked away to fourth period history, laughing to myself.

“And then in 1938, Hitler felt strong enough to plan a union, or an Anschluss, with Austria as part of his plan to unite all German-speaking people…….”
Oh lord this shit is boring. Tap tap tap tap on my paper. Oh shit I dropped it.
I reached to the ground to pick up my pen again when I heard the classroom door opening. I glanced up over my desk when I saw a girl stroll up to Mrs. Lawson’s desk.
I sat up straight and fixed my hair, and then took a good look. She was small; around the same size as me I’d say. Bright blonde hair and deep hazel/brown eyes. Oh god another prep. I lost interest in her and “tried” to concentrate on the exercise at hand. She’s just one more spoilt blonde idiot in a prison where the inmates are all the same. Except for me. I seem to be the oddball here. But do you honestly care?
She sat down in the spare seat behind me. Yayness another whore to whisper insults to me when I’m actually trying to work.

Fuck off bitch.
“Excuse me...pssssssssssstt.”
I said fuck off.
“Hello? Are you deaf?” She was laughing now, “I said psst!”
“What do you want?”
“I’m new here. And you look like a cool dude so I thought I’d say hey.”
Prep just called me cool? That can’t be right. Now I was interested.
“Oh really, what’s your name then?”
“Becky, I’m Becky Way. Who are you?”
I wonder if she was related to Gerard and Mikey. This is New Jersey after all and very few people were called Way.
“Scarlet Richards.”
“Hey Scarlet Richards! Have you noticed that absoloutely all of the bitches here are preps? Except you of course.” She was giggling again.
“How can you tell I’m not prep? And anyway, you’re one to talk.” I just gave a glance up to her luminous blonde hair.
“Well I can tell you’re not Prep because 1) your hair is jet black and purple. 2) Your nails are black. 3) You have more eyeliner and shadow on than any girl I’ve seen so far. Oh and also you’re doodling heartagrams on your file pad.”
Damn her, she’s not slow on the uptake this one. How does she know about heartagrams?
“Yeah, so okay I’m not prep. And again, you’re one to be talking.”
“Oh are you talking about my hair? Yeah I know its blonde, but this is natural not bleach like the other bitches here.” She was biting her nails. Black nails. Prep with black nails? Okay now I’m definitely confused.
“Yeah, I know it’s a bad habit. I just can’t stop!”
I liked this girl more by the minute.
“Miss Richards, can you please turn around and stop distracting our new student. You were new recently yourself; you must remember how hard it was to settle in.”
“Yeah miss I know. I’m just making her feel welcome.”
And Mrs. Lawson didn’t look like she believed me.
“Scarlet, pipe down please. Right now preferably.”
“Yeah miss just give me a minute.”
“No. Now Scarlet.”
“I said give me a minute miss.”
Everyone was sniggering. Eugh like I care what they think.
“Oooooohhh emo girl stepped outside her box. Now she’s in troouuuuuubbblllleeeee!”
“Shut the fuck up George.”
“Miss Richards I mean it. Office now!”
“Catch ya later Becky chick.”
“See ya hun.”

“Now Miss Richards, this behaviour has got to stop.”
Principals are weirdos. Real weirdos. And this one had about 52 chins to boot.
“Amm well Mr. Bradson I didn’t really mean to be insolent,” big word guys, “but there was a new girl sitting behind me and I just had to make her feel welcome ya no?”
Uhoh he’s gonna talk. Wobble wobble. I laughed into myself, watching his multiple chins sway in time to his speech.
“Scarlet, this is simply unacceptable. Yes it was expected at the beginning of your time here, after the art class incident with Miss Amber Devine, but I’d expected that you’d have settled in by now and begun to get your act together.”
Wobble wobble.
“Mr. Branson, as I’m sure you’re aware, Scarlet’s mother died shortly before her enrolment here. I’m sure you could make a few exceptions in her case.”
Shut the fuck up Malcolm I don’t need you to stick up for me.
“No, im sorry this is the last straw. Scarlet is going to be suspended until further notice.”
Wait, this is my punishment? BRILLIANT! He’s giving me permission not to come to school.
“Miss Richards, stop smirking. This is serious business here.”
Yeah whatever. I wonder how long I’ll get off.
“Miss Richards, are you even listening to me?”
Maybe I could convince Kate to help me put new streaks in my hair.
“You’re not paying attention to me. Malcolm has just left. Go catch up to him. You’re no longer permitted on school property until I say otherwise.”
“Smell ya later dude.”
“Teenagers.” He sighed and turned to his computer again.
And I exited the school in a classy fashion. Well as classy as Riverdale’s minivan could be.

“You honestly told your history teacher to shut the fuck up?”
“Yeah, she was being a bitch.”
I laughed at Charlie’s accent. He’s Welsh; he was brought over here to stay with an aunt after his parents died. Then his aunt died too and he was shoved in here.
“Well babe, what are you for tonight then?” He looked up at me from his guitar.
“Nothing special hun. Sitting and sulking most likely. Might convince Kate to let me use the DVD player and put on Nightmare Before Christmas or something. Wanna join?”
“Yeah course,” he laughed. I love Nightmare Before Christmas. Well no, love is not the word for it. Obsession seems more like it.
“I need skittles.”
“Again? You’re only after eating 3 packets!”
“Yeah, but I want more.”
“Fine,” he said laughing, “You go get Kate to set up the DVD, and I’ll find you some skittles.”
“Aww thanks Charlie!”
He left me in my room, shaking his head. Hehehe I get skittles. I get up and was about to leave my room when Kate came through the door.
“KATE! I was just going to look for you. Would you mind putting on a DVD for me and Charlie?”
“Yeah okay no problem. I just thought you’d like to know. We’ve had word from your father.”
My what? I thought my jaw was going to hit the ground.
“Pardon? Did I just hear that right?”
“Yeah, your dad. Malcolm was searching your records about a month ago, looking for a foster family that might be suitable for you. He found your birth certificate and your father’s name was on it. Malcolm called the officials in the social services office and Mr. Simmons, got hold of your father and he is on his way!”
“Who? Mr. Simmons?”
“No silly! Your father.”
She has got to be kidding me.
“Why the hell would he be coming?”
She looked a bit confused. “Well Scarlet, don’t you want to go and live with him?”
Yeah, confusion again. “But don’t you want to leave? You haven’t stopped complaining since you got here. You have the chance to get to know your dad. Do you not want to meet him or something?”
I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about him. He ran out on me and mom when I was 2, and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. I’ve lived without him up to now and I can continue doing so as well.
“I couldn’t give a fuck. Tell him to piss off, because I don’t want to meet him.”
“Oh, I think you will.”
What was that supposed to mean?
“Kate, just go set up the DVD, please?”
“Okay, but he’s on his way. He’ll be here within the hour.” And then she left for downstairs, leaving me standing gob smacked.
My father was coming. He was coming for me. I haven’t seen him in 13 goddamn years and he picks now to make contact? An hour, she said. He’d be here within the hour. I’d meet my father at long last, in an hour.
I changed out of my old combats and pulled on my favourite jeans. I changed my black shirt to a My Chem band tee. Then I took a brush to my hair and fixed up my eyeliner.
Wait, why was I fixing myself up? I’m not agreeing to a meeting, so why am I bothering?
I really do confuse myself sometimes.

“And I, JACK, the Pumpkin King…”
“Aww I love this movie! It’s mint!”
“Yeah I suppose.”
Charlie looked at me from the other side of the sofa, where he was curled up.
“What’s the matter? You love Nightmare Before Christmas.”
Yeah I know I do. I just keep thinking about my father. He’s coming for me. In 5 minutes. I just can’t concentrate on what Jack is singing when my biological father is coming to see me after 13 years, in a matter of minutes.
“I’m ok.”
He doesn’t believe me. He never does anymore. He said it’s something about my face, which gives away when I’m sad. But I’m not sad, I’m confused,
Why would he want to come for me now?
“Scarlet, there is someone here to see you.” Kate calls through the living room door.
Oh crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap! He’s here.
Charlie was still staring at the screen, “Well go and see who it is you idiot.”
“Scarlet, come on he’s here to see you.”
“I don’t care. Tell him to fuck off!”
“Who is it then?” Charlie looked over from the TV.
“It’s noone. Don’t worry.” I looked back over to the TV and tried to concentrate on what was happening.
Kate came into the living room. I could hear muffled voices in the hallway, and shuffling of feet. Kate looked at me and sighed.
“You’re not still on about not seeing him, are you?”
I didn’t even bother looking at her. “Yup.”
“See who?” Charlie is one nosy bugger when he wants to be.
“Charlie, shut up and watch the movie.”
“Come on Scarlet, please just come out and see him.”
I gave her a look from under my fringe. Why bother even looking up?
“Please hun, don’t do that. You look possessed.”
“Maybe that’s my point,” I said under my breath as I curled up on the sofa.
Kate just stared and then left. I could feel Charlie’s eyes rested on me.
I don’t want to see him. End of story. Full stop. Exclamation point.

Then there was a bit of a row outside in the hall.
“What do you mean she doesn’t want to see me? I’m her father for crying out loud!”
My eyes automatically swivelled to the living room door. Charlie shifted uncomfortably beside me.
I could hear Malcolm mumbling something about “her own choice.”
“I don’t care! She’s my daughter and I want to take her home. I’m not leaving until I see her!”
Whoever the guy was, he could fairly shout. His voice sounds familiar though. I just don’t know where from.
“Let me see her!”
Malcolm was mumbling again. Kate came back into the living room.
“Scarlet please. He is your father after all. Just come out and see him. You don’t even have to say anything to him. Just be there.” She was begging me at this point, I could tell.
I looked down to my My Chem tee and I could see the guys staring up at me.
“Well? What do you think dudes?”
“I think you should go. It might be your only chance.”
I stared in amazement at my t-shirt. “Oh my god am I going crazy or did my tee just answer me?”
“No you idiot, I did.” I glanced up to see Charlie standing in front of me with his hand held out. “Come on, I’ll come with you.”
I smiled uneasily. I guess there is no way out of it. I f I don’t come out and see him, he’ll most likely bust his way through the living room door to see me.

I took Charlie’s hand and we followed Kate out of the living room and into the hallway. I could feel the presence of a few people in front of us, but I didn’t have the guts to look up. I could hear Charlie gasp beside me, and his grip on my hand tightened.
“There she is. Are you happy now? Scarlet dear? This is your father.”
I could hear a person shuffle around on his feet. I looked at them; he was wearing beaten up red chucks.
Converse? What the hell.
I slowly looked up from his feet. Black drainpipes, studded belt, red zip up hoodie with a few badges, dog tags around his neck.
And then I saw his face. His black emo style hair, his warm hazel eyes.
And he smiled at me.
I realised who he was.
And I remembered him.
Everything after that was a blank.