I Don't Want A Bloody Dad!

Hey Little Lady, My Name's Gerard

“Come on Scarlet, you’ve got to come out of there sometime.”
“No I bloody well don’t Charlie.”
“Scarlet wise up, just come down to the mall with me. We can go to Hot Topic or something. Or we can go to Starbucks? We haven’t been there in a while.”
“Not today Charlie.”
“You’ve said that everyday, now just come on. We can go crazy on skittles? Sugar rush? Might make you feel better.”
He has a point. I haven’t had skittles now in about 2 weeks. I hadn’t even left the house. I’m getting serious withdrawal symptoms here.
“Yeah fine. I’ll be down in a bit just let me get ready.”
I heard him walking away down the hall. I sighed and climbed off my bed. My back was stiff; I had been lying there for the last 52 hours straight. Hadn’t even been to school lately. I stumbled over to my mirror and grabbed my brush. I stood there for a while, brushing through my hair and sorting my fringe. Then I started thinking, and if you knew me at all you’d know that was never good.
It’s been just over 2 weeks since that afternoon that he came. I haven’t once said His name, or even mentioned Him to anyone. Because when I do, I just remember how I’ll never see Him again. Yes I know what you’re probably thinking; if I wanted to see Him again I shouldn’t have told Him to fuck off. Yes that’s perfectly true, but my head was a mess that night I wasn’t really thinking straight. I’ve only met Him once and I miss Him. Bloody ridiculous.
Well my hair looked okay, I suppose, so I went to my drawers and decided on something to wear. I went with my slouch denims and my favourite NBX hoodie. Jack looks so cute on this one.
I applied a thick layer of eyeliner and some mascara, stuck on my rainbow converse and grabbed a messenger bag.

“Okay Scarlet, where are we heading then?”
“I dunno.”
I looked around me at all the people going about their usual Saturday activities. I bent my head, stuck my hands in my hoodie pockets and just shuffled on beside Charlie.
I could tell he wanted to talk to me about it.
“Right then, amm Hot Topic?”
“Yeah okay Charlie.”
I usually loved Hot Topic, but I just wasn’t really in the mood today. But just to keep Charlie happy, I followed him into the shop.
I wandered around the racks, looking at some drainpipes, when he came rushing over to me.
“Scarlet! Scarlet! Come here quick!”
“Holy fuck what’s the matter with you?”
“He’s here. They’re all here. Best day of my bloody fucking life man!”
“Who the hell are you talking about you dumbshit?”
I followed his gaze out of the shop window. There were people. Like normal.
“Charlie I don’t see anyone all that special to look at.”
“For pity’s sake, look over there!”
He pointed out the other window, and I looked. And I gasped. Because there He was.
Yeah Him.
He was jumping about like a crazy person, and I guess He made me giggle. And it wasn’t just Him. There was another 4 guys along with Him. Two black haired dudes, a blonde, and a dude with a fro.
Good god no, it couldn’t be.
“Scarlet, pinch me seriously.”
“I’m not fucking pinching you. Last time I did you gave me a wallop on the back and winded me.”
“Yeah well it was unexpected.”
“Whatever Charlie.”
Oh no, they were coming in here.

I ducked down behind the rail of drainpipes and tried to hide myself between them. Charlie gave me one queer of a look and bent down with me.
“Amm why are we hiding exactly. My Chemical Romance just entered the fucking shop.”
“Exactly,” I hissed at him. God he can be such an idiot when he wanted to be.
“But why are we hiding? We should go up and say hey and get autographs and photos and stuff.”
I just shook my head in amazement.
“I think you were dropped on your head as a child, I seriously do.”
“Well I can’t exactly ask anyone so we just have to wonder. But still why are we hiding from my idols?” He looked so confused, god love him.
“Because you bloody idiot, one of them is my goddamn father!”
And the look of comprehension finally dawns that childlike face.
“Oh yeah I kind of forgot about that.”
No he didn’t. I know he didn’t. But I never let on about it.
“We’ve got to go Charlie. Like, right now.” I began making my way through the rails, climbing through them. Slick or what? I kept watching him. He was looking through the NBX merch, kind of excitedly. I glanced back, but Charlie was still where I left him.
“Come on you bloody idiot move it!”
“Excuse me, at least I’m not the one climbing through clothes rails.”
I was watching Charlie the whole time, and his mouth didn’t move an inch. I turned my head around, and a pair of occupied black jeans were positioned right in front of me. I lifted my head slowly, and I could see a dude with a leather jacket and a very familiar face.
“So are you going to come out of there and tell me why your head is so close to my crotch or are you just going to sit there.” The guy just chuckled a bit and reached out his hand for me to take.
And I took it. Course I did you would too.
“Hey little lady, my name’s Gerard.”
“Yes I know that.”
“I knew that too. Don’t forget about me.” Charlie had skipped around the rails and came to stand beside me.
“Heya I’m Charlie, and amm this is my friend. She’s a nice friend. She doesn’t usually climb through clothes rails and look at people’s crotches. No no not her. She was hiding so she was. She was hiding from the guy that I pointed out to her because she doesn’t want to see him you see because she’d get all embarrassed and stuff like that.” He was talking so fast, I’m surprised I understood a word of that.
“Charlie shut the fuck up man!” I just blurted out.
Gerard just laughed again, “So bright eyes, who were you hiding from then?”
“Oh she was hiding from her…”
“Charlie I’m warning you!”
Wait; did Gerard Way just call me bright eyes? Interesting.
Gerard’s eyes just swung from me to Charlie and back again, “I’m sorry I didn’t even ask your name.”
I was about to stutter out an answer but then Gerard was joined by the others.
“Gerard, I see you’ve made a few friends. That’s nice,” Bob gave Gerard a pat on the back, “I hope you’re getting on well.”
I just smiled a bit at Bob. He smiled back at me.
“So what is your name? You never answered me.”

“Scarlet? Oh my god is that you?”
I swung round and there He was. I should have known He’d notice me sooner or later. Hoping for never but sure what can you do? It’s a small shop.
“Yeah. And I’ll just be going now.”
I was about to walk past them all and go out the door, but someone had a grip on my arm. I glanced round to see it was Him.
[[a.n. I like using a capital H when i say him or he =] makes it seem a bit more…amm….i dunno but you know what I mean. ill stop eventually]]
“Take your hand off me please.”
“No Scarlet, please. Don’t go we need to talk.”
“I said; take your fucking hand off me.”
“No sweetie please I just want to…”
Let’s just say, He quickly let go of my arm.
“What the hell is going on Frank,” Gerard looked a bit astounded, “am I missing something?”
I turned and left the shop. I just started walking, I don’t know where exactly but I just walked. I ended up outside a candy shop. So I went in.
“Hello my dear. What would you like?”
“20 packets of skittles please.”
The woman behind the counter looked rather sceptical or something like that.
“Are you sure? You might get sick.”
“Just give me some skittles. Please.”
Manners don’t cost a penny after all. She handed me a plastic bag, I gave her money. And I left.
What a crappy day.