I Don't Want A Bloody Dad!

"So Your Dad Is..." "Not Telling."

The world completely sucks.
Don’t even lie to yourself, you know it sucks too. You’re just in denial that’s all.

So you’ll never guess what? Malcolm finally realised I hadn’t been going to school, and personally escorted me to my first class today. And I thought he was an idiot before.
“Scarlet dear you’ve got to go to school. There’s no way around it.”
“No I fucking don’t. I'm intelligently impaired.”
That doesn’t even make grammatical sense does it? But aww well when are we ever going to use grammar like.
“Scarlet, I’m warning you dear. Be ready when I come to get you.”
“Yeah whatever.”
I may as well. Nothing else to do. Sulking around my room because I have nowhere else to go. I’ve ignored Charlie completely these last couple of days. It’s been about 3 days since the “Hot Topic” incident as I call it in my head, and no matter how often he tries to talk to me, I ignore him etc.
So I grumble, but I get into my uniform. I’m serious though, I will burn it some day. Who would ever wear this bloody skirt thing in public?

“Oh there you are dear. Hop on into the minivan now and we’ll get going.”
I gave him the dirtiest of looks, but I climbed in beside 2 snot nosed freaks and Charlie. He stared but I ignored him.
I switched on the ipod to Marilyn Manson today. Put it up full blast. I could feel Charlie’s eyes on me, because I don’t really listen to Manson.
What does he know? He could be my favourite singer for all Charlie knows or cares.
I slouched in my seat and stared out the window.
“Tree. Tree. Tree. House. Tree. Tree. Bin. Tree. Lamppost. Tree. Tree. House. Tree…”
“Calum, seriously for your own good. SHUT THE FUCK UP!”
A snotty nosed kid looked up at me with these watery eyes. Like a dying deer. Kind of.
“Sorry Scarlet.”
“Yeah you fucking should be.”
“Scarlet don’t be mean to poor Calum.”
“Fuck up Malcolm.”
“Such dirty language.”
“Don’t you fucking know it.”
Thank god we landed outside school before Malcolm replied.

“Scarlet babe! Haven’t seen you in ages! Where have you been?”
Becky was sitting in her chair behind mines in history when I walked in. Late of course.
“Nowhere special chick. Just couldn’t be bothered and all that stuff you know.”
Mrs Lawson didn’t look to happy. “Oh look. The straggler finally returns.”
“You love me really Mrs. L.”
“I’m sure. Just hurry up and take your seat so I can continue with my teaching.”
Yeah teaching. Right I’m sure. More like indoctrination. That would be more of her style, dozy cow.

I felt a tap on my back when I sat down, I turned around to Becky, and she had a note in her hand. I took it and turned around again.
So what’s happened that you left me alone with the preps for ages?
I chuckled to myself and I wrote underneath it;
Nothing in particular don’t worry about it. Did I miss anything exciting?
I passed the note back to her. Within a few seconds I felt another tap.
Nothing really. Kelly McMahon dumped Greg Donavan but that’s just about it in the land of weirdos.How come you didn’t come in though?
Lol seriously? Poor Greg (sarcasm) lol don’t worry about it, it was nothing. Unexpected visitor from the past
Really? Who?
The biological paternal parent
My father
Oh. Have fun?
Not really, no. He’s a lying idiot of a man.
can't be that bad. Would I know him lol
probably do yes
really? :O
Yeah. He's a "famous rock star"
Yessums. Don’t get excited though I told him to shove off.
You silly little girl lol any band that I know?
Yeah. My Chemical Romance

And then the notes stopped coming. I turned around to see her staring at me.
“Scarlet are you serious?”
“Yeah unfortunately. Why?”
“I…i…i…I’m related.”
I knew it!
“So you’re a relation to Gerard and Mikey then?”
“Yeah they're my cousins. So you’re dad is…”
Nosy so and so.
“Not telling.”
“Come on Scarlet I know all these guys!”
“Can you two girls please stop yattering long enough to I teach the lesson.”
Meh fuck Mrs. Lawson I’ve got more important matters to deal with.
“Yeah I know Becky. But I hate Him. I really do.”
“You know what they say about hate Scarlet?”
“No what?”
“To hate, you had to love first.”
Damn her and her philosophy.
“So who is it then?”
“Frank Iero.”
“Good god not Frankie?”
Yeah. Him.