I Don't Want A Bloody Dad!

You've Never Really Got This Close Before

So Becky then spent the whole history class trying to convince me that “Frankie,” as she calls Him, was one of the most wonderful people she’d ever met. Of course I told her I wasn’t in the least bit interested in “Frankie” or how wonderful he is, but a part of my brain seemed to want Becky to tell me more and more about Him. Apart from the band stuff and such, I knew absoloutely nothing about my father at all.
“And he is a complete skittle fanatic! We can’t even pass a single candy store without him begging for skittles,” Becky giggled, “he must go through a small fortune a week.”
So, that’s where my “slight” obsession came from. Hmm interesting.
“Ok Becky you can really shut up now.”
She looked a bit miffed, “But I haven’t even started on him and The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
“I think I know enough by now. I couldn’t care less anyway, why would I need to know all this stuff about a man that I hate?”
“You don’t hate him Scarlet, you just don’t know him and you’re too stubborn to give the guy a chance.”
The crazy girl makes a point.

I shut the door to my room carefully behind me. It was 5 past 1 in the morning, and if Malcolm or Kate heard me I’d literally be in shit. So there was me in an oversized trivium band tee, tiptoeing down the hallway until I came to the door I wanted. I touched the handle gently, about to turn it. But then I took my hand back off again. I stood with my hand stretched out to that handle for about 3 minutes before I actually turned it and pushed it open slowly.
I peeked into the room. The walls were shadowy, and there was a bit lump on the bed. The duvet was pulled up over the lump’s head, slight snoring too.
I laughed silently to myself, as I crept over to the bed and slightly nudged the sleeping body.
“Wahh…what’s the matter? Who is it?”
“Charlie it’s me.”
He turned around in his bed to face me. “Scarlet? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”
“I just wanted to say I was sorry. For being an idiot and a prick this last while.”
He scratches his head and wiped his hand over his eyes, “And you come to say this at, 10 past 1 in the morning?”
“Yeah, I know it’s late. But I haven’t been able to sleep thinking about what a mess I’ve made of things. And I wanted to give you a hug”
“A hug?”
I sighed. “Yeah a hug, Charlie. It’s not that rare a thing. Squeeze over and let me in then.”
Charlie gave me a queer sort of look, then he moved over in the bed and lifted up the duvet to let me in. And it was about time because I was being slowly frozen to death in my t-shirt. Because that’s al I had on.
I climbed into the bed beside Charlie. It was still warm from where Charlie had slept previously. I guess it kind of comforted me.

“Are you okay Scarlet?”
“Yeah I guess I am now. I’m really sorry Charlie. For everything. I really am.”
Charlie put his arms around me and engulfed me in a soft hug. I lay there in his warm arms.
“I never noticed you had muscles before.”
Charlie chuckled to himself, “Yeah, you’ve never really got this close before to notice have you?”
No I guess I haven’t. I snuggled into his chest, feeling a strange sort of safety in his arms. I leant my head up to Charlie and gave him a kiss on the cheek and then settled back down into his arms.
“Love you Charlie.”
Charlie stiffened for a split second, and then softened. He tightened his arms around me, bringing me closer to him. I felt his lips on my head as he kissed it.
“Love you too Scarlet.”
And we slept.