I Don't Want A Bloody Dad!

Haha You're Like Donnie Darko

I felt arms around me. Something moved beside me. Breathing on my neck.
I spun around pretty quick in the bed, to find Charlie lying asleep beside me. After some momentary shock, I remembered what happened last night and relaxed again.
His arms automatically tightened around me again, he sniffed for a bit, and then just fell back into his slumber.
I had it resolved in my head. Charlie looks hot when he sleeps.
“Charlie? Can you let go of me please?”
Charlie twitched a bit, then whispered hoarsely “No, just 10 more minutes.”
“No,” I said with a sigh, “now. I need to pee.”
He let go of me pretty quick.
Then I left for my room.

Knock. Knock.
My door creaked open and Charlie’s head popped through.
“Amm, hey. I was listening for the toilet flush but it never came so I thought I’d come and see what kept you.”
Yeah. That’s slightly weird and disturbing. That he was listening for me flushing the toilet. But then, this is Charlie. I honestly do think that his middle names are weird and disturbing.
“You coming down for breakfast then?”
I thought for a moment, “No I’m fine. I’ll skip it. I’m heading out anyway.”
“Really? Where to? I’ll come with.”
I was going out? Since when was that arranged? I don’t remember wanting to go anywhere in particular.
Oh shut the fuck up brain you’re annoying me.
Fine whatever then asshole.
Don’t call yourself an asshole Scarlet. People will think you’re weirder than you already are.
Yeah that makes a bit of sense.
Stop talking to yourself too while you’re at it.
Fuck up.
“Scarlet? Hello?”
Oh right, Charlie was still here.
“No you’re okay Charlie. I’ll catch up with you later okay?”
I could tell he was a bit put out, but he’ll be fine. He’s a survivor. He can deal without me for a day.
“What if you meet the My Chem guys while you’re out? I’ll miss the fun!”
“I doubt there’d be any fun Charlie, if I did see them.”
“Yeah but still…what if you run into them?”
I’ll just have to hope I don’t then, don’t i?
God, I think I’m going crazy. I’m talking to myself.
Haha you’re like Donnie Darko.
Yeah, but without the rabbit.
Oh shut up.

I took my ipod with me. I flicked through the music menu for a while, before resting on Placebo. Yeah they’re cool. I like Running Up That Hill. It’s a good song.
I walked at my own pace to the mall. I like the mall. It’s always busy, so full of life.
But no matter how many people are there, you still manage to feel alone.
Well, I do anyway. Don’t know about you.
I reached my hand into my jeans pocket and pulled out some money. I had just about $13. Not bad I suppose.
I haven’t had Starbucks for a while. I might pay them a visit. See what’s about me.