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The Bride

Nine ♥

“So you just mowed her over?” Garrett questioned, laughing like it was the funniest thing he’s heard in a while. Truth be told, it probably was the funniest thing he has heard. “That poor girl.”
“That poor girl has a name,” Maria stated.
“Kendra…” Pat sighed.
I giggled loudly, and John shook his head.
“You fucking girl,” Kennedy teased.
Pat, like the kid he is, stuck out his tongue at his band mate.
“I’m more concerned why we all are out on a huge lunch date,” Jared spoke up. “I would seriously like to know,”
“As soon as Tim gets here I’ll explain everything,” John stated, wrapped his left arm around my shoulders. I patted his left thigh lightly, and laid my head on his shoulder.
“And Tim is here. What is this all about?” Tim asked as he took a seat beside his younger brother.
“Is this about what I think it’s about?” Maria asked me, wiggling her eyebrows.
“Yeah,” I giggled.
“Yay! Finally, I won’t have to keep it a secret!” Maria cheered playfully.
Kennedy raised his eyebrow at his wife.
They were way too cute.
“What do you mean? You already know?”
“Duh, Kenny,” She rolled her eyes. “Can’t we go back to bothering Patty?”
“I’m still pissed about that, Patrick.” I muttered to him.
His face twisted up in a sad pout.
“I’m sorry Di- Dorinda,” He corrected once he saw the look on my face. “I didn’t mean too.”
“She’s just being stupid.” John stated.
I smacked his thigh harder than I probably should have, and he winced. “Stop abusing our lead singer, and explain what’s going on here!” Garrett laughed.
“We’re getting married.” John slipped like it was the most casual thing to say. So I smacked him again.
“Nice.” I stated sarcastically.
“Holy shit! That’s amazing, guys!” Kennedy stated first.
“I knew it would happen soon!” Garrett agreed.
“I can’t wait.” Pat said with a goofy grin on his face.
“Do you have any idea on when you want to get married?” Tim asked.
John looked down at me, waiting for an answer, seeing as I got to pick everything.
“First week in February?” I asked, shrugging. “Somewhere near my birthday,”
“Okay…so when?”
“Um…February 3rd?”
“I love it.” John laughed. “February 3rd it is. Looks like we just set a date,”
“I see that.” I laughed in return. “And we’ve only been engaged for a week.”
“We’re that good.” John joked back. “I love you,”
“I love you too,” I beamed before we kissed softly.
“You don’t fool me, I saw you looking at that wedding dress catalogue this morning.”
“I know that I was,” I shrugged. “I’ve already picked out the bridesmaid’s dresses.”
“When?” Maria asked me.
“Before you guys showed up and made a ruckus.”
“What color?!” Maria asked, excited about the dress.
“Like a gold-ish color. It’s really pretty.”
“What about your wedding dress?”
“I’m basing it off of the bridesmaid’s dresses.”
“That’s…different?” Jared questioned.
“Yeah, but whatever.” I shrugged.
“You know what we should do tonight?” John stated, making everyone look at him. “We should have a big ass bon fire!”
“Like we normally do?” Tim laughed.
“Yeah!” Pat agreed.
“I’ll call Moose.” Tim sighed. “Just make sure to be there by five, so we can start.”
“Sounds like a plan.” Garrett shrugged.
“I hate to cut this lunch short, but I’ve got a real job to get back to. My lunch break is almost over.”
“But you own the storeeeeeeee,” Pat whined. “Stay longer?”
“Sorry, Patrick, but I’ve gotta go.” I stated with a sigh.
“I’ll be there to keep you company soon,” Maria put in while John and I slid out of the booth that we were in. He laid down the money for our part of the bill before linking hands with mine.
“See you guys later.”
“Byeeeeee!” They all chorused before John and I walked out of the food establishment. He swung our hands a little as we walked down the street. I giggled and bumped him, earning a laugh in return.
“God, we’re sickening.” I stated, looking at the tall man beside me. “How do you deal with this?”
“I honestly have no idea.” He laughed. I gave him and look and he just rolled his eyes. “Kidding.”
“You better be.” I stated, poking him in the side.
“Ow!” He pouted. “That hurt.”
“I love youuuuu.”
“Sure sure,” I rolled my eyes, but smiled anyway. “I love you too.”
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