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The Bride

Ten ♥

“Are you ready?” I called through-out my house.
“Yeah, just let me check my hair right quick,” John stated, moving around where I guessed was his bathroom.
I laughed.
“I thought your whole hair obsession ended after you got your hair cut!”
“Nope,” John replied, coming into view.
“You look good.” I smiled.
“You do too, baby.” John replied, bending down for a light kiss on my lips. “ We match,”
I shook my head and laughed. John offered me his hand, which I gladly took, and we walked out of the door. He made sure to lock up the house before we got into his car. I drove quickly toward Moose’s house. I was driving, seeing as John was pre-gaming kind of hard before we left. I just laughed at him while he drank a few beers, and took an un-countable amount of shots before going. He was drinking before I even got home. It wasn’t awkward for us or anything. I honestly didn’t mind John drinking, I’ve watched him do it for so long that’s it’s weird seeing him not drink. He’s probably going to kill his liver by the time he’s forty, but that’s just John. Even then, he would probably still party hard.
“Are you okay over there?” I lightly giggled when he groaned.
“I’m perfectly fine. I just don’t like this song.”
“This is a great song.” I defended, turning up the radio. “It’s awesome. You’re just jealous of her.”
“Yes because I totally am jealous of Katy Perry.”
“Russell Brand is pretty hot…” I trailed off, stealing a glance at him.
“Psh,” John laughed. “I can’t believe that you’re listening to this song.”
“This happens to be my jam. I love me some Teenage Dream.”
“Okay…so maybe this song isn’t so bad, but Firework just got on my nerves.”
“Didn’t you tour with Katy?”
“Yeah, and she was awesome,” He laughed. “But like…I just…I don’t like mainstream music. You know that,”
“This is true.” I giggled. “I love you, but this…is my jam. And…it’s going to be played at our wedding.”
“Oh God…”
“Than and Super Bass, and that one other song by Rhianna….”
“Please no,”
“I was joking.” I laughed. “Or was I?” I questioned, stealing a glance at him, long enough to wiggle my eyebrows before I turned back to the road. “And Shake It by Metro Station.”
“Are you trying to kill me?”
“All a part of my other master plan.”
“What plan is that? To kill me before the honey moon? You would succeed there, baby.”
“Ah, now you’re catching on.” I joked back.
John laughed lightly, and patted my thigh lightly.
“I love you, but you’re crazy.”
“Bitch please, don’t make me ninja kick you out of this car.”
“I dare you,”
“Don’t mess with me,”
“I thought you liked it when I messed with you,”
I didn’t have to look at John to know that he was giving me a suggestive look. I could basically hear it in his voice. I forced myself to take a deep breath before I felt the chills go up and down my spine
“I’m driving…stop it.”
“Mmmhmm,” John hummed, before he moved his hand on my thigh. I thought that move only worked on guys, but it shot more chills down my arms. I almost shook before peaking at him.
“John Cornelius O’Callaghan the Fifth…you better remove your fucking hand from my thigh before I wreck us and we die.”
“Fine,” He mumbled, taking his hand from my thigh, and crossing his arms. “I see how it is. I can’t put my moves on you,”
I rolled my eyes.
“Your moves? Mr. O’Callaghan, you’re game reduces into that of a ten-year old when you’re drunk.”
“Hey…I’m not drunk…yet.”
“You know you want me.”
“I also want a cat.” I stated.
“I want you,”
“Wow.” I laughed, shaking my head and finally pulling down the familiar street. I pulled safely into the driveway, which had about three other cars in it, and I cut off his car.
“Finally! I can get my drink on!” John nearly shouted, grabbing the handle and jumping out of the car.
I laughed and shook my head. The tall man took all but five steps and he was already halfway toward the house. Damn those long legs of his. He stopped quickly and turned back around. I was confused as to what he was doing before he opened my door and offered his hand.
“My lady?” He asked with a cheeky grin.
I took his hand with a small giggle. I allowed John to pull me out from the car, and he shut it behind me. Before I could even take a step, I was being wrapped up his arms. His hands quickly found my waist, and pulled me close to his body until we were pressed against each other. His lips found mine milliseconds later. I moved my lips slowly with his before one of his hands left my waist to tangle into my long, brown locks. His tongue pressed it’s way though my teeth, easily finding my own tongue. It was different kissing John like this. The last time we’ve even came this close was when we hook up, when we both were drunk. John and I decided to take things extremely slow since we got together. It’s literally been nearly five years since we’ve kissed like this that I actually remember.
His mouth separated mine way too soon for my liking. His gave me a goofy grin before pressing his lips softly to mine in a slower and sweeter kiss. I smiled, and nearly laughed at his cuteness.
“What in the world was that for?”
“I dunno.” He shrugged, blushing slightly. “I felt the need to kiss my gorgeous fiancé. Is that a problem?”
I tapped my chin playfully.
“Well…first you walked back and helped me out of the car, and then proceeded to make out with me in Moose’s driveway. I believe that you are up to something.”
He shook his head.
“Do you expect me to walk into that bon fire without my arm candy by my side?” He joked.
“Ah, I get it! I’m arm candy!” I stated with fake excitement, but I thought what he said was funny nonetheless. “Lead the way then, arm candy.”
“Fine, I will,” He smirked slightly before gripping my head and leading the way toward Moose’s back yard. We rounded the corner, and of course, Jared was the first to spot us.
“Here they come!”
“Finally took you two forever!” Garrett complained.
I laughed and bumped John’s leg with my hip, because I’m too short to reach his hip.
“This girl over here had to fix his hair.”
“My hair takes less time to fix than John’s does.” Pat joked, rolling his eyes. “He’s a girl,”
“Hey, I’m the girl of the band!” Kennedy yelled, making me laugh harder than usually.
“Babe, shut it,” Maria stated.
Kennedy licked her face playfully before he ran up to us.
“Hey, Kenny,” I laughed.
“KENNEDY!” John yelled, wrapping the slightly shorter boy up in a huge hug. He pulled Kennedy off of the ground a few inches, causing them both to laugh. “I love you man.”
“I love you too!” Kennedy stated.
“He’s being very touchy tonight.” I explained.
“Any particular reason?” Moose asked me, wiggling his eyebrows.
I laughed.
“He had a few beers before we came.”
“That explains a whole lot,” Jared chuckled.
I looked at John and Kennedy, who were both running around with beers in their hands. I took the now-empty spot next to Maria. She smiled and hugged me slightly from the side.
“I think my fiancé loves your husband more than he loves me.”
“I think Kenny loves John more than me,” She shrugged laughing.
“They have such a bromance,” I rolled my eyes. “It’s cute though. I mean, look at them!” I giggled.
The group turned to look at the two men, singing to the music playing over head and attempting to slow dance.
“How much has John had?” Tim asked, coming out of the house with more drinks.
“Um…I have no idea. Enough that he was putting his ‘moves’ on me on the way over here.”
“Oh, God…” Garrett chuckled.
“What about Kenny?”
“These five gave him tequila right when we got here, and then some type of vodka mixed drink.” Maria stated, playfully glaring at the five that sat with us.
“Don’t blame me!” Pat stated, throwing his hands up.
“Guys, most the people haven’t even showed up yet, and it’s still day light outside. You could’ve waited until more people got here.” I tried to reason.
“Oh chill,” Garrett rolled his eyes. “I-I mean…I’m sorry.” He stammered as soon as he saw the look I was giving him.
“Anyway…Dia how is life without the beam?”
“Sad,” I pouted. “I fucking miss it!”
“Maybe you could like open up your own gym or something?”
“That would be amazing.” I laughed. “If only. I can’t compete with Robby’s gym.”
“Try to work with him then?” Tim suggested.
I giggled and rolled my eyes.
“Yeah, like I would work with that monster.”
“Well…you never know…” Jared laughed.
Suddenly John and Kennedy were running around the fire, yelling some sort of nonsense about being Indians.
“I worry about them sometimes.” Maria stated between giggles.
I nodded my head.
“Neither of you have seen then while we’ve been on tour
“That’s very true. It’s scary,” Pat agreed, drinking something from the ever-so-classy red party cups. I nearly laughed as I watched him and Garrett drink. I remember when neither of them would even touch beer…or alcohol in general. Now here they were, drinking like pros with the rest of the band. It was funny to say the least. It made me laugh out loud at them.
“What are you laughing at?” John questioned, finally tired enough to sit down with the rest of us. He plopped down right on my lap. I laughed, and pushed him off. He hit the ground with a loud thud. He looked at me with his jaw dropped.
“Close your mouth, you’ll catch flies that way.”
John shrugged and laughed before turning toward the rest of the circle. He rested between my legs, sitting against the chair. He was still pretty tall, even if he was sitting on the ground. My hand found its way into his hair, lightly playing with it. John let out a content sigh, making me smile ever bigger.
“No way! You guys match!” Kennedy giggled, sitting on John’s lap. John just laugh, wrapping his arms around his best friend.
“You guys worry me,” Maria laughed, shaking her head.
“Good,” John stated, probably winking at her playfully. “I loves me some Mr. Brock.”
“Dude…that was weird.” Garrett laughed. “And I’m obsessed with Zombies. How could you possibly get weirder than that?”
“By stating that he wants some Mr. Brock,” Kennedy stated, joking with everyone. “It’s okay, O’Callaghan, I want you too.”
“Yes! See... I'm fucking attractive!" John laughed.
I rolled my eyes.
“Keep telling yourself that.”
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