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The Bride

Twelve ♥

“Are you ready yet?” John asked me while I finished getting ready.
“Why are you even putting on make-up?” He questioned, staring at me. “It’s Florida, Dia.”
I huffed, and tossed my eyeliner pen down on the counter.
“Fine. I won’t wear it. There, are you happy?”
“No need to get so snappy,” John rolled his eyes. “It was just a simple question. It’s not like you used to wear it.”
“I’ve gotten used to wearing it a whole lot more.”
“I’ve noticed.” He nodded. “But you’re beautiful without it.”
“Then why don’t I feel like I am?” I asked, raising one of my eyebrows at him. John just shrugged, not knowing exactly what to reply with. I rolled my eyes in return and turned back toward the mirror. In a swift movement, I brought the pen back up to my eyes, and lined them carefully. I didn’t put as much as I would normally have, but just enough to make me happy. When I finished, I simply ruffled my hair, and I was finished. John was standing not so patiently in the bathroom door way for me to finish.
“Are you done now?”
“Yes, Mr. Grumpy. I am,” I replied with a small, teasing smile.
John smiled slightly and shook his head.
“Which theme park today, my love?”
I blushed.
“My love? That’s a new one…” I trailed off.
“Well…pick which park.”
“I honestly don’t care, John. You can pick.”
“Um…how about we do Hollywood Studios today?” He asked me. “Then Magic Kingdom tomorrow, and Epcot the last day?”
I smiled at John.
“That sounds great. We should get going,” I said quickly before I pushed past him, and into our hotel room. On the desk, I picked up my blue Ray Bans, and perched them on the top of my head. John was already heading toward the door with a small black converse bag on his back. The bag carried a couple bottles of water, and our wallets for when we needed to buy some stuff. His Ray Bans were already covering his green eyes that I knew were filled with excitement.
“Now are you ready?”
“Yes,” I laughed and followed him out of the door.
John raced me to the elevator, and won easily. I didn’t have his energy level. I was still half asleep. John gave me a half-annoyed look as I slowly approached.
“You’re being way too slow this morning.”
“John Cornelius, I am insanely sleepy. I need coffee or I might just chop off your balls.”
“You’re being a bitch too.” He mumbled.
I glared at him, and crossed my arms over my chest.
“Do you want to re-fraze that?”
“Ugh.” He groaned and basically ignored me. He stepped into the elevator. I didn’t follow, forcing him to hold the ‘door open’ button on the elevator. “Please get in the elevator.”
“Not until you apologize.”
“Dorinda, this is ridiculous.”
“You’re being an asshole.” I argued back.
John shook his head and sighed in frustration.
“I’m sorry, Dorinda. I shouldn’t have called you a bitch. I’ll buy you coffee.”
I pursed my lips and thought it over.
“And Mickey Mouse ears?”
His face softened.
“Yes. I will buy you coffee, Mickey Mouse ears, AND ice-cream. How does that sound?”
I cracked a small smile.
“That sounds more like it.” I replied before stepping into the elevator with him. John’s arm wrapped around my body, tucking me into him.
“You’re so mean when you wake up without coffee.” He whispered and then kissed my cheek lightly. “I love you though,”
“I love you too,” I said, which quickly was followed by a yawn. “Where are we going to get coffee?”
“I’m sure there’s a coffee bean or Starbucks around here somewhere.” He compromised. “Disney probably has some coffee too.”
“They better,”
“Or what?” He laughed.
“You won’t ever be having children.” I slightly joked.
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