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The Bride

Thirteen ♥

“Looks like we’ll have some little O’Callaghan’s running around eventually,” I joked lightly.
“I was so worried,” He joked in return. “Are you happy now?”
“Almost,” I smirked in his direction. “You still owe me Mickey Mouse ears and ice-cream, Mister.”
“Oh, whatever shall I do when we are in a place covered in everything that is Mickey Mouse, and ice-cream carts everywhere?” John asked me sarcastically.
I rolled my eyes and poked his side.
“You’re SO funny.”
“I know I am,” He smirked. John took my free hand and started to swing it with his. “Where to first, baby?”
“I really want to ride the Rock-n-Roller Coaster.” I smirked up at him. “Cause Aerosmith is my favorite band and all,”
“Okay,” He smiled widely. “Are you ready for the best day of your life?”
“You mean third best day so far?”
“What?” John asked me, slightly confused.
“The first was at the church and the second was the proposal, the one in the field.”
I giggled and shook my head as I finished my coffee. John waited on me happily while I made sure every single sip was gone. I quickly tossed my empty cup into a trash can nearby. We walked slowly and side by side to the ride.
“Aren’t we just being romantic,” I joked with him.
“Nah,” He shook his head. “I’m just enjoying this time with you… and a million perfect strangers.”
“My hero,” I rolled my eyes with a smile tugging on my lips. “Let’s go ride!”
“Aren’t you worried about puking?” He asked me with a grossed out expression on his face.
“Johnny, the line takes a good thirty minutes, sometimes more than that. I think I’m good.”
“Are you sure, Dia?”
I gave him a stern look.
“Yes, I’m sure,” I confirmed. “Come on, my man is waiting!”
“I thought I was your man?” His eyebrows rose.
“Oh, please. I’m obviously using you to get close to Steven Tyler.” I lied with a laugh.
“I knew it!” He faked surprised. “Right up here, babe.” He stated, pointing toward the end of the line.
I started to bounce on the balls of my feet, due to all of my excitement that I had built up in me. I haven’t been on this ride since I was a little kid, which was around the time I fell in love with their music. Aerosmith have been my favorite band ever since. Of course with them being my favorite, others popped up too, thus my infamous love affair with classic rock. Ever since then, that was all the music I listened up until John forced other CDs on me. I was fine with it at the time, because John was my first best friend ever. He’s a great best friend too.
“I feel like such a fan girl,” I stated, looking at the people around us. “No one else is freaking out like I am,”
“That’s because you love Aerosmith.”
“Well, duh.” I replied sarcastically.

“Tower of Terror?” I asked him with a small pout on my lips.
“You’re even worse than I am,” He chuckled. “What happened to the sensible Dorinda I grew up with?”
“She was unable to act like a normal teenager. Stop complaining and take me on that damn ride.”
“Fine,” John huffed before placing a small kiss on my hand. “Let’s go get in line,”
I smiled widely, and started to skip up to the end of the line, leaving my tall fiancé behind me. I eyed the tall towers from where I was standing again. I really did love this place. It was only my second time here, but I was already in love with the free falling ride. The people already on the ride were screaming as it dropped. I slowly piled my eyes from the ride, and looked around me. Surprisingly a lot of teens were standing here, waiting. I guess I never really realized how you could be any age and still enjoy Mickey Mouse.
“This is going to be the death of me,” A girl said to some boy standing next to her. He just rolled his eyes in return.
“You’re way too dramatic.” He replied.
I laughed slightly at their argument as it went on. I don’t mean to, but somehow I usually end up listing to other people’s conversations. It’s not like I want the dirt on their life, seeing as they are strangers, but it’s funny some of the things I over hear.
“And you’re a dick.” She retorted.
“You would know,” He winked at her in return.
I shook my head with an amused smile.
“You know that it’s rude to listen to other people’s conversations, Dorinda.”
I nearly jumped ten feet into the air. I quickly spun around and smacked his chest.
“And you should know not to fucking sneak up on me like that.” I retorted. “Besides, it’s not like I meant to spy on them,”
“For someone who doesn’t mean to spy, you do an awful great job at it.” He replied.
“What took you so long?” I asked him after I shook my head.
“I’m not as fast as you,” He shrugged.
“Please, you’re like ten feet tall. It’s like three steps for you.”
John rolled his eyes.
“Alright, you hobbit, move on up,” He stated, crossing his arms.
“Aye, Aye, big foot.” I saluted him before I moved up, directly behind the teens. “You know what?”
“No. Why don’t you humor me?”
I shot him a glare, but it ended up in a soft smile.
“I think that we need to do a super cute pose.” I stated. “You know, when we drop?”
“Oh! Okay,” He laughed. “What do you have in mind.”
I shrugged.
“I don’t know. Must I keep up with everything?”
“No, but it would be nice.” He smirked. “Kidding,” John laughed before he wrapped his lanky arms around my body.
“We could….um….we could…..shit,” I huffed. I lifted my head, my chin pushed up against his chest. “I’m fresh out of idears.”
“Idears?” John cocked and eyebrow, but continued anyway. “We can just be super cute,”
“Super cuteness doesn’t just happen, babe.” I laughed.
“We’ve got to move up,” John stated, nodding behind me.
I slowly stepped up onto his feet.
“Onward.” I stated.
John rolled his eyes, but tightened his arms around me as we waddled up a few feet or so.
“That was hard.” He pouted. “Don’t make me do it again,”
“Awe, poor baby.” I stated in a baby voice. “Get over it.”
“Dammit, you’re mean.” He laughed, only pouting. “Why am I marrying you again?”
“Because I’m fucking adorable?” I asked sarcastically.
“That must be it.” He laughed, bending down his head and resting it against my own. He just smiled and looked into my eyes for a few minutes. “God, you’re gorgeous,”
I blushed slightly.
“You’re not so bad yourself, Johnny.”
“No, I mean it.” He sighed, but it wasn’t an aggravated sigh. It was a happy and content sigh. “Why am I so lucky?”
“I don’t know,” I whispered. “Why am I so lucky?”
“I don’t know,” He agreed with me before pressing his lips to mine lightly.
Damn, I love Disney World.
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I love this chapter. I want to go back to DW now....dammit.

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