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The Bride

Fifteen ♥

I tried the best I could to fix my hair in the mirror while John sat the trash cans back into their original spaces. I caught the small glances that he sent to me, and I blushed in return. I felt awkward, and slightly dirty. It’s not every single day that I have sex in a Disney World bathroom. I didn’t even think that it was possible to do that here, let alone in a public bathroom stall.
“You look beautiful. Stop messing with your hair.” John said as he appeared behind me in the bathroom mirror. His hands locked over my own, stopping my movement. “Seriously, Dia. What’s gotten into you?” He asked with a small laugh.
“What do you mean?” I asked him, dropping my hands from my hair.
“I mean, you’re starting to care way too much about your appearance. Whatever happened to Dorinda Grace? Whatever happened to ,my Dia?” He asked me slowly, his green eyes staring into mine.
I laughed lightly.
“I’m still me, Johnny.”
“No, you aren’t.” He said with a defeated smile. “I love you?”
I turned to face John, staring up into his eyes before I kissed his jaw lightly.
“I do love you, John.”
“I know,” He smiled a small smile. “I just want you to stop caring what you look like so much.”
“Deal,” I agreed. He smiled and bent down to kiss me one more time. “We should probably get out of this bathroom.”
“Couldn’t agree more,” He laughed. “You should probably go first.”
“I’ll let you know when it’s clear.” I stated. I walked out of the bathroom, and looked around at the passing people. A few of them gave me confused looks, which confused me. I turned around to look at the door, and on it was a yellow ‘Out of Service’ sign. I shook my head, knowing that it was the result in John’s eagerness earlier. He had it planned before he even walked into the bathroom. I poked my head back into the bathroom, seeing John checking his reflection. I giggled and he looked over at me with a smile.
“It’s clear?”
“Seems that someone put a out of service sign on the door.”
His cheeks tinted slightly as he got closer to me. I moved out of his way, and the giant walked out, acting just like nothing had happened. His hands found my hips while I walked ahead of him, and I rolled my eyes. We walked like that for a while, up until we got to Main Street.
“Did we really just do that?” He asked me.
I furrowed my brows but then I laughed.
“Yes, you just seduced me in the ladies room,”
“It’s not my fault that you’re easily seducible.” He shrugged.
I gawked and shook my head at him. I rammed his shoulder lightly before slipping my hand into his.
“That fact that you’re not so bad to look at helps.”
“I thought so too.” John played along. “Come on, let’s get you some Mickie Mouse ears.”
“Finally,” I joked before we started toward the small corner shop. I looked around at the different style of ears, taping my chin in thought. “So, I have a confession to make,”
“Which is?” John asked as he looked at the ear selection next to me.
“I’ve always wanted to do that.”
“Have sex at Disney World?”
“No, in a public restroom…in Disney World,” I laughed. “How did you swing that sign anyway?”
“I stole it from the men’s bathroom door,” He shrugged. “It wasn’t that hard,”
I shook my head and picked up a pair of silver Minnie Mouse ears that had a shiny bow the same color.
“I love this one.” I stated, holding them up. “I’ve made my decision.”
“Okay. I think I might get a shirt.” He stated, going over to the shirt rack, and searching for one. “Wait for me, please?”
“Of course,” I rolled my eyes at him.
John scrunched his nose before he looked back down at the rack, and picked out a black shirt with Mickey on it.
“This is the one.” John stated before we both walked up to the cashier line. He paid for the ears and shirt quickly and we walked out of the over-flowing store.
“That was pretty painless.” I stated, switching hands that the bag was in so I could grab John’s hand. “Can we please eat now? I’m starving.”
“Me too,” He stated, patting his flat stomach just as it growled. “See?”
“I do see.” I laughed.
After eating at the Main Street Bakery, John and I walked toward the Castle. My smile widened, and I nearly skipped there. I left John behind and walked with my camera to take pictures.
“Don’t you need to get a little bit closer for some pictures?”
“Not exactly,” I replied. “Wanna kiss me?”
“I always want to kiss you,”
I blushed at the confession.
“Anyway…I want a picture of us kissing in front of Cinderella’s Castle.”
“That’s so fucking girly.”
“So?” I asked, looking at him innocently. “Pleaseeeeeeee?”
“You know I’m going to say yes without you begging,” John rolled his eyes. “Just tell me when.”
“Okay.” I nodded, holding up the camera. “Now,”
John smiled and pressed his lips to mine while I took the picture. He pulled away after the short and sweet kiss. I turned the camera toward us, and I laughed. I had cut off John’s head so all that the picture showed was his nose and lips, then my whole head.
“That was an epic fail,”
“Fine then. You take the fucking photo, Mr. Smart Ass.” I joked, handing him the camera. He held it higher than I could and his swooped down to kiss me. The kiss was longer than I expected. John’s kisses were always different, but in a good way. Only one thing stayed the same. I could feel his love in every kiss.
“Now, let’s see this one.” He said, pulling the camera toward us. It was angled down so that you could see us kissing, but my head was almost cut off. “Dammit.”
“I could take the picture for you?”
John and I turned around and a Disney Worker was standing there. She was smiling widely, amusing that’s all she ever did, and had a blue vest with thousands of buttons adorning it.
“Okay,” John shrugged, handing her the camera. The worker, kneeled on the ground so that it would angle up at us. John’s arms wrapped around my waist, and my arms looped around his neck. It helped us when we kissed because of the height difference. His head rested on mine for a moment, and I heard the camera snapping away already. Then his lips found mine again. I smiled, hugging him closer to me. I was pulled from the ground slightly, and then sat back down before we finally separated. I bit my lip with a big blush on my cheeks.
“Here you are,” She smiled, handing the camera over. “You two are just so freaking cute. You look like a modern day Belle and her Prince.”
I snuck a glance at John. He did sort of remind me of the Beast/Prince. He was tall and good looking. I was shorter and my brown hair was curled and waved slightly from our bathroom escapade.
“Thank you,” I smiled.
John awkwardly waved. He never was too good with new people, especially strangers.
“Do we really look like a Disney couple?” He asked me.
I hummed and nodded as we got closer to Cinderella herself.
“Get over it, Johnny. We’re storybook worthy.”
“Is that a bad thing?” He asked me again.
“Definitely not. Considering Belle’s my favorite.”
“Well, I consider it a compliment.”
Then I suddenly got an idea.
“That’s it!”
John nearly jumped fifty feet into the air.
“What’s it?”
“I think I just figured out something that was stressing me out.”
I nodded.
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Sooooooooo I'm sitting here and watching My Best Friend's Wedding that happened to inspire Maid of Honor!!!!!

Heck yes. I love it!

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