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The Bride

Sixteen ♥

“I don’t wanna go homeeeee.” I whined.
“Well I want to see that wedding dress of yours, but we all can’t get what we want.” He shrugged.
“Are you seriously upset about that? It’s a rule, John. The groom can’t see the dress before the wedding.”
“Why not? I saw Julie’s wedding dress.”
I rolled my eyes.
“It is bad luck, and look how that turned out.”
“Exactly! So in the end, it was good luck.”
“Look, if you really wanted to see my dress that bad, you would have already stolen a peek at it.”
“Who says I haven’t?”
“Because I’ve been guarding that thing with my life,” I replied with a playful smile.
John and I were standing in the JFK airport, waiting for our flight to be called. I had my wedding dress shipped to Maria’s house yesterday from the Disney Park. I was personally glad for my little epiphany I had before we met Cinderella. I knew what dress I wanted and it went perfect with my Brides Maid’s dresses. After stressing out over the dress, I finally found the perfect one…on vacation. I didn’t think that it would be so easy, but it was. After getting a quick fitting, I warned Maria, and easily shipped it to her house in Arizona.
“And you shipped it early.” He pouted, crossing his arms. “Can’t I even get a hint?”
“It’s Disney Princess worthy.” I hinted at. That only caused his pout to form into a tight line as he thought.
“Dammit, that would be any fucking wedding dress. The point of wedding dresses is to have a fairy tale resemblance.”
“So you do know a thing or two about weddings.”
“I’m not as dumb as I look.”
“Exactly, Mr. College Drop Out.”
“And look what that did for me,”
“You never grew up?”
“No…well that too.” He laughed. “I get to change the world with my words. How fucking rad is that?”
“Pretty rad?” I laughed. I stretched my limbs, and winced. “Good gosh, I hurt.”
“Sorry,” John smirked.
My cheeks burned brightly. There were families, teens, and even some college aged people sitting in the same waiting area as we were. It wouldn’t be hard to over-hear anyone.
“Hey, I’m proud.”
“God, John. Shut up,” I muttered, hiding my face.
“It’s not my fault you’re so easily embarrassed.”
“What I don’t understand is why you aren’t blushing.”
“I’m a man. I don’t blush.”
I laughed sarcastically.
“Since when?”
“Since I realized that you get embarrassed easier about sex than I do.” He stated, stretching his lanky arms high above his head. “You know it was fun though.”
I shook my head, covering up my face again.
“I don’t think I’ve ever done it that much before in my life.”
“Oh Godddd,” I whined, hiding my face even more.
“I knew that you were flexible. I didn’t know that you were that flexible.”
“Shut the fuck up, John,” I groaned, smacking him forcibly with the back of my hand.
“Ow,” He whined. I stood up from my seat and I walked out of our waiting area and toward the bathroom. I peed quickly, and washed my hands. I checked my hair. It was a freaking mess. Before John and I had left the hotel this morning, we went for another round. Sex hair definitely wasn’t the best look on me. I shook my head and pulled my hair back into a pony tail, leaving my bangs down. When I finished, I walked back out to the waiting room, and sat back down beside John.
“You’re a douche bag.” I simply stated.
“I love you,”
“I love you too.” I sighed heavily.
We didn’t have to wait much longer before our flight was being called. The plane ride was shorter than it really was, due to the fact that I slept the entire time on John’s shoulder. When we landed, he tugged me up, and I practically slept walked behind him. We got all of our stuff, and walked out of the airport. His car was still setting there from when we left it just four days ago. I slid into the passenger seat while John stuffed everything in the back. He got in, and drove back to our house. I was already asleep before he pulled out of the parking lot.
I don’t know how much later, but I finally woke up, and I was in John’s bed. He wasn’t beside me, but I knew that he carried me in here. I would have at least remembered waking up. I sat up and stretched out my aching muscles again. I was seriously hurting all over. It was good to be back home, even if I wasn’t in my own bed. I laid back down after my back popped at least five times. I snuggled myself deeper into John’s black comforter. I loved this bed. It was about five times bigger and better than my own. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds around me. I heard the TV going in the living room and some shouts coming to. I knew that some of the guys were over, if not, then only Kennedy. It didn’t really surprise me, John can’t go longer than four days without seeing him. I swear, they’re going to come out gay to Maria and I one day.
“What did you guys do at Disney?” I heard Tim’s voice ask.
I laughed lightly, knowing that even if they were boys, they gossiped like teen-aged girls.
“A lot,” John answered coyly.
“That sums it up,” Kennedy joked.
I smiled. I was right, Kennedy was definitely here.
“It’s Dia, man. I don’t think we want to know all about their sex life,” Garrett added.
“We messed around in a bathroom.” John replied. I expected him to tell. I’m not stupid. It’s John and his friends. It’s not like it’s a secret that will ruin us forever. They’re smart enough to keep it, and I was oddly okay with that. I grew up with these guys. They’re like my brothers. “Okay, so maybe more than messed around.”
“What happened?”
I could just imagine Kennedy wiggling his eyebrows at his best friend.
“I locked us in the women’s bathroom, and we just sort of…yeah,”
“Oh gosh,” I mumbled, laughing. John was always slightly embarrassed around his friends, but he never did lie.
“Sort of?”
“Okay so we got down in the bathroom stall. Is that what you fuckers wanted to know?”
“Yes, it is.” Tim laughed. “But seriously, you have sex hair. Did you guys like get down a lot?”
“Dammit Tim,” John cursed.
I laughed and drug myself from John’s bed. My pony tail had fallen out a while ago, and I was wearing a pair of John’s boxers and a white t-shirt.
“Boys, boys, boys.” I shook my head, and entered the living room. “Stop embarrassing my fiancé.”
“He’s not too bad.”
“He doesn’t get embarrassed in front of airport strangers, but when it’s you guys…” I trailed off, taking an empty seat on the other side of him.
“Nice sex hair, Dia.”
I ruffled my hair.
“You know how I do.”
“Oh god,” John shook his head. “Now you aren’t embarrassed?”
“It’s just Kenny, Tim, and Gary, John. They’re not strangers.”
“I’m surprised he’s not embarrassed in front of strangers.” Kennedy smirked. “You guys surprise me, I swear.
“It was all John’s doing. The bathroom was…different.” I admitted. “We were all over each other after that one.”
“Could you blame me though?” John asked.
The guys just shrugged and agreed with him.
“If it were Maria and I…” Kennedy trailed off. “I get it, man.” John winked playfully at him, causing me to giggle. “Or John,”
“Oh baby.” John howled lightly. I shook my head and flung my legs over Kennedy’s lap.
“Kenny, stop trying to get with my Johnny. I don’t like it,” I said playfully.
“It’s not my fault that I turn him on.” Kennedy shrugged.
Garrett shook his head.
“You guys…we need to get back to why we actually came here,”
“What? You came here for a reason?” John joked.
“We need to talk about our touring schedule now that you guys are getting married in a few weeks,”
“Oh..okay,” John nodded, tucking me into his body further. I kissed his jaw line out of habit, and then faced the guys.
“Okay, so I called the label, and told them about the wedding date. They’ve decided to leave it all up to the band, due to the fact for a honey moon. So what I’m saying is… John, it’s up to you,”
Kennedy groaned.
“Good luck with that.”
I smacked the back of his chest playfully.
“We’ll take care of it Tim,” I answered.
“When do you need to know?”
“By tomorrow,”
John nodded.
“I’ll let you know before we go on,”
I turned to him, slightly surprised.
“You guys have a concert?”
“Yes, we do.” Garrett laughed. “You are going to be there, aren’t you?”
“Um….yeah,” I nodded with a smile. “I haven’t been to a set in how long?”
“Well before last month, it had been years. Considering since then…it’s been like a couple of weeks,” John replied.

JEWLS!” I shouted the second John and I arrived in the band’s dressing room. She was the first person I saw. She was sitting beside Nick, rather closely, looking terrified of the rest of The Maine.
DIA!” The blonde leaped up from the seat, and we rushed toward each other. “Run to me!”
I giggled, and jumped her, causing us both to fall on the ground.
“Did that just happen?” I heard someone ask out loud, assuming it was John.
“It sure did.” Julie replied, both of us still giggling on the floor. “I missed Dorinda Grace!”
“I missed my Julie!” I retorted.
“This is strange…” Kennedy stated.
“Why can’t you guys just be happy that they’re actually friends instead of hating one another?” Maria joked.
“I personally am,” I knew it was Halvo that spoke.
Julie and I were finally through laughing, and we both stood up. We gave each other a quick hug, and then settled into the couches.
“How in the hell have you been?” I questioned her.
“Pretty good,” She said in a funny voice, making me laugh. She held up her hand that was latched to Nick’s. “Pretty busy with this one right here. He needs a tight leash.”
Nick rolled his eyes and nuzzled his head into her neck, causing her to laugh.
“And I thought that hugging Dorinda was weird.” John laughed, shaking his head. “Congrats though,”
“Thanks, John.” Nick stated, smiling at us. “To you too,”
“We’re excited.” I stated, squeezing my future husbands hand. “Who else is playing tonight?”
“This band Before You Exit,” Andrew, from A Rocket To The Moon, stated. “We did the My Small Package Tour with them,”
“Oh! They’re that band with like a bunch of teenagers?” I asked them.
Halvo laughed.
“Yeah, that’s them,” He replied.
“When do you guys go on?”
“As soon as they go off, then it’s these clowns.” Justin joked, pointing toward Garrett and Jared, who were triple checking their tuning. Kennedy and Maria were making cute faces at each other, and Pat was nowhere to be found.
“Where’s Patty?”
“He’s out with some girl. He didn’t say who,” Nick replied. “He’s being all secretive lately.”
“That’s odd…especially for Pat.” I concluded, chewing on my lip. “I wonder where he is?”
“He’ll be here soon, babe.” John replied, kissing my forehead. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”
“Gr,” I grumbled in return to his statement. “I hate you,”
“You love me,” John retorted. “Stop pouting. You look like a kicked puppy.”
I rolled my eyes.
“Are you guys excited to play?”
“Of course we are, Dia.” Kennedy playfully replied. “It feels so strange not playing.”
“You guys have barely been on a touring break.” Justin laughed, looking at Kennedy.
“Butttttt still…” Kennedy whinned. “I had to take off time for a honeymoon.”
“Hey!” Maria playfully smacked him. “I was fucking worth it,”
“I know, Honey,” Kennedy smiled sweetly at her.
“We’re here!” Someone yelled.
At the exact same time, John and I turned around to look at some young teens walking into the dressing room.
“Connor!” Nick squealed like a little kid.
The blond boy, assuming it was Connor , rolled his eyes.
“Ello Nick.” He stated, coming into the room.
“Where’s the little brat?” Halvo asked him in a joking voice.
“I’m not a brat,” Another un-named boy replied. His voice was slightly high, and his baby-ish features were still there. He was simply adorable.
“Sure you aren’t, Riley boy.” Andrew joked back. “Thomas is still my favorite.”
“And the hardest working member for BYE. He’s helping Braiden unload our van.” Connor replied, sitting on an empty chair. “I’m just lazy,”
I laughed at the teenager.
“So who are they?” Connor asked. “You’re The Maine right?”
“They are,” Halvo stated, actually unusually calm.
“Halvo! What the fuck?!” I laughed, looking at him. “What’s wrong with my Eric?”
“Your Eric is hungover…still.”
“Pussy,” Jared mumbled, causing John and everyone else to laugh.
“No fear! Thomas and Braiden are here!” A boy called as they walked into the room.
“Thomas, shave your face,” Justin stated as soon as they were close enough to see. Both scrawny boys stood side by side. One had brown hair and blue eyes, the other dark hair and brown eyes. I guessed that the one called Thomas as the darker of the two.
“Finally, someone else agrees with me!” Riley stated, tossing his hands up.
“Now that they are finally here….” Tim trailed off. “Everyone should probably get introduced. Since the baby’s are finally here, we’ll start with Rocket.” He said.
“Your brother is still MIA,” Garrett called, turning off the XBOX.
“Seriously? That’s not like Pat?”
“That’s because Pat is right here…” I knew that Pat had just arrived. “And I’ve been here before everyone else.”
“Then why were you missing?” Maria asked, laughing at him.
“No reason,” Pat shrugged. “What were we up too?”
“Rocket was just about to introduce themselves. I have no idea why, but they are,” Kennedy replied while Pat took a seat next to John and I. We were only on a two person couch, but Pat was small. He fit perfectly on there with us.
“Anyway…back to us,” Andrew stated, getting people’s attention. “I’m Andrew Cook, the drummer to ARTTM,”
Justin rolled his eyes.
“Justin Richards, guitar and backing vocals.”
“Eric Halverson, bass.”
“Halvo!” Jared and John cooed.
Eric rolled his eyes.
“Most people call me Halvo. Whatever. Call me what you want too.” He stated before he sat down.
“Nick Santino, rhythm guitar and lead vocals.” Nick said before sitting back down.
“I feel like we’re at an AA meeting,” I whispered to John, who just laughed.
“I’m Julie Stone, and I’m not in a band.” She smiled at everyone, causing me to laugh. Nick playfully smacked her butt, causing her to roll her eyes. “Oh and I’m dating Nick.”
“Woo!” I yelled, getting Julie’s attention. She winked at me, and I blew her a kiss.
“Okay. Great. Dick heads, you’re up,” Tim stated.
“Thanks, Tim,” Jared rolled his eyes. “I’m Jared Monaco and I play the lead guitar.”
“I’m Garrett Nickelson. I play the bass.” He stated, waving before he sat back down.
“I’m Kennedy Brock, formally John Franklin Trotter, and I play rhythm guitar.” Kennedy stated. John cleared his throat. “Oh and I love John with all of my heart.”
I giggled, and Maria shook her head.
“I’m Maria Olsen Brock. I’m married to Kennedy, and….I’m a model?” She shrugged before sitting back down. Kennedy kissed her on the temple sweetly, making her smile.
John’s arm moved from around me, and He stood up. I laughed at his awkwardness.
“I’m John Cornelius O’Callaghan the Fifth. I sing,” He stated, and sat back down.
“He’s also shy.” Jared laughed.
“Fuck off,” John playfully yelled.
I ignored them and stood up.
“I’m Dorinda Pope. I do absolutely nothing for the band, and I am, excuse me, was an Olympic gymnast,” I stated before I sat back down.
“Hi! I’m Pat! I’m the drummer, and the smallest one in the band.” He smiled.
“You’re way too proud of that one, Patty,” I stated, patting his leg lightly.
“It’s my thing,” He smiled, hugging me tightly.
“Now the babies,” Nick cooed.
“I’m Thomas, the drummer.”
“Braiden, the lead guitarist.”
“I’m Riley. I play bass and sing.”
“And I’m Connor. I play rhythm guitar and lead vocalist.”
Finally, everyone was introduced.
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This is Before You Exit If you didn't already know. I <3 them!

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