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The Bride

Seventeen ♥

Before You Exit was about to go on. Maria, Julie, and I stood there while the guys did the ‘We Like To Party’ chant that they do at nearly every concert. We laughed at them, even mocking some of the members. But this time it wasn’t just The Maine who did the silly chant. All three bands got together, and chanting while chapping. I was laughing at the way that it seemed to loosen most of them up. They needed it after being boring, and lazy all day. Except for Pat, that kid works his ass off for the band. Even if he did disappear, he was still at least doing something while everyone else sat around and waiting for the other band to arrive.
“Before You Exit is up,” Time called, letting everyone know that he was just about show time. Nick playfully picked on Riley and Connor while they got their instruments ready. I laughed and shook my head at him. He liked giving people a hard time.
“Are you going to go watch them?” Julie asked me.
I nodded my head.
“Yeah. It should encourage them a little bit to have at least someone standing on the side of the stage. You know John won’t,” I answered before rolling my eyes.
“Awe, I wanna see them play! They’re just so fucking cute,” Maria gushed, making me laugh.
“They are stinking adorable,” Julie agreed. “How long is it until the show actually starts, Tim?”
“It starts in about ten minutes.”
“Which side of the stage should we stand on?”
“I would recommend stage left.” Tim replied.
Julie, Maria, and I began walking toward the stage, but were soon called back by wondering friends.
“Where are you going?”
“Don’t leave me!”
“Hey! Come back here!”
A collective of yells came at us.
“They’re going to watch BYE.” Tim replied for us.
I smiled at him and we continued walking with more protest than needed.
“Which side is stage left?” Julie asked with a small laugh.
“This way! Follow me!” I stated playfully before I headed toward the other side of the stage. They followed me, and we stopped beside two boys, I’m pretty sure it was Riley and Connor.
“Are you watching us?”
“We sure are,” Julie smiled.
“Thanks.” Connor smiled.
My heart melted.
“Oh my gosh! You’re so freaking cute!” I gushed. “I just wanna take you home with me,”
“Way to sound like a rapist.” Maria joked.
I rolled my eyes.
“Okay, so I’m not the best with words, but for fuck’s sake! You’re adorable.”
“Riley get’s that a lot,” Connor stated.
I shook my head.
“I was talking about you! Goodness. Riley, you’re adorable too, but I’m pretty sure Maria wanted you first.”
Maria playfully winked, causing the younger boy to laugh.
“Goodness. You’re my new boyfriend.” I stated. “Can I hug you?”
Connor laughed and nodded before I wrapped my arms around him, guitar and all.
“You give good hugs,” He laughed.
“Thanks for watching us!”
Julie, Maria, and I all replied with ‘no problems’ before the two were rushed onto the stage. The jet set into a fast pace song that had the three of us giggling and dancing. Riley had the adorable and young vibes. His voice was nothing less than amazing. Then there was Connor, my little boyfriend, he was simply awe-able. They had talent, and were so young. I was surprised I’ve never heard of them before. I guess they weren’t that big of a band. They were just now getting up there. By the end of their set, I found myself wanting to buy every single song that they wrote. The sweaty teens rushed past us, and toward the dressing room to cool off and change if needed.
“Okay, they were so much better than I thought that they would be,” Maria admitted first. “I didn’t see that voice coming from Riley,”
“Totally agreed,” Julie added.
“I want to buy all of their music,” I said as we walked around Tim and some of Rocket’s tech members to get back to the dressing room with all three bands. When we walked in, my guys were chilling on the couches while Before You Exit decided to change quickly. Rocket was moving around doing some quick vocal’s before they were to go on in around thirty minutes.
“They live!” Pat called out, turning the majority of the members toward us. “How were they?”
“You missed a damn good show,” Maria replied, sitting on the couch with Kennedy.
“They kicked ass,” I nodded in agreement. “I have a cougar crush.”
“That’s weird.” Nick laughed, placing a small kiss on Julie’s cheek.
“I liked their set.” Julie replied.
“Maybe I should watch them next time?” John mused.
“You definitely should,” I agreed. “They’re amazing, John. They really are.”
John laughed and wrapped his arms around me comfortably.
“I love you,” He cooed before kissing my head softly.
I smiled and placed my left hand on his black skinny jean clad thigh. It just rested, not moving, in almost an innocent motion. I wasn’t being risqué or even trying to put moves on him. It was just for comfort. That’s how we are.
“I love you too,” I replied, leaning into his body more.
“Rocket on in 20!” Tim yelled.
“We got it Tim!” Halvo yelled, drinking from the infamous red cup that seemed to be everywhere.
“There’s Halvo!” Connor stated as the boys walked into the room, now smelling better.
“There’s Connor!” He mocked.
The boys ignored his comments and plopped down on the couches, joining The Maine.
“There’s my boyfriend!” I stated, joking lightly.
“Excuse me?” John joked, poking my face.
“I may have forgot to mention that I love Connor,” I joked back.
“Well then…I guess this means the engagement’s off…”
“Gasp! Never!”
“What are you gonna do? Leave me at the alter?”
“Wouldn’t be the first time someone did that do you,” I winked at him.
John shook his head.
“Excuse me. You’re the one with who distracted me from saying my ‘I Do’s’
“Aren’t we all thankful for that,” Julie joked.
Nick laughed along and winked at John.
“Thanks for that, by the way.”
“I love how people went for my wedding, yet everyone ending up hooking up…” John trailed off.
“What?” Thomas asked, laughing.
“Julie, Nick’s girlfriend, and I were getting married.”
“When?” Riley laughed.
“Last month,” Julie replied. “It was the wedding day. I had already said ‘I do’ and John hesitated.”
“I was staring at this gorgeous girl,” John replied, hugging me closer so that his chin was resting on my shoulder. “She was the maid of honor.”
“It sounds like some soap my grandma watches,” Connor stated, joking along with some others.
“Eh…long story short, Kennedy and I got married instead, John professed his un-dying love to his best friend Dorinda, and Nick met Julie.” Maria finished. “It was a win/win/win?”
Julie laughed.
“I was amazed at how well I took it. Guess I wasn’t in love?”
“Me either,” John shrugged before he picked up his red cup and took a swig of it. “But everything worked out,”
“That’s right.” I stated. “Except I have a boyfriend…named Connor,” I winked playfully over at the younger localist.
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