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The Bride

Nineteen ♥

I woke up and stretched out my back. I felt good, except the slight headache I had received from drinking way too much. I looked at my surroundings, noticing that was in the same clothes from the concert last night, and on the floor with someone laying on my lap. I also noticed that John has his arms wrapped around my middle. I giggled quietly removed his arms before looking at Connor, who’s head was laying on my lap. He was drooling slightly, but not enough. I set his head off of my lap slowly, and I stood up. No one else was awake, as far as I could tell. I checked my watch, and saw the time. Making me roll my eyes, I bent over to shake John awake.
“Go the fuck away.” He mumbled. I ignored his rude request, and kicked his side lightly. He groaned loudly, and opened his eyes. He looked mad, but his face softened the tiniest bit when he saw me. “What are you doing?”
“I’m trying to wake you up, stupid.” I laughed. “I have to get to work. Are you going to sleep some more?”
“Yeah,” He nodded, putting his hands over his face. “Why can’t you just go in that?”
“You’re kidding right? I have to get ready. We’ve got a wedding recital tomorrow, and I’m off all day tomorrow for that. So…no skipping out today, and I’m not gonna look bad on my last day before I get off.”
“You’re the fucking boss,” He groaned.
“Are you going with me or not?” I asked, getting annoyed slightly.
“No,” He mumbled. I nodded and started toward the door. I walked out of the basement, and found my car. I quickly fished out my keys from my pockets, and I slid in. I felt terrible. I know that I shouldn’t have drank that much last night, but I really couldn’t help it. I wanted to let go for once. As soon as I got to my house, I went right up to my room. I looked in my closet, picking out the cutest outfit for work. I took a quick shower, making sure everything was clean. I got out, and towel dried my hair. I wouldn’t have time to dry and style it. I rushed my room and got ready. After grabbing my phone and keys, I rushed out of the door, and got to my car.
As soon as I was able to get to my shop, I unlocked the door, and turned on the open sign. I reached the counter, setting my Starbucks coffee cup on the counter along with my keys. I rushed to the back, and flipped on the light. I got back to my counter just in time for a worker or two to enter. I smiled politely, and continued filling out an order list that we desperately needed done. I finished that, and went to organizing the racks back to how they were just a few days ago. It took longer than expected but I didn’t mind. I was finished by the time people started coming in. A few minutes before my lunch break, Robby walked right in with a trainer behind him. I furrowed my brows, but walked from behind the counter to greet him.
“Finally we found you,” He laughed lightly.
“Um…hi?” I asked, looking lost. “What are you doing here?”
Robby nodded.
“Right, straight to the point….I want you back at the gym, Dorinda.”
“I’m retired, Robby,” I shook my head, starting back toward the counter, having him follow me. “I can’t…”
“We want you to be a trainer, Dorinda. You would get to call the shots on some routines, and help the girls who come in and out of the gym.”
I placed a hand on my hip.
“What makes you think that I’m going to want to do that?”
“Because gymnastics is in your blood…you can’t stay away from it from long,”
“I have more than one job now, Robby.” I stated, placing my hands on the counter.
“Looks like you have more than enough people to help you run it.” He complimented. “You’ll get paid. Sure, it’s less than what you would have been making, but it’s still a lot. That gym needs you,”
“I’ll think about it.” I sighed.
“I’ll be back Friday…okay?”
“I’m getting married Saturday, Robby.”
“That gives you plenty of time Friday to think it over,” He replied before turning around and walking out. I watched as he left, and I thought about it. Would going back to gymnastics be so bad? Would it be hard? I haven’t stepped foot into a gym for over a month, and I’m about to get married. My future husband is in a band, and I already have this clothing store plus a modeling career. I don’t know if I could handle spending more of my life back in that gym. But this isn’t just some hobby we’re talking about. This is gymnastics. This was my job ever since I was a little girl. All I ever wanted to do was be a gymnast. That dream came true, and I’m about to get married. John is my dream now. Our future family is what I need to focus on, not gymnastics.
“Shit.” I hissed to myself before I took off out of the door behind Robby. “Hey! What time Friday?”
Robby turned around and smiled.
“Five-thirty in the morning until four in the afternoon,”
“That long?” I laughed.
“You’ve forgotten the schedule…and it is gymnastics. You need to get back in shape.”
I beamed at the simple fact that this time Friday, I will back in a leo and on a beam.
“Deal,” I sighed heavily. Robby smiled and turned around to continue walking before I turned back into my store.
I was going back into gymnastics.
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