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The Bride

Twenty-Two ♥

Today is a saloon kind of day. I felt like that the minute that I got up. It also felt like the day before my wedding, which it was. I smiled at the simple fact, and I sat up in my warm bed. I thought long and hard about what to wear today before I finally decided on a simply dress and boots. I put on a cardigan over the dress with a simple belt. As soon as I finished getting ready, I made my way down the stairs. When I walked into the kitchen, John was sitting at the island with a newspaper and a pen in his hand.
“Hey,” I smiled, kissing his cheek before I went to pour me some coffee. “What are you going this morning?”
“I’m looking around for something,”
“Oh yeah…what?”
“Oh…nothing really,” He smiled at me, even though his eyes were focused on his paper.
“Stop being so vague and tell me,” I replied while I poured the coffee.
“I’m looking for a house,”
I furrowed my brows.
“Well, first off, this house isn’t exactly big enough for us,”
“John, this house is plenty for us,”
He shook his head, with an amused smile.
“No, it isn’t, Dorinda. This is a three bedroom house. That’s one room for us, and a guest room. We’re going to need at least a five bedroom, and three bath house, baby.”
“Why so many?”
“Because we’re going to have kids,” He shrugged. “With our luck, we’re going to end up with like three boys or more.”
“Hm…what makes you so sure?” I played with him before I sat in front of me.
“I’ve got the strong O’Callaghan genes, that’s why. “ He smirked. “I know for a fact that we’re going to have a little me running around the house soon,”
“You’re unbelievable,” I joked, shaking my head. “Okay… so you’re looking for a pretty big house, right?”
John nodded, circling a house.
“I’ve found a few. Do you think that you have enough time off today to visit at least two?”
I checked my watch.
“I think I do? The girls are meeting me at the saloon around twelve,”
“Good. We have at least…four hours or so to see two houses. Let me go get ready,”
I nodded as he stood up from his seat. John walked around the island, and placed a soft kiss on my lips before he headed toward this room. It was less than ten minutes that John came back into the kitchen, fully dressed.
“That was fast,”
John rolled his eyes and grabbed his car keys.
“Are you ready?”
I looked down at my coffee. I had drank half of it, so I guess it’s okay.
“Yeah,” I nodded, and stood up. I took John’s outstretched hand. We walked out of our current house, and down the sidewalk.
John drove quickly to the first house. It was just a convince that the real-estate agent was showing the house today. We got out of the car, and glided toward the agent, and the house.
“This one is gorgeous, John,” I stated, looking up at the house.
“Wait until you see the inside,” He whispered to me. I smiled widely at him, and nodded. Together we walked up to the house in awe. I stared at the house, and then I turned to see John’s expression. He was smirking slightly, and I laughed. Of course he knew that I would fall in love with this house.
“John, I don’t even care what it looks like on the inside. I want this house,” I stated.
“Let’s just go see it first.” He stated calmly. We met the agent at the door. She told us how the landowner already had the house fully refurbished, but didn’t know what to do with it. She said that he and his new wife decided that the house was too big for the two of them, and that they wanted something smaller. So they up and left the house without living in it for a month. I basically tuned her out as she showed us the kitchen and the living room, which I totally fell in love with.
“John…it’s gorgeous,” I whispered.
John chuckled.
“How many rooms?”
“There is the master bedroom, two nurseries, two guest rooms and a music room,”
“A music room? That’s perfect, Johnny.” I stated, looking up at him.
He nodded slightly.
“Put us down for potential buyers,” John spoke to her. “You, however are running late,”
“But… I said…” I furrowed my brows at him. John gave me a look, and I suddenly understood. “Yeah, we really have to go. I’m sorry, but the house is lovely.”
The real-estate agent shook our hands and smiled politely before we went our separate ways.
“That’s the one?” He asked me the second we got back into his car.
I nodded my head.
“That’s definitely the one.” I stated with a smile. “But why did you drag me out early?”
“Because I just…I don’t know.” He laughed awkwardly. “Let’s go get some food, yeah? You must be starving,”
“I am a little hungry,” I admitted.
“IHop it is,” He smiled before we pulled out of the small drive way, and drove toward the restaurant.

John dropped me off at the spa/saloon that the girl’s were meeting me at. I walked in, and signed in at the front desk. John decided to pay for my entire day here, doing whatever I want to do. It was going to be nice, to say the least. After I signed in under the Bride’s package, in waltzed Kendra and Maria.
“There’s the Bride!” Maria nearly yelled. I laughed in response before receiving a huge from both girls. “Where is Julie?”
“She said that she’s running just a tad bit late. She’ll be here soon,”
“Awesome. So what exactly are we doing today?” Kendra asked curiously.
“Anything and everything. John’s paying for me to get whatever I want,”
“Dang,” Maria laughed. “All I got the day before my wedding was you whinning about John,”
“In my defense, neither of us knew that you were going to get married the next day instead of John,” I stated with a small laugh.
Kendra joined in on the laughing. I’m assuming that Pat filled her in on our little wedding mishap that we had. Even if the younger girl isn’t a Bridesmaid, I still want her to feel welcome in our tight-knit group. If she’s going to be Pat’s girlfriend, she’s going to be around for a while. I just know it.
“I’m so sorry that I’m late,” Julie stated the second she got into the spa/saloon.
“It’s fine, Julie,” I replied with a smile. “Are we ready to get some facial’s and crap?”
“More than ready,” Maria huffed. “I need a good, deep, cleansing.”
“Honey, you always get facial’s. I don’t see why you need one,” Julie joked. Maria poked her tongue out at Julie before walking off toward the facial room. “Hey! Wait on me!” Julie stated before taking off toward Maria.
I shook my head at them and looked at Kendra.
“Do you want to join me in the saloon?”
“I’d love to,” She laughed before we headed toward the saloon. We walked in, getting instant service. That surprised me a little bit. Not many people were here because of the time, but I at least expected more. Oh well.
“What can I do for you lovely ladies today?” A older woman, who looked about her mid-thirties, asked us.
“A dye job, please?” I asked with a small laugh. “I want to go back my natural color.”
“You’re a blonde, correct?”
“That’s correct. How could you tell?”
“Well, your roots are slightly noticeable, not to mention the fact that the brown in your hair is turning blonde again,”
I blushed lightly, and nodded in agreement.
“Yeah, I want my natural back.”
“I can easily do that. What about you, sweetheart?”
Kendra bit her lip, thinking slightly.
“I think I want to try out red,”
“That would suit you. I’m thinking a deep auburn?”
“Exactly,” She nodded.
“Come on over, and have a seat.” She instructed before Kendra and I sat down on the chairs.
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