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The Bride

Twenty- Five ♥

“You all look gorgeous.” I smiled at my bridesmaids and Kendra.”
Kendra blushed.
“I love these dresses,” Maria gushed.
“The color makes my skin look less pale,” Julie smiled. “I love it.”
“I did good,” I slightly smirked at the girls standing in Maria’s living room.
“Now we just got to get you dressed,” Momma Ohh stated, coming from the kitchen. “Do you have everything that you need?”
“What do you mean?” I laughed. “Everything is pretty much taken care of.”
“Do you have something new?”
“I just bought these shoes,” I laughed. “Don’t tell me, I need something old, borrowed, and blue?”
“Yes, you do,” She smiled. “I have the perfect thing for you to borrow,”
“Okay,” I replied with a smile.
“Here, this was mine,” She handed me over a gold, heart necklace.
“It’s gorgeous, Jenny,” I nearly whispered.
“Let me help you put it on,” She replied before moving behind me. I picked up my hair carefully, and she clasped the necklace around my neck. “There’s something borrowed.”
“Something borrowed, something new,” I laughed. “The ring counts as something old, right?”
Momma Ohh nodded her head slowly.
“Hm…I don’t know if I have anything blue.” Maria admitted.
“I’ve got that one covered,” I laughed. “I picked out these earrings because they went with the dress anyway,” I replied before slipping on the gold and blue earrings. “I think I’m almost ready.”
“Let’s go get that wedding dress of yours on,” Maria joked before pulling me toward her closet. She helped me get all of my wedding dress on and in order before I started to put on my shoes. My hair was fixed, nearly everything was ready. “Something old, something new…something borrowed, and something blue,”
I giggled.
“I feel so weird having all of those on,”
“Well it is good luck for the bride,” Julie playfully winked. “I didn’t have any of that,”
“I had some. I have borrowed, and my nails were blue? The dress was new to…so I guess I had a lot?” Maria shrugged.
“The shoes were old,” Julie joked.
Momma Ohh laughed.
“Are you ready to go yet?” She asked me.
“Almost,” I stated, looking around at the girls. “I just…need a minute for it all to sink in,”
“Okay,” Maria smiled. “We will be waiting with Momma Ohh.”
“Okay,” I nearly whispered.
This is it. I’m five minutes away from getting married to my best friend in the entire world. Someone who I thought I only shared a best friend bond with, turned out to be my soul mate. I know that I’ve thought about it before, but it just blows my mind. John actually loves me back. He doesn’t want anyone else but me. He proved that when he proposed with his Grandmother’s ring. That was a month ago. Within a month, I’ve managed to get John to marry me, plan a wedding, change completely, and still have him at the end of the day. Sure it’s not easy but we’ll make it.
The girls were waiting patiently for me to grow the balls to actually walk outside to what Momma Ohh will be driving me there in. I have no idea what we’re taking. All I know is that I can’t wait to get there so that I can get married to him. A smile made its way to my face just thinking about it. I will be an O’Callaghan within the next hour or so. It’s finally happening.
“Are you ready, Dia?” Maria asked, poking her head inside the room again.
“I’m more than ready,” I replied with a silly smile on my face. Maria smiled and me and whispered something along the lines of I’m glad. I just shook my head and followed the girl out of the room, and back into the living room.
“I’ll see you guys there. Pat’s here,” Kendra stated before hugging us each and leaving the house quickly.
“Are you ready for this?” Julie asked me with a huge smile.
“I mean, I’m somewhat nervous, but it’s a good nervous. I’m glad that I’m doing it.”
“Honey, everyone’s glad that you’re doing this. You two crazy kids belong together.”
I laughed.
“Would it be way too corny to call him the Peter Parker to my Mary Jane?”
“Not only would it be corny, but it would be too weird,” Maria winked playfully.
“Okay, wedding party. It’s time to move on out,” Momma Ohh announced. She lead the way out of the house, and sitting in the driveway was John’s old white truck.
“I can’t believe Ross let you use this,” I joked.
“It took some convincing, but after I promised him dance with the Bride, he was more than happy to give up his truck just for a few days or two.” She winked playfully at me.
“Awe,” I cooed. “Okay, Ladies. Let’s get in this horrible thing,” I joked.
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