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The Bride

The End ♥

“Oh my goodness! You’re an O’Callaghan!” Momma Ohh stated before wrapping her arms around me tightly. “I’m just so happy that it’s finally here. You’re a part of our family, officially.”
“I know,” I smiled, hugging her back just as tightly.
“You look so beautiful, Dorinda Grace,” Big John smiled at me.
“Thanks,” I blushed again.
John’s hand slowly found mine after I was let go of. He brought my hand to his and he kissed the back of it softly.
“She’s happy to be a part of our family,” John finished for me.
“So what are you planning for your honeymoon?” Mrs. O’Callaghan, Gracie, asked.
John winked at me.
“It’s a surprise.”
“Like father, like son,” Big John chuckled.
Momma Ohh rolled her eyes.
“John did that same thing to me when we got married,” She explained. “I still hate that. Surprises have never been my thing.”
“Mine either. I can’t stand that he’s not telling me,”
“You’ll get over it soon enough,” John winked. “Besides, I know that you’re going to love it,”
“Hmmm, is that right?”
“Yes,” He chuckled and bent down a little to kiss my head. “I love you so much,”
“I love you too,” I replied.
“Go enjoy yourselves. We’re going to dance some more, and eat more cake.” Big John patted his stomach.
“Okay, dad,” John rolled his eyes before leading me over to our friends.
“Holy fuck!” Garrett yelled, getting up to hug me tightly. “You’re married!”
“I know, Gary,” I laughed. “Don’t worry, we’ll still have our hot affair every year,” I winked.
“You better. Don’t be forgetting about me just cause you got married. We have something special, dammit,”
“Garrett, shut up,” John rolled his eyes.
“I can’t believe my little John has grown up,” Halvo stated, whipping his eyes where ‘tears’ were supposed to be. He hugged John and fake cried into his chest. John shook his head and tugged himself out of his grip. “That was rude,”
John shrugged, basically ignoring his compliment.
“I can’t believe that he got married period,” Kennedy shook his head. “To think that you were going to get married when I did still boggles my mind.”
“Hey! I can be smooth with the ladies,” John retorted.
I rolled my eyes.
“Oh please. I was days away from having to ask you to marry me.” I exaggerated.
“Is that so?” He smirked.
“Oh yes, it is,” I smirked back. “Or Julie was going to ask me,”
“We can get married in a few states now,” Julie playfully winked at me, causing me to laugh.
“I mean, she is hot,”
“Right back at you, girly.” Julie joked.
“Well too bad. I got to her first,” John poked out his tongue at them before I hugged his waist tightly. “And we’re married,”
“Yeah….that too,” I rolled my eyes. “I gotta go talk to my little boyfriend,” I stated.
“Which would be….” John trailed off.
“Connor!” I stated before walking away and toward the 18-year old.
Before You Exit were all chatting with Jared, Justin, Ross, Shane, Pat and Kendra.
Connor blushed as I wrapped my arms tightly around him.
“I missed you, Little boyfriend,”
“I thought I was your little boyfriend?” Ross asked, raising his eyebrows.
“Noooooo,” I shook my head. “You’re my brother-in-law. That’s just weird,”
“No it isn’t,” Ross playfully wiggled his eyebrows.
I rolled my mine before letting go of Connor and hugging the rest of the group.
“Yes. I love Connor too much anyway.” I stated with a shrug. “He’s too cute,” I cooed.
“Careful….John might hurt him,” Shane joked.
“John puts on finger on his little blond head, I might just punch his lights out.”
“You couldn’t reach his face,”
“I can if I’m on a stepping stool,” I stated with a smile.
“The wedding was gorgeous,” Kendra laughed.
“Thank you!” I gushed. “You’re so sweet,”
“Thank you,”
“I’m glad I knocked her over in your store,” Pat stated proudly.
“Pat, you knocked over your girlfriend?” Justin asked, raising his eyebrows.
“Yeah? Is that a bad thing?”
Kendra kissed his cheek lightly.
“Not for us,”
“Aweeeee,” I cooed at them. “Stop being sooo cute!”
“I can’t stop this cuteness, Dia,” Pat stated, referring to his face.
“This is true,” I sighed. “Give me a hug, Jared!” I stated.
“Okay, Dia.” Jared laughed before hugging me tightly.
“Now, I have a question….when are you going to get married?”
“Um…..I have to get a girlfriend first.” He blushed.
“Hello! I could set you up! I know plenty of girls. Sure, they’re gymnasts, but you’ll deal with that,”
Jared rolled his eyes.
“Leave the man alone,” Justin laughed.
I giggled and shook my head.
“I’ve gotta go get changed. I’ve got a honeymoon to go on,”
“Hmmm…sounds like fun.”
“It will be…I guess? I have no idea where we’re going,”
“Have fun,” Kendra stated before hugging me.
“Thanks! You too.” I smiled before I started back to John. “I’m going to go change. Then we can go, okay?”
“Okay, love,” He stated before pressing his lips softly to mine. I walked away from John slowly with a huge smile on my face. Once I was away from the tent, I started sprint in my heels. Yeah, I can run in heels, it’s not that hard. I reached the car that my dad has arrived in, and easily slipped in. In the passenger floorboard, my bag awaited. I carefully slipped out of my wedding dress, and into the other white dress from my bag. I grabbed my jean jacket and slipped it on before I changed my shoes. I made sure that my dress was put safely into the hug bag before zipping it up. Maria is responsible for taking it back to our house.
I got back to the tent, and John turned around and smiled. His suspenders were no longer in tack, his tie was gone, and the white button up as open all the way. His toned torso and tattoos were on display for everyone. I laughed, and shook my head at my husband.
“John Cornelius, why is that that you never seem to be able to keep a shirt on,” I stated as soon as I got to his side.
He smiled and shrugged.
“I don’t know, Dorinda Grace,” He replied. “You got to change, so I figured that I would too,”
I rolled my eyes at him before hugging him tightly.
“Are you ready to go?”
“I’ve been ready,” He smiled down at me. John leaned down, causing me to stand on the tips of my toes to receive his sweet kiss. “Come on, Darlin’…we’ve got a flight to catch.”
“A flight?” I questioned.
John just smirked and brought a red cup to his lips, one that I didn’t notice before. His fingers laced through mine, and everyone started lining up to throw rice at us. I shook my head and held onto his hand tighter. When everyone was ready, he started toward them. I laugh when Maria pelted me with rice right in the chest. I looked at her and she smirked. John continued to pull me through them, leaving us covered in rice. I laughed and picked some out of his hair and he did the same to me. Our families and friends waved and called to us until we reached our get a way car, the truck. John’s old, white truck was now covered in cans, toilet paper, and writing on the windows. At the very back, a banner hung that said ‘Just Married’.
“Wow…they did all of this?” He laughed.
I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“They sure did.” I replied, barely above a whisper. My southern accent rang out a little, causing John’s smirk turn into a loose smile.
“My, my, is that a sweet southern accent I hear?”
I laughed.
“Sure is,” I replied before once again standing on my tipy toes, and kissing his lips softly. “I love you,”
“I love you.” He replied before he opened the door for me. I hopped into the truck, noticing that a few suite cases or our clothes were in the floorboard of the passenger seat. “I went ahead and packed for the two of us. I hope you don’t mind,”
“Of course I don’t.”
“Good,” He smirked before he started driving. I noticed that he was driving toward the nearest airport, and parked outside. I noticed that Garrett’s yellow car was waiting beside us with him and Ross inside. “Come on, m’lady,” He said, opening my door. I hopped out of the white truck, and we grabbed our luggage. Ross and Garrett hugged us before Ross was back in his truck, and driving off with Garrett behind him.
I walked beside John slowly while he buttoned back up his white shirt so that he wouldn’t get in trouble. When he was done, I latched onto his arm. John lead us through all of the painful procedures of an airport without mentioning where we were going. He closed my eyes when we waiting and didn’t say anything about the trip, no matter how many time I asked. When it was finally time to board the plane, the intercom gave it all away.
“Flight 204 to Italy is now boarding.”
“That’s us, baby doll,” John stated, standing up and offering me his hand.
My smile grew.
“We’re going to Italy?”
“Even better, we’re going to Venice,”
Today is perfect.
♠ ♠ ♠
Tis over! Dangggg...I'm gonna go cry now...
I've decided to write the sequel. It's called
xoxo Rae Wakefield.The Honeymoon