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The Bride

Four ♥

I slowly unwound my legs from John, allowing him to sit me back down on the ground. Once he did, I beamed up at him. We were engaged. Holy shit…I was actually going to marry John. It feels all too much like a dream, but here I was standing in front of him with his grandmother’s ring on my finger. I had the special O’Callaghan ring that she wanted John to use when he proposed. He didn’t even use the ring on Julie.
“I can’t believe that just happened,” I whispered to him.
He chuckled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
“It did,” He replied. “I can’t believe I actually grew the balls to ask you,”
“Was it spontaneous?”
“When do I ever do something like that spontaneous? I’ve been planning this for the past three weeks.”
I blushed.
“Did your family know?”
“Only my grandma knew. She wouldn’t give me the ring until today.”
“So that’s why you disappeared.” I stated playfully. “That was the best proposal ever.”
“It better be your only proposal ever.” John stated, tilting my head up to capture my lips with his.
“It definitely will be,” I replied. “Come on, people are staring.” I whispered.
John chuckled and guided us over to his mother, aunt and grandmother first.
“Congratulations!” Momma Ohh stated, hugging me tightly. “I’ve been waiting for this day for eight years!”
“Mom…” John groaned.
“Hush you,” She retorted. “But that was a beautiful proposal honey,”
“I try,” John blushed slightly.
“I’m very proud,” Gracie, his grandmother, replied. “You’ve got yourself a good girl, JohnO. Don’t mess this one up,”
“He won’t. I’ll beat him if he does.” I stated, smirking at the tall man attached to my hand. “He’s on a tight leash.”
“He better be,” Margo, his aunt, added. “We women need to know how to keep these O’Callaghan boys in check.”
“That we do,” Grandma replied. “So when is the wedding?”
“I’m hoping sooner than expected?”
“Well The Maine is going on tour soon,” John started to explain. “So probably after?” He asked, looking at me.
I nodded.
“Most definitely after they get back from tour. I don’t want to have a shot gun wedding or anything like that.”
“Though we wouldn’t mind,” Momma Ohh winked at me.
I blushed and hid in John’s shirt. “You crazy kids are way too cute together.”
“Thanks,” I mumbled in to the fabric.
“But would you have at least taken off that cap? What are you a hoodlum?” Grandma O’Callaghan asked him.
“Grandma…” John whined.
“I’m just saying. From those tight pants to your tattoos, I’m surprised that girl said yes.”
I giggled.
“We’re going to talk to dad.” John stated, pulling me away from the three women with a laugh. On our way to the men, Hope hugged me quickly and congratulated us quickly.
“Saw that one coming,” She stated, winking at us before she walked away to join her mom, Jenny, and Gracie.
“I didn’t.” I whispered to John as we got closer to where his dad and uncles were.
“You’re a man now!” Big John joked lightly.
“Thanks dad,” John laughed in response. “I was almost going to back out,”
“I’m glad that you didn’t.” I stated from under his protective arm.
“Me too,” He laughed, towering over me.
“Are you sure that this is the right girl? We wouldn’t want another wedding just for it to turn out as a no go.” His uncle Jim replied.
“Nah, this is the one.”
“I’ve know that this is the one since she first came over.”
“You did not.” John rolled his eyes.
“Fine…I knew when you were heartbroken when Dorinda couldn’t join us for Christmas one year because she flew to North Carolina with her dad.”
“Ugh.” John shook his head. “Thanks dad,”
“You’re welcome,” Big John smirked at us.
I giggled and wrapped my arms around John’s waist.
“Have you two ever dated besides this past month?”
I shook my head.
“Nope,” I answered.
“Doesn’t mean I didn’t love her before that,” John added.
“Of course you loved me. I’m adorable.” I stated, giving all of them a cheeky smile.
“With an ego the size of a football field,” John commented, kissing the side of my head.
“Shut it, O’Callaghan.”
“I’d rather not.” He laughed.
“Fine. I’m going to go over there with Ross. He appreciates my ego-ness,” I stated, easily slipping from under John’s arm.
“Diaaaaa.” He whined, jogging after me. His arms wrapped around my arms and middle section, easily picking me up off of the ground. “Don’t go…”
“God, you’re such a baby.” I laughed. He sat me down, and turned me around until I was facing him. “I was joking.”
John pouted.
“I know, but still,”
I rolled my eyes and did my best to peck his cheek. I ended up getting his jaw.
“I love you, Johnny.”
“I love you too,” He laughed.
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Of course I have no idea if John has a uncle named Jim, an aunt Margo, Grandma Gracie, or a cousin named Hope. Tis simply for the plot....okay? :)

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