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The Bride

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“OH MY GOD!” Maria squealed like a 11-year old Bieber fan girl.
I flinched and giggled.
“Please stop squealing.” I laughed, looking around in my store. “You’re distracting the shoppers.”
“But…this is like…fucking huge!”
“It’s not that big, Maria.”
“Yes, it is, Dorinda!” She argued. “You guys are getting married! I’ve only been waiting for this for like two and half years!”
“Honey…please chill? It’s been less than 24 hours since we even got engaged.”
“Really?” She asked, fixing her top as she perched on top of the check-out counter, as she usually did.
I rolled my eyes.
“You would know that if you didn’t start squealing as soon as I said that we got engaged,” I stated, placing my hands on my hips.
“Fine….how did it happen?” She asked me quickly.
“John planned it all out so that I didn’t know. We were at his parent’s house and his family was over. His grandma was there, and we all ate before going out to the back yard. He was so nervous, Mar. It was the cutest thing ever.”
“Awe,” She cooed.
“And he had to drink before he started to ramble about me, and then he got down on one knee and just…popped the question.”
“That’s awesome! More romantic than my proposal,” She stated playfully.
“Your proposal was very spontaneous. Right in the middle of a church filled with people you two barely knew.”
“And my wedding dress was a short, purple cocktail dress.” Maria pointed out with a laugh.
“And your shoes were covered in sparkles.”
Maria nodded.
“That’s very true.” She laughed. “But I love being a Brock.”
I smiled at my best friend.
“I know that you do,” I stated before I smacked one of her legs off of the others. “Now get off of my counter.”
“You know I’m not going to move. You should have learned that a long time ago.”
“Whatever,” I muttered as I lifted my left hand to tuck some hair behind my ear.
“Let me see the ring!” She stated.
“Here,” I replied, holding out my hand for her to see.
“Dia, that’s fucking gorgeous!” Maria replied. “That’s…it’s so…elegant.”
“It was his grandmother’s.”
“Whoa. He gave you his grandmother’s ring?”
I blushed and nodded.
“That’s not…bad is it?”
“Totally the opposite of! That boy totally loves you!”
“Gee…I didn’t know that.” I stated, rolling my eyes again. “Cause ya know…we’re not getting married or anything.”
“Whore.” Maria pouted before hopping off of the counter. “I’ll leave you now. I’ve got a husband to meet up with anyway.”
“Bye, Mar.” I giggled before she hugged me and left my store.
I shook my head, and walked behind the counter to do some business for the local store.

“I’m home!” I called seconds after entering my house that I shared with John. I tossed my keys on the small counter beside the door, and continued into the house. “John?” I yelled out, still getting no answer. “John…are you home?” I asked slowly as I continued to walk very slowly. His car was in our driveway, so I knew that he had to be home…he just had to be. There was a crunch sound underneath my shoe, and I nearly jumped ten feet in the air, landing in some sort of ninja pose. It took me a minute to realize that I had just stepped on a piece of paper. I furrowed my brows before I bent down to retrieve the wadded piece. Slowly, I unfolded it, not entirely sure what to think about it.
Have I told you lately that I love you? Go back to the place where I first uttered those words to you. Not Love you, our normal response, but the three words- I love you. There, you should find another piece of paper like this one.
Love, John

I bit my lip, but smiled slightly at my fiancé’s attempt to be mysterious. It was a good try, but I obviously knew where he was talking back. I quickly raced up to my room so that I could quickly change. I grabbed a few extra jewelry items and my phone before racing down the stairs. I grabbed the piece of paper and my keys, and I was out of the door. I knew exactly where John had put the other piece of paper. I quickly drove to the church, the same spot that John spilt his guts to me. I was shaking as I walked up the stairs. I prayed that the next piece of paper was there. And it was. I sighed in relief, and I ran to the door. I pealed the piece of paper from the door, and walked back to my car. I kept the door open, and I stared down at the second clue.
That one was easy right? Right, I thought so too. But this next clue is a little bit tougher. Do you remember when you said that you wanted to be my best friend? Find that place. You should find the piece of paper under the place where we spent the most time at.
Love, You’re Lovely Husband to Be…John

Now I was a little stumped.
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