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The Bride

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I felt like a complete idiot. I had checked three different parks, as we separated time at but still spent most of it at those three, and I found nothing. The third clue was still nowhere to be found. And I was in high heels, which begun to slowly hurt my feet. I was slightly aggravated at myself, and a little bit at John. He was missing, somewhere I had absolutely no idea he was. Then he decided to send me on a wild goose chase at nearly seven o’clock at night when all I wanted was to sit on our freaking couch and gorge myself with chips and popcorn. Instead I was sitting in my car at the last part I check, worrying about my future husband. I got out the stupid piece of paper, and re-read it.
That one was easy right? Right, I thought so too. But this next clue is a little bit tougher. Do you remember when you said that you wanted to be my best friend? Find that place. You should find the piece of paper under the place where we spent the most time at.
Love, You’re Lovely Husband to Be…John

Where else would I have asked him? His parents house was the safest bet, but that didn’t seem probable. He did spend a lot of time there, but mostly sitting in his backyard and looking at the sky. The clue couldn’t possibly be under the ground. John’s a thoughtful man, but he wouldn’t go through that much trouble for me. Besides, what girl in their right mind would dig for a fucking piece of paper?
But that was the only thing I had. I sat the piece of paper aside, and I cranked up my car. I easily drove to his parent’s house, having it be not that far from the park I was at, and I parked in the driveway. Slowly I walked up to the O’Callaghan’s door, and I knocked before Jenny answered it.
“Dorinda!” She smiled. “John warned us that you might be coming by here.”
I sighed in relief. The note had to be here.
“Hey, Momma Ohh,” I replied before she hugged me tightly, a hug in which I quickly returned.
“Come on in,” She laughed before walking back in the direction of wherever she came from. I found my way up the stairs and into John’s old room. Looking around at the small couch, I quickly checked under there, but there was nothing. I sighed and decided that I might as well try under his bed, but again…I found nothing. I felt defeated, so I stood up and shut the door to the old room that held so many memories. I walked down the stairs slowly, and continued walking until I found John’s mom.
“Jenny, you do know what John’s doing, right?” I asked her.
She beamed.
“Of course I do, Dia.” She admitted. “He said that you might be a little confused at first about where to go, but don’t worry honey. You’ll get it.”
I nodded, and sat down at the island.
“I just don’t understand why he’s doing this,”
Jenny shrugged.
“He’s a hopeless romantic.” She replied. I only sighed and leaned against my right hand. I pondered where else he could have hid the next clue. I mean, I thought they would be in the park, and then I guessed his room. The living room would have been too obvious. “I remember the day that you two became the best of friends. You were always attached at the hip. I remember when you two would sit on that old p-,”
“That’s it!” I nearly shouted. “This is odd, but Momma Ohh, can I please go look in your back yard?”
“I thought you would never ask,” She laughed.
I quickly got up and kissed her cheek before I ran out of her house and into the very same yard John proposed to me last night in. The object in view was in its usual place. I walked over and looked under the old picnic table seat. Again, there was no piece of paper in sight. I huffed in frustration before I plopped down on the old porch swing a few feet away.
“I’m never going to fucking get this!” I stated to myself. I shook my head, and slightly laughed. Now I was talking to myself. Great way to look crazy. I leaned back on the porch swing, and stared up at the dark sky. The only light came from the back door and the stars. I smiled to myself, remember the night that I actually did ask John to be my best friend. It was a cheesy moment really, but it was perfect. We were gazing up at the stars, talking about everything. We would switch between my yard and his own house to watch them. My dad and I lived really close to the O’Callaghan’s, so it was extremely easy. I remember when I was sixteen and John just turned seventeen, we were laying in my parent’s yard. He was drinking and offered me some. We ended up getting totally smashed, and talking about anything and everything, especially about growing up. It was funny, but we got in major trouble.
It was just years prior to that when I asked him to be my best friend. I never had a real friend before. Sure, people back in North Carolina were really nice and friendly people, a lot like here, but I was a gymnast. I spent ninety-eight percent of my time training. Girls didn’t want to be my friend and guys thought I was weird because I had muscles growing up. I explained that to John, and he thought it was weird. He said that everyone had to have some friends growing up, and that even I needed a best friend. So I just asked him to be my best friend and he has been ever since.
I smiled at the memory, swinging my legs back and forth. The more I thought about that night, the easier it became to remember. We were sitting side by side, so close that we were almost touching. And we were swinging, much like I was now. I stopped all movement, and my smile grew. I knew exactly where the next piece of paper was. I felt under the swing, and attached to the underneath was the next clue. Eagerly, I pulled it off, and walked into the light so that I could read it.
Took you long enough. That one was a tough one, right? I’m extremely good at this game, and you, my dear, need some improvement. Go to the place where you went to improve yourself. The next clue is there. This one should be easy.
Love, your mysterious lover, John.

I laughed at him before I walked back into the O’Callaghan house, and I drove to the gym, finding another piece on the door. That clue was more than obvious.
I know, I know, that one was uber easy. But I probably need more time setting up, and I’m sure my family kept you a few minutes longer than needed. I know how they can get. Anyway, this is your last and final clue. Go to the place where we ran away to when we were younger. This is the place where everything started, my feeling intensified. This is where we had our first kiss, and our first time at. Although I would wait for you for forever, please don’t take too long. I’m waiting here for you.
Love Always, Johnny.

My smiled grew ten times wider. I knew exactly where he was, and I could wait to get there.
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