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Reflection (Discontinued)

Ch. 6

The rest of the day dragged on painfully. It was almost dreadful. After that little incident in the cafeteria people were staring at me a lot more. I flipped them off or sent them glares. I'd always been made fun of before, for my eyes. They were icy and blue.

Everyone had called them witches eyes. I laughed silently to myself. It's so true, now. I'd seen peoples faces pale and go white, then take a few steps away from me.

The effect my eyes had on them , was amazing. They seemed to be even more scared when I mentioned Jen. I swear everyone thinks I'm a bitch.

I'm really not. I just have walls. I'm like everyone else. I hate trusting people and showing that I care. I don't like taking any risks of being hurt. So, fuck them. Might as well act like a bitch, right?

Professor Lovington's class was boring. I hated math. Aleshawne and Hunter had been passing notes to each other the entire class. I was painfully bored, I forgot to ask for everyone's numbers so I had nothing to do.

Professor Lovington had gave us a quiz to do on our scribe, but I finished it quickly. There was still 10 minutes left of class. Every now and then my mind had wandered to Nick but after realizing it I'd stop myself and mentally slap myself.

I barely knew the kid and I was already attracted. I sighed. I couldn't help it, the kid was hot. Especially his pretty gray eyes. And how his hair only covered one eye and sweeped to the left....

Fuck. I liked him. I seriously liked him. And all I knew was his first name. Talk about you had me at Hello. It was beyond cliché that I tripped and he caught me.

I jumped when the bell rang than snapped out of it and headed towards the door where Aleshawne and Hunter had already made there way.

I seriously thought about him for 10 minutes without realizing it? “Fuck...” I cussed under my breath.

“Something wrong?” Hunter asked me, draping his left arm around my shoulder. I smiled reassuringly at him and shook my head. “Nah.”

He ruffled my hair and I squirmed uncomfortably. “Cheer up, kiddo. I've never seen you so deep in thought.” Aleshawne said, wrapping her right arm around my waist.

I grinned at them. “Fine, I have an idea. But it'll embarrass Hunter.” I smirked, nodding my chin up at him.

“Whooo, I'm all for it!” he shouted, grinning ear to ear. Aleshawne giggled and shook her head. We were walking through the corridor when I put my hands out in front of then to stop them. I cleared my throat and walked up to Hunter.

“HUNTER, BABY. YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO ALIVE, I HAVE PURPOSE ONCE AGAIN, YEAH , YEAH.” I sang loudly, earning weird stares from everybody, but I didn't care.

Aleshawne and Hunter bursted out laughing, holding onto each other for support. “You're a fucking dumbass, Kim.” Hunter said, smiling widely and pulling me into a bone crushing hug.

I laughed into his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Yeah, yeah. I know.” I said, letting go of him and turning to Ale, who still had tears on her face from laughing so hard.

I pulled her into a hug and wiped tears from her cheeks. The bell five minute warning bell went off and students shuffled to get to their last class. I groaned and reluctantly said bye to them, walking to art. I loved this class.

I shuffled into the classroom with a few more people and sat down at one of the long, blue-ish gray tables in the back. There was only one other girl there, she had electrifying pink hair with black and white streaks towards the bottom. She was definitely a grade higher than me.

She had a tattoo on her neck, but I couldn't make it out. She caught me staring at her and smiled. I smiled back then turned to the board at the front of the classroom.

At the top was scrawled out Mrs.. Breiter. She looked like a nervous fret and her hair was messy and gross. I felt bad for her. She tried to get our attention but no one would shut up.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, CUNTS. Mrs. Breiters trying to speak.” The girl next to me shouted, then smiled sweetly at everyone. “T-thank you Amy.” Mrs. Breiter stuttered out.

“Uh, ahem. I'm Mrs. Breiter. I don't like being called professor like most teachers. So, ehm. Today I'd like for you to take all period and draw or paint something, that really describes your personality, to get to know you all.” She said, fretting and looking at everyone.

There was a murmur of yes ma'ams and mhm's. Mrs.. Breiter handed out a black sheet of manila paper to everyone, or an easel to those who wanted to paint. The students wandered around picking up paint brushes and oil pastels.

When Mrs.. Breiter had gotten to Amy, the girl next to me she smiled warmly and place a hand on her shoulder. “Thank you, sweetie. I look forward to seeing your work this year. It's good to have you back.”

Amy took an easel and smiled at Mrs.Breiter, then moved into the storage room and I think she stayed there. I went in and joined her, curious.

“Mind if I stay here?” I asked her. She shook her head and picked out a few paint colors and brushes, then pulled out two stools, scooting one towards me.

“Thanks. I said, sitting on it and taking out various shades of blue's, reds, oranges, blacks, and oh fuck it, the whole rainbow. I didn't end up using all the colors though.

I painted the entire white sheet black, then started with the oranges and reds on the bottom corner. I painted a monarch butterfly on the right corner , with a smoky affect that made it look like it was on fire. I smiled and added more oranges and reds to it.

On the top left corner, I did the same thing, just blue. I used various blues and gave it the same smoky fire effect. It symbolized I was a graceful butterfly, but sometimes a reckless butterfly at times too. I was wild. I was free to fly, whether it was calmly(blue) or wild(red/orange).

I smiled when I was done. I walked over to the sink and cleaned everything. When I turned around Mrs.Breiter and Amy were admiring my work.

“This is amazing.” Amy said. Mrs.Breiter nodded and looked over everything with detail, trying to take it all in. I smiled and thanked them. “Do I just leave it here?” I asked, staring down at my feet.

“Yes, dear. I'll be putting it up when it dries. You're dismissed.” I thanked her again and walked out to see everyone else leaving as well. Today was an over all good day. I smiled and walked back to the common room. “Faux Flamoris.” I said, unlocking the door. Then when I walked in, I felt something hit my head and I blacked out.
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This is what Kimberly's painting looked like.

c; Me & Shannon were talking about how Craig is a fail at life and his birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory, so I decided to put in lyrics from Ashley by Escape The Fate, I just changed "Ashley" to "hunter"

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