Zian Derrick

Chapter 2 pt. 3

I remember sitting on the couch. Crying trying to replay what just happened. How I could have stopped it. I stopped myself thinking like that. I went over and grabbed the rum and coke. I always saw James drinking that. A few hours later. I'd run out of coke. So I'd just drunk rum. Then other dark drinks. I didn't know what they were, I didn't care. I just drank and drank. 



"I didn't mean for it to happen... It just. I had to tell them.. And then they just left.. He made her leave." 

"Zack, it's Rian. What's going on?" 

"Rian...? Rian...? Oh.. Rian. Hey babe." 

"Zachary, are you drunk?"

"Kind of. More sober than drunk lately. What's up babe?"

"Well, you really. What's wrong? This isn't social drinking, what happened Zack?" 

"Nothing I want to talk about Robert."

"Zachary, you go lay down. NOW!! then we ARE going to fucking talk."

Rian's POV

Zack had called me robert. I knew something was wrong. He'd been drinking, you could smell it when you walked in. I made him go lay down and sleep it off. I'd never known Zack had an alcohol problem. But once I stepped in the house, I knew that he had a problem. 

I'd sat down on the couch. It was around eight thirty. It smelled like booze and cigarettes.  

"Greaaattttttt. I'm dating an alcoholic nicotine addict. Well he covers the crazy in this relationship."


"Zack I told you to go fucking lay down, you are out of control. SO YOU SMOKE NOW TOO?!? What the fuck happened Zachary?!!?"


"jack?!?!?!!!!! Zack go away and lay the fuck down. I don't even want to see you right now."

Zack's POV 

I called him Jack... I feel so fucking horrible. He yelled at me, I ran upstairs Almost crying. I feel like such a dick. 

I opened my door and heard a giant slam and car wheels drive off in the distance. 

My phone went off in my pocket, *One new message From :Rian 

"Call me when you sober up Zachary. We are. Going. To. Talk."

"Whatever you want Rian. I'm sorry."

"Don't fucking apologize. I dont want to hear it. I'm going home before I fucking faint and go into a coma again!"

Whatever I just shrugged it off. 

"Jack... Why'd I call him Jack?" I haven't thought about or talked to or about him since our break up months and months ago. Him and Ri are nothing alike. Jack was self centered, conceded, and a snob. He never cared about me. He only took me out when he wanted sex, and only sex. Jack was everything to me back then, and I was nothing to him. Jack and I would fight, fight until someone kicked the other out. We fought and screamed and  couldn't stand each other he would scream at me, call me a sixteen year old alcoholic and that I just drank for the thrill of getting caught. We used to scream and fight about any little thing. Which is why I think I called Rian, Jack. Because he was acting just like him. Fighting. For no reason. It hurt and it hurt a lot. I really hurt Rian and I knew it. But he hurt me. I'm broken. And I need my boyfriend and once again. I'm pushing everything away, Rian saw me like I never wanted him to see me. And then I fucked up. 

I. Want. To. Just. Go. Into a hole and DIE..