Zian Derrick

Ch one con. Again.

Oh well. Uhm good. Haha. Lets go. I gotta show you the school. 

Where do you want to start? I asked. 

Rian was quiet and he looked stunned.  Whats wrong dude? 

Nothing..  He stated weakly. 

Rian? Dude? You okay?? Riaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn?!?!? Helllooo? 

Rians POV

I could hear Zack yelling at me. But it was getting more distant. This can't be happening. Not right now... 

Zacks POV 

Rian was rushed to the hospital. He had blacked out in the bathroom and his head hit the hard linoleum floor. I ran after the gurney that carried him and the medics. 

"what do you want boy?" an EMT said. 

"I need to be with Rian. I want to be there to know he's okay"

Why? What are you to him?

It was a question I didn't know how to answer. It was just a kiss but it felt like so much more. It was filled with passion, I liked him he obviously liked me. So I'll just say it and talk to him about it later. 

He's my boyfriend. 

Oh really? Cuz he's my son. And he has a girlfriend. 

Oh. Well I meant boy space friend. Not boyfriend like relationship wise. 

Alright since you've been nice to my boy you can come but shut up and stay outta the way. Got it?

Yes sir. 

He hadn't came out of the closet to his parents yet. How could someone do that. Zack never understood how someone's parents who loved them before they came out could hate them after they came out. How could you even hate anyone because their gay? You don't choose to be straight. You just are. And you don't choose to be gay. You just are. Zack was a strong believer in the campaign for NO H8. A gay/lesbian/transexual/bisexual group for equality. And as a former cutter he also believed in Love is the movement. Which is TWLOHA to write love on her arms. It's a campaign for the stop of suicide and suicidal actions. 

I walked into the ambulance and sat on the side of the ambulance I asked Mr. Dawson.

So sir what is happening to Rian? 

I cannot tell you. Ask Rian when he comes out of this. 

Okay. Thank you for letting me come along Mr. Dawson. 

You're welcome son thanks for making a friend outta my son. He has a hard time moving from place to place with his moms base moving her all the time. Thank you. He said taking Rians blood pressure and elevating his feet. 
Yes sir. Rians cool and kinda quiet. Haha. 

Yeah. He's a great kid. He said with a smile. 

We made it to the hospital and Rian was taken up the the ccu. Something was really wrong with him. I just wanted him to be okay. I just met him but how can you not care about someone? Its another humans life. It could be taken at Any time. 

Rian? Dude. I sat next to him all day. I called my mother and told her I was at the hospital and asked her if she could excuse me from school the rest of the day. 

I sat down in the purple chair next to the bed and held his hand after the EMTs left. I stayed there the whole day and whole night until I was told to leave. Rian never woke up that day. I wondered what was going on with him. I wished he would wake up and tell me, I had a crush on Robert Rian Dawson. At least that's what his medical chart said his name was. I like Rian better than Robert. 

Rians POV. 

Every now and then I'd slip out of  unconsciousness, I'd feel the pricks of IV's being pricked in and out of my veins. I'd feel a hand in mine. It felt warm against my cold skin. Zack... Id think to myself. I wish I could talk to him Right now. Tell him what happened. Ask him if my dad gave him grief. I'd kiss his hand, and ask him all the questions I had running through my head for him. I just hope I remember them when I come out of this. 
♠ ♠ ♠
Aww. Rians such a sweetie :) I love these guys. Now a days its all Jalex this Jalex that. I love writing about Zian :)