Zian Derrick

Ch one pt five

I left the hospital and walked to the elevator the same thing I'd been doing for a week. Rian still wasn't awake. I was getting more worried by the day. 

"zack? Are you okay? You've been pretty upset the past few days" my best friend Izzabell asked. 
"yeah izz I'm fine. I'm just kinda stuck with a lot of stuff right now. Can you come over tonight? I need to talk to someone. I'll be home around eight. Come over then?" 
"yeah sure. I'll be over round eight. But I gotta get to phycology. So I'll talk to you at lunch okay?" 

"Kay. Seeya then Bellzz" 

I walked into Band late. 

Fuuuucccckkkkkk. I cursed to myself. I forgot my bass at home. 

Mr. Merrick where have you been? 

I got held up in the halls. I had to pee. Sorry Mr. Baskin. 

Wheres your bass? 

I forgot it at my house today. Ive been scattered lately. I'll bring it tomorrow. 

You'd better Zack. Understand? 

Yes sir. 

Now sit, I made you first chair this year. 


You heard me Zack.First chair. Sit. He commanded. 

Okay thanks mr. B. 

Yeah. Rachel campas? 


Mitchell Datesen? 

Robert Dawson?... Dawson? Dawson?

Mr. B Dawson is in the hospital. and he likes Rian more than Robert. Haha. 

Oh okay. Send my condolences. 

Mr. B what does he play? If you don't mind my asking? 

He plays drums. First chair. He's really good. 

Cool. I said with a smile. We went through attendance. And played amerrickan idiot. As I call it.    Then, in English I found out that Rian is also in that class. I smiled throughout the class too. After math I had lunch. I sat down by our usual table, I decided that I wasn't going to eat today. 

Hey Bellzz. I said as she sat down. 

Hey Merrick. Why aren't you eating? 

I just don't want school food. I mean what is it now? Chicken covered grease. 

No. It's pizza covered grease. Haha. Come on Zachary eatttttttt. 

She tried to shove the pizza in my mouth  

Comm-on Bellzz. I don't want any of that shit. Gimme the apple. 

I took the apple off her tray and bit into it. 

Thanks Bellzz. 

Yeah. No problem. Haha. I'm still coming over tonight right? 

Yeah hold on just got a text. 

Hey Zack. It's Rian I'm awake. Still in CCU come visit me please? I miss you -Rian. 

Yeah of course. I'll come over after school. :)

Who was that Mr. Smiles-A-Lot. 

Haha. I'll tell you t'night. 

Haha okay. Soon the bell for next hour rang and the rest of the day flew by. Rian was awake that's all I knew. And all I really cared about. All day my brain was on auto pilot. 

After school was over I drove to the hospital. I walked up to the elevator. And pressed the button that Rian was on. I walked up to his room. 

Hey babydoll. He said when I walked in the door. 

Hey Rian. How you feeling? 

Like major shit. You? 

I was really worried about you Robeerrttttt. I said mocking his first name. 

How'd you find that out? 

You are in like two of my classes.  Band and English. I said with a smile 

Haha yeah awesome. Zack. Did you meet my dad? 

Yeah I did. How haven't you told him yet? 

I can't. Didn't you hear him? I have a "girlfriend". My mom knows I'm gay. But my dad doesn't he chooses not to know. He's in denial. Well not denial. He was drunk that night and "doesn't remember" anything from that night. The beating me or calling me a faggot and kicking me out. But it's no worries if he doesn't remember it, it didn't happen. So I'm straight to him. But my boyfriend sure isn't. He said squeezing my hand. 

Boyfriend..? I said questioning his words. 

Yeah. Zack I don't know your middle name Merrick. Will you be my boyfriend? 

It's Steven. And yes. I will. 

Let's make it official. He said grabbing my face. 

Rian you're still really cold. 

I'm always cold babydoll. And you're always warm. We're perfect. 

He held my face in his hands and kissed me. I liked the feel his skin scratchy and rough against my smooth freely shaven face. He kissed with such passion. It reminded me of the first time we kissed. How our bodies were pressed together moving up and down with contrast to our lips. It had the same thrill of getting caught. Having a kid in the halls see us. Or having a nurse walk in.  With us there's always been a rush. It's only been twice, but it is a great rush. A rush you only get when you could get caught doing something. Like stealing or making out with your boyfriend, or having sex behind a bush at a park.