Zian Derrick

It's finally the end of Chapter one

Hey slut." I said opening the door letting her in. 

"Now now Zachary. There's no reason for those kind of words" Izzabell said mocking something Zack's mother would say if she was here. 

"Shut it Bellzz. Comm-on, let's go upstairs." 

We walked upstairs to my room and I cleared off the old clothes on my room. 

She sat down on my old bean bag chair. 

"Alright. Spill, who is he?"

"I hate you." 

"You're just mad cuz I can read you like a book."

"Yeah whatever. His names Rian." 

"That kid in our English class who hasn't been here?" 

"Yeah, he's been in the hospital." 

"oh nooo. Sadfacee."

"Gash I hate when you say that. Okay wanna know the story?"

"As your best friend do you even have to ask. YESSS I want to know."

Alright. So it was like last week. I was hanging out in the commons before school sitting on the benches outside the vending machines. And I'm waiting for "Miss I have to chug a mocha chino and binge smoke before I get to school" And I'm just staring into space when Rian walks in. He's standing under the trophy case and I walk over. Introduce myself and then we talk for a little bit, and then the bell rings for class to start. I drag him into the office and beg ms. Peterson if she can excuse us from class so I can give Rian a tour. We start talking outside the office And then he asks me if I'm gay because ms. P said something about a boyfriend. I said yeah got a problem with it? And then he says that he's gay too, and I automatically Kiss him. We kiss in the hall for a few minutes then, well yeah I have to pee..." I saw Bellzz roll her eyes at my excuse. "Shut up. Okay and then we're talking in the bathroom and he gets faint and dizzy, and he passes out. Then I run after the gurney and I ask the emt if I can come and Its his dad. I said I was his boyfriend.. And he hasn't come out to his dad. So his dad freaks out and then I have to lie to him. Haha. And then i stayed with him all night and I went there everyday since then. He texted me today cuz I left a message on the little table to text me when he woke up and left my number. And I went up there today and we just hung out and talked and kissed. We made it official. Bellzz, I have a boyfriend." 

"Good job."

"wow. Thanks. You sound so ecstatic for me." 

"Yeah I am just hold on I'll be right back." she dug in her purse and pulled out her pack of cigarettes. 

"Bellzz what's wrong?"

"nothing. I just haven't smoked in a few hours. IS THAT OKAY ZACK?!?" 

"Bellzz, settle Down. You know I dont care that you smoke, but fucking settle your shit. Ans you're lying I saw you finish one before you came upstairs. Now. What's wrong?"

"Nothing Zack, I just need a smoke. Comeon, just drop it." 

"Fine, whatever." 

She walked outside and sat on the step and smoked her cigarette. 

My phone buzzed in my pocket. 

"Zack, I gotta go. I'm sorry I'll talk to you later." 



I walked back downstairs to my kitchen, grabbed an old knife. Dare I do it again? I shouldn't. I don't want to, but it's so tempting... I slammed the knife back in the drawer and walked over to liquor cabinet grabbed the bottle of vodka and went up to my room.