Chapter one

Hey emo kid! 
Three girls turned around almost insentantiesly. Kim Reddessa then... The other one. He couldnt remember her name off the top of his head. 

I loved that all three of you look. Kim he kissed her cheak 
Reddassa he hugged her tightly
He stopped at her. Uhm. I dont think i know you. 
She looked at her friends who is this? She asked. 
Kim shrugged and Reddassa just looked confused. 
He looked at her, and a sudden shock came over him. 
Oh youre the one who always hangs out with Maria.
I dont always hang out with Maria . And i dont even know who the hell you are. So dont start accusing. 
Settle down you lesbian. He said woth a lisp and a click.
She then knew who he was before 
He pulled off his wig and rubbed his eyes. 
Oh. Its. Youu. She said woth a disgust in her voice. Arent uoy known to hang around woth maria too. I mean when you two dated. Alexander
He cringed as he was called by real his first name. No one called him that , except his dad. Before he beat him. 
He grabbed her by the collar of her sweatshirt. 
Dont. You. Call. Me. That. Ever. 
Got it? 
Kim grabbed him by his wrist.
Lay off Alex. She doesnt know. Settle come on babes. 
She was obviously flirting with her ex boyfriend. 
♠ ♠ ♠
More to come flower child's.