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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 1: Prologue/Back-Story

Since I was a tot, I’d always known I was different from other kids. I was far too intelligent for my age, and I was more determined than anyone else. I was raised in the wizarding world; my father, a strong and hardworking Russian man, brutally trained me for combat each day (without the need for magic). My mother, also Russian but rose in France too, worked tirelessly to teach me every spell and potion in existence, and by the age of 9 years old, I was perfect in their eyes; the perfect, pureblood, genius, and strikingly flawless child.

I grew up in Russia and Bulgaria, my exact hometown is one I wish to keep private. My parents fervently attempted to keep me out of Hogwarts solely for the reason that “Our daughter shouldn’t be mixed in with the filth that school drags in! It’s a disgrace!” and so from then they started to find an alternative and… fitting school for my talents.

Beauxbatons was out of the question, too “frilly” for their taste. Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts wasn’t to their liking at all, and Salem Witches' Institute only accepted the “ones who can’t survive in the world”. The only other option was one that had never crossed their minds until the day that Highmaster Igor Karkaroff knocked upon our door.

I had just turned ten 3 months prior, and here was the great Highmaster! Sitting in my modest home, imploring my parents to allow my acceptance into Durmstrang Institute! My father, who’d once attended the school himself, was overjoyed in the fact that his own daughter would be the first female to ever attend the school. At once my parents began to teach me the curriculum of the school (so that I wouldn’t waste their time by failing out).

My broom skills were heightened; Igor had even bought me my first non-toy broom even. By the time I was eleven, I was more than prepared to enter the all male institute. My first friend became the world renowned, Viktor Krum; he was quite different our first year as friends. He being the outspoken and fun one, I became his kindred spirit and voice of reason. No man dared to speak back at me, and those who did, witnessed my terrifying temper and astonishing strength. I quickly became top of my class and lead chaser for the Quidditch team, although not everything was perfect.

Boys toddled after me as though I would sleep with them, just because I was the only girl! Well for your information I’m no whore. I despise romantic relationships; I found no need during my years there. But my world was turned upside down one day, the day I left my home away from home, to travel for the Triwizard Tournament.
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