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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 10: The Second Trial, And The Letdown

I had decided to spend the holidays with the Weasely family; apparently our family knew each other somehow, kind of like an unspoken friendship or a secret one I guessed. It was very fun to be around their family, it made me ache to spend Christmas at home opening the presents and playing in the snow with them like when I was younger. I had gotten quite a few gifts from my friends, and somehow my parents had gotten my gifts to me too. That night I sat up by the fireplace, wishing for things to get better, and hoping my parents were alright.

It had been a few weeks since the Yule Ball and the holidays; school had been going pretty well. Hermione and I constantly studied together; well, whenever Viktor wasn’t around. He was so smitten with her, sometimes I felt a bit left out. But I became close friends with Harry and Ron, they warned me about Draco but we remained acquaintances. I was currently sitting in the Great Hall during my free period, reading a book and having a small snack. Someone tapped me on the shoulder; I turned and saw Highmaster standing behind me looking a bit stoic but firm.

“Come, follow me quickly” he stated, then turned and walked away. I followed him diligently until we arrived at Dumbledore’s office, they told me they wanted me to be a part of the trial since one of the other student, Ginny, was injured and could not participate. I agreed, and suddenly it was dark.

I felt like I was floating, but it was so cold. I felt the air shift around me, if it even was air. A hissing noise around me as I limply hung in place, but I couldn’t move, couldn’t open my eyes and see where I was.

3rd Person View

The trial had just begun as the champions dove into the water of the lake, each searching for their treasure. Viktor swam quickly towards the mer-people’s sunken home, his shark eyes set on the four floating bodies. He swam over to them quickly, being able to avoid the staffs and swords of the creatures. There he saw the two women he cared for the most, Hermione and Rae. He couldn’t decide who to save, his heart tearing in two as he swam towards Hermione and struggled to release her.

Harry caught up with him and gave him a rock to break the rope, the two floated towards the surface as harry struggled to release the last two girls, the mer-people became enraged as he tried to take both, their ropes snapped just as they began to charge him, he pulled them towards the surface as the gilly-weed began to wear off.

The two girls broke the surface of the water and gasped for breath, the young girl was pulled to the dock as Rae looked around frantically for her savior, all she saw was Viktor standing over Hermione, worried only for her well-being, the only person missing was Harry. She dove back under the water, and swam towards the struggling boy and yanked him to the surface. The teens jumped onto the deck and the crowd cheered animatedly. Their breathing was labored as they lay on the deck, she turned to look at him and they both smiled and chuckled at their disheveled looks.

Back to Rae’s View

I sat next to the fire in the common room with Harry; we’d spoken few words since the trial. I was still in shock of his kind actions and the lack of care that Viktor had had for my own well-being. I was losing him quickly, and my heart began to ache.

“Are you alright Rae?” Harry whispered to me. All I could do was shake my head in a ‘no’ answer.

“I know he didn’t choose you, but that doesn’t mean he no longer cares for you” he stated, finally looking me in the eye.

“Either way,” I whispered to him, “he still chose her over me”. The thought crushed any feelings of kindness and friendship I’d ever had for him. I don’t need him anymore, he’s got her and I have myself, Harry and Ron I thought bitterly. From now on, Viktor Krum is no longer a part of my life; I have no need for a friendship with any man anymore. And at that moment, I gave up on him. I bid Harry good night and retired to my dorm.
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