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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 13: The Vision

It had only been minutes since Viktor had been cured, and the pain in my head was beginning to increase. I tried to ignore it and focus on what could be happening, and the sickening feeling of fear began to intensify. Suddenly the pain enveloped my head, I screamed in agony and fell to my knees.

“Petrovich!” I heard Highmaster calls to me as I sank to my knees, my eyes were wide open; but what I saw wasn’t the arena or maze, it was a graveyard. I saw a rat-like man standing over a cauldron, and Harry being held by statues. My head turned towards the Goblet, and I saw Cedric hiding… I heard a screech as the rat-man dropped something into the cauldron, my head doubled in pain.

I held my head as the pain increased, and then it suddenly stopped. I looked around and saw a figure emerge from the dark, he was pale and snake-like, fear coursed through my body as I recognized him. The Dark Lord, the man responsible for so much death and despair. He was back, how could this be? I tried to leave the place but couldn’t, I was stuck watching the events that would change the world as I knew it.

Suddenly everything was moving so fast, there was running and screaming and spells flew from wands, and then there was silence. I reopened my eyes, and Cedric was dead. All I could do was scream in agony and loss, I wanted to rush to save Harry too, but I was a ghost, unnoticed and helpless. Sounds disappeared, silence filled the air. It was like I had become deaf in just a moment; and with that I was sucked from the scene, it hurt so much it was like head and eyes being ripped to shreds. When I was back in reality all I could do was scream and cry, no real words exited my mouth.

“Someone! Please help!” yelled Highmaster when my screams didn’t stop. Hermione and Ron ran and rushed me to the Hospital Wing, the farther we got the more intense the pain became. What felt like hours was really only minutes, the nurse could cure my pain with any elixir or tonic. She sent for the professors, when they arrived each tried tirelessly to stop the pain and screams. But to no avail, nothing worked; until Trelawney approached. She touched my eyes and whispered something inaudible, and the pain stopped. My consciousness slipped away.

I awoke at night, alone. My throat stung from the screaming, but the pain was gone. I sat up in my bed and looked around, only one other bed was occupied, and I recognized the mess of hair sticking out from the blankets. I slowly crept over to him, and shook him slightly.

“Harry… Harry!” I whispered to the sleeping boy, he awoke with a jolt. His eyes were wide with fear and surprise until he saw my crouched figure.

“Hell Rae, you nearly killed me” he sighed in relief, his voice held pain and sadness.

Ignoring his statement I blurted out “I saw what happened to you”. He just looked confused, he didn’t understand.

“I saw you in the graveyard, I don’t know how but I did. I know he’s back” I said lowly, my face serious. His features became grim and cold, a single tear slipped down his cheek.

“How?” he whispered, his voice quivering in pain. Tears began to flow from my eyes freely.

“I don’t know, it was horrible; All I felt was pain and… I was so scared for you” my accent became thicker each moment that passed. He suddenly embraced me, both of us crying silently as we held on for dear life. When we released each other I wiped away his tears, took off his glasses and bid him good night.

“Good night Rae, thank you for believing me” he said as I lay down.

“You’re the boy who lived, why wouldn’t I believe you?” I said in a light joking manner, and with that we slept. All night I had nightmares, visions of people dying, being tortured, and their pain was all I felt. I awoke with a start; I sat up and looked around me. Harry was gone, and to my right sat Viktor; he was asleep in his chair, he looked tired with the bags under his eyes. I just looked at him, wondering what he was doing by my bed, he flinched and woke suddenly. When he saw I was awake he embraced me, he squeezed my smaller body as though I would disappear the next moment.

“Thank Merlin you’re alright” he said once he let me go, “I have been worried sick about you, when I heard your screams I ran. Seeing you like that… it killed me inside”. I remained silent, not trusting myself to speak at that moment. I couldn’t speak, tears began to flow freely and he embraced me. When the tears finally stopped and I was calm enough to talk, I pulled away.

“This doesn’t change much between us” I said softly, gathering my belongings. He looked down, disappointment and regret covered his face and stance.

“I know,, I’m so sorry” he said. I couldn’t help but feel a pang in my heart, the pain of loss and the need for forgiveness. When we left the Hospital Wing Cedric memoriam had already ended, but I couldn’t go. I had seen his death and the death of many others too; I couldn’t handle seeing him like that.

The days passed quickly until it was finally the end of the school year, my parents were still in hiding and I couldn’t return to my home. Ron offered to take me in for the summer; he said his mum adored me so I agreed. I bid my goodbyes to my friends at Hogwarts and Durmstrang, as much as I wanted to return to my second home, I needed to be safe. With that I transferred to Hogwarts, the changes that have come forth are great and despairing but I won’t stop. My new life is with the Weasley’s, and in Hogwarts.
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