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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 16: The Woman in Pink

Since arriving at Hogwarts as a student, I was genuinely surprised at how different it was from last year. I’d been put in Gryffindor (of course) but a strange and nasty woman was now overtaking the school.

“Who the heck is the ghastly woman up there?” I whispered to Harry.

“Umbridge, she’s a horrible twat from the Ministry. She’s here to take over the school and transform us into robots” he said bitterly as he stabbed at his food viciously.

I stared at the… “Woman” and scrutinized her color choice. I already didn’t like her, and it lessened as she spoke with her annoyingly mousy and high pitched voice. I didn’t listen to a word she said and decided to mock her. The students around me were having a difficult time containing their laughs, their faces red from holding in the chuckles and howls. After her damned speech we continued with dinner and soon headed back to the tower, as I call it.

A few days ad passed and this school was becoming more cell-like with each passing hour. We weren’t allowed to lead any sort of defense, even though I was thoroughly trained already, how did they expect to survive with the impending attack by a known and living source of dark magic? It was stupid, and useless. I’d gotten in trouble for standing up against the witch and had landed myself in detention, which was tonight.

I had walked all the way to her office, looking around I wanted to empty what little stomach content I had… kittens and doilies, pink was everywhere; and sitting behind a thoroughly decorated desk was the witch herself, I sat down in the desk in front of her and was told to write “I shall not spread lies” with her ‘special’ quill.

The moment I wrote the first word my hand began to burn, a searing pain shot through my arm. I looked at my hand, imprinted or burned or scarred or whatever was the phrase I’d began to write. I gripped the quill and looked at the bitch in front of me. My venomous stare startled her, I could feel the heat radiating off of my body, the quill snapped to pieces in my hand. I threw the desk to the side of the room where it crashed into pictures on the wall, I stomped towards her desk as sparks began to pop from my palms.

She looked scared and horrified at my actions. My hands slammed down harshly on her desk, as I stared directly into her eyes.

“You filthy witch, how dare you use an enchanted quill as punishment. I should kill you where you sit right now” I whispered to her paling figure.

“You… you, you can’t do that! I am in charge!! I…” she began to squeak before slammed a fist down where my right hand had just left a burned print into the desk.

“Don’t you speak a word.” She shut up immediately, “you, will never EVER use this quill on me again, or any other students for that matter. Do you hear me? If I must return here, it will not be pleasant. Now I am going to leave, pray I don’t return. For the sake of your life” I stood up slowly and left the room. I walked briskly to the common room, when I entered I saw harry sitting on the couch, his hand covered by his shirt. I sat down next to him, he was a bit scared for a moment, probably thinking he was alone.

“I know what she made you do Harry” I whispered to him, his face look both shocked and ashamed. So he hadn’t told anyone, I thought to myself bitterly.

“I wrote it so many times” he showed me the cuts.

“This is going to scar, the bitch tried to make me do it too” he looked at me shocked, then his eyes traveled to my unscarred hands, “I broke it, and did something I could probably be expelled for. But it was worth it” I said with a small smile, holding his damaged hand.

We spent an extra hour by the fire just chatting before we both retired for bed.

“Good night Harry” I said with a smile, stopping halfway up the stairs for a farewell.

“Good night Rae” he smiled at me from the bottom of the stairwell.

I awoke the next morning to Hermione jumping on my bed like a giddy child.

“Wake up Rae!!! Wake Up!!!!!!” she laughed at my surprise and sleepy face, I kicked her feet out from under her and she landed with her head towards the end on of the bed. By the time we reached the Great Hall breakfast had already begun. I looked to Umbridge as she sat at her seat, she felt my stare and upon seeing my figure she paled a bit before going back to her meal.

“What in the bloody ‘ell did you do to ‘er Rae?” Ron asked me once I sat down.

“Oh nothing, we just had a… “Heated” chat about how detention was and we came to a rational agreement” I said innocently with a sly smile on my face.

“I think I love you” said George as he grabbed my head and gave me an over-dramatic sloppy wet kiss on the cheek.

“Hey watch it” I chuckled at his funny behavior, “You don’t want to end up having the same conversation me and that witch had last night”, he got nervous and a bit pale. I laughed loudly once my stoic facial expression broke, I gave him a slight push and we continued our meals.

I looked over to Harry and gave him a wink, he returned with a knowing smile. Oh what a year this will be.
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