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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 17: Secrets Only Multiply

It was a cold but nice day out as I walked the halls along the garden area. I was lost in my thoughts as I wandered the never-ending passages and hallways. Things had been messy and stressful the past week or two, rules had come up, detentions were more frequent and punishments harsher. I trotted towards Harry Ron and Hermione when I spotted them huddled together. As I approached the secretive conversation ended quickly, I decided to ignore it.

“Hey guys, care to join me for some dinner?” I smiled politely, still curious as to what they had been talking about. The agreed and we all walked to the great hall, the air was tense inside. It was quiet except for the clinking of silverware against dishes. This wasn’t how things were supposed to be, I thought bitterly, and what are they hiding from me?

The next few days were normal, well as normal as it could be now. I noticed the twins were getting more and more antsy and suspicious by the day. I pulled them into an empty classroom and shut the door behind me.

“Didn’t know you were into that kind of stuff Rae-Rae” teased George.

“What are you guys planning?” I answered ignoring his joke. They both glance at each other nervously.

“We have no clue what you’re talking about” said Fred confidently, I just quirked an eyebrow in response.

“You do realize I’m no rat, correct? I want in” I said with a devious grin. They both visibly relaxed, and grinned like madmen.

“Okay, we’ll fill you in. But know this, you’ll get in a heap of trouble” they warned me, I just shrugged in response as they explained their plan to me.

Today was the day, Fred, George and I walked down the hall together towards Umbridge’s classroom. They only allowed me to open the door and flip a few desks and knock down some shelves because they didn’t want me to get expelled.

I excused myself from class to use the restroom and ran to the meeting point; the boys already had their brooms out and were stuffing the explosive tricks into their pockets.

“You boys ready to wreak a little havoc?” I asked with a grin as I whipped out my wand. They smiled back and kicked off the ground.

“Ready when you are!” they yelled as I sprinted back towards the classroom. I slammed open the large doors with a noticeable slam, the boys bolted into the room and began setting off the colorful tricks as I tipped and tossed desk after desk, shelf after shelf.

The room was in absolute chaos and excitement as other students began to join in with the fun and laughter. I laughed and dodged a hodgepodge of flying items as the ceiling was being lit up by an array of sparks and colors. Suddenly the boys released their final act, the piece de resistance the great dragon. I marveled at their handy work as I fled from the scene of the crime, I grabbed Hermione’s hand quickly and waved goodbye as I hurried to the closest girl lavatory.

It had felt like hours since mine and the twins’ great escapade, but in reality it had only been fifteen minutes. I stuck my head out of the door to see if the coast was clear, and just as I turned the corner…

“Just the girl I wanted to see” came a voice from behind me. I turned around slowly and saw Umbridge and McGonagall; I had to force myself not to laugh at her… disheveled, looks. I was led to Dumbledore’s office, room, space… place. I’ll spare the boring details but I was given detention for the rest of the year, after classes, after dinner, and during my free period.

When I finally arrived back in the common room I was met by a flurry of applause congrats and hugs. Ron filled me in that the twins were well on their way to opening the joke shop they’d always planned on running. It was going to be difficult to finish all of my assignments with the small amount of free time I was now given, but it was all worth the effort.

That night I sat by my window writing a letter to Molly and Viktor, we hadn’t spoken and I believed it was finally time to make amends. Well, he would have to beg a little more for forgiveness, but I’d have to take him back. The cold November air swirled around my warm body, I looked out towards the forest where I saw something peculiar shining. I called for my broom and silently glided towards the object, it was a necklace. In fact it was the necklace Viktor gave me many years ago, as reminder of great power and the hatred that was sewn in his heart.

I realized I hadn’t seen or worn it since the night of the Third Challenge last year, when I ran off. I slipped it over my head and tucked the cold metal into my shirt, there was a tingling sensation and I looked down at the pendant. There, on the bottom lining of the triangle, was an enchanted engraving: “For whoever holds this, holds my heart”. I clasped it in my fisted hand, and felt a single tear fall from my eye, it was then I’d realized how much I had hurt him, and how I desperately needed to make this right. 
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