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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 18: Apologies and Attacks

I immediately flew back to my room in order to avoid any other punishments. I held the mirror, begging, hoping he would answer. There was no answer.

“Viktor, if you ever get this message… if you ever see this, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for ignoring you and treating you so badly, please forgive me… I need you” I whispered to my own reflection. I set the mirror down and went back to sleep.

My dreams were intertwined with reality and fiction. I saw a mix between an attack and some glowing ball… all I could hear were these deafening screams of pain. A face, tortured, beaten and bloody flew to my sight. Mr. Weasley, I felt his pain and it all rushed to me at once. I couldn’t hold in my screams, I could feel my body seize as my screams grew louder.

I fell into nothingness; then all at once I was awake. Other students surrounded me, I ran out of my room towards Harry and Ron, my words a blur. They looked grim as I realized the sun was coming up, then the pain hit again, for real this time. I felt his real pain, cuts began to form and bruises took shape. I was rushed away from the room, my mind a ghost. I regained consciousness once again, in the hospital wing. Only Luna and Hermione were with me, they told me about the attack the one I saw. We left immediately for St. Mungo’s.

Mr. Weasley was alive, thankfully but he’d suffered many bruises and cuts and breaks.

“It isn’t your fault dearie” Mrs. Weasley told me, snapping me out of my focus.

“I saw it, I could have stopped it.” I said quietly. She embraced me, the gesture both shocked and comforted me. I broke the embrace and she smiled at me sadly. Harry and Ron approached me slowly.

“How are you doing Rae? Damn near scared the bloody hell outta us” said Ron quietly.

“What happened to you? It was like someone was putting the Cruciatus on you” said Harry; the look on his face was suspicious. I hadn’t told them anything, I thought against it since they’d been hiding from me too.

“When you stop lying and hiding things from me, I might tell you. But what do you care? You don’t trust me” I said harshly, their faces full of shock, “I guess you didn’t think I saw what was going on? All the sneaking out late at night, running into a door that magically disappears, strange coins, Umbridge forbidding any unauthorized clubs? I’m one of the most alert people, how did you think I’d never notice?” and with that I left them with their thoughts. I floo’d back with McGonnagal who had come to visit.

“You know,” she said as I began to leave, “forgiveness is a hard thing to give, but even harder to ask for. Just something you should think about Ms. Petrovich” I looked to the old woman, a knowing look upon her face.

“Thank you professor, I’ll think about it.” I said as I descended down the stairs. As I walked through the corridors, thoughts began to trickle through one by one. Thoughts of trust, Harry, Ron, Hermione, their secrets, the school, the rules, Viktor… and how I would manage to stay alive through all of this. I was still just as strong as the first day I came here, but my heart had been softened too much, hurt too many times. I was jolted from my thoughts when I bumped into someone, that someone being Draco Malfoy.

“Oi! What are you…? Rae? What are you doing out here so late at night?” he asked pulling me into an empty classroom.

“I just got back, Mr. Weasley was attacked.” I said quietly, not looking him in the eye. He slowly approached my still figure, not sure if he could be close without an attack. He suddenly embraced me, I held him tight. The sorrow and stress I’d endured since I first came here came rushing out of me; tears overflowed my eyes as he held me. It felt like hours until he slowly broke the embrace, he gave me a small smile.

“Come with me, I think you could use something to warm you up” he said quietly. He led me along the hallways, twisting and turning until we reached a door, the prefect door. He led me into the cozy room; it was decorated in Slytherin colors.

“You know” said my voice hoarse from crying, “The hat almost chose me for Slytherin”.

“Not a surprise, you’re brilliant and strong among many other Slytherin attributes. I guess it was your brave heart and kind nature won out over the power and success” he said bringing her some hot tea.

“I can never understand what it is with you British people and your tea” I said with a small laugh as I sipped it slowly”. He just chuckled in response and wrapped the blanket tighter around me.

“Get some rest, you’ll need it” he said as I drifted into slumber, his warm embrace lulling me into a flurry of dreams. 
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