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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 19: Christmas and the Telling of Secrets

After I had woken up the next day, I was alone. Draco had gone to class and so I snuck back into the dorm room. I slept for the rest of the day; I even avoided talking to anyone who came into the room. Fall turned to winter as a thick layer of fluffy snow fell onto the grounds and Christmas decorations adorned every inch of the school. Hermione and I had been on good terms even though she still hadn’t told me what they’d been holding back from me, Harry and Ron had gotten the message and stayed quiet near me.

Vacation had just started days ago, Draco had invited me over; I had declined because I was staying with the Weasley’s during the holiday, but I did promise to stop by and say hello. I awoke one morning to an empty house; I was frightened because there was no indication of where everyone was.

“Rae… Rae…” a voice called from outside, I grabbed my wand and coat and rushed outside the Burrow. Running towards me was Hermione; she was flushed and looked scared out of her wits.

“What’s going on? Where is everyone?” I asked as she approached me.

“Grab everything you own and come with me, I have to bring you to a safe place. The very place we’ve been hiding from you, we’re going to tell you everything once I get you there. Hurry1” yelled flustered. I ran inside and did as she said, once we were back outside there was a strange looking woman waiting.

“Come on, we have to hurry” she said quickly, grabbing the both of us. We apparated to a normal muggle looking houses, all at once some began to move apart revealing a hidden house. When we got inside I could hear a good amount of noise coming from the kitchen. The moment I entered the room, it fell silent.

Harry, Ron, Ginny, the twins and a few other assorted people looked at me, shocked by my very presence.

“What is going on, and where am I?” I asked calmly, looking around the room for an answer. Many just looked away, while a tall lanky man just took my hand and told me to follow him. By the end of the entire explanation it was far past sunset, the story had taken from morning to past dinner.

“So that’s what you haven’t been telling me these past months? Why didn’t you trust me?” I asked them all, looking from one to another.

“We didn’t know where your allegiance laid, you Highmaster is a known follower of the Dark Lord. We didn’t know if he’d corrupted you or not.” Said Lupin, an old professor and werewolf I’d just learned, apparently.

“Well he didn’t, the thought of what those monsters do sickens me” I spat nastily at the thought of those people.

“We know, and the reason we’re just bringing you into this, is because we’ve recently discovered who your parents are. They too are a part of the order” at this my head snapped up, my own parents? How could I not know?

“They’ve been on the run, in hiding these past few months because someone ratted them out” said Tonks; she put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“So they’re alive?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes, they are. We don’t know exactly where they are, but we know they’re alive and well” she said with a smile.

“And what about this army business you’ve been training?” I asked Harry.

“We knew you were close with Malfoy, and we didn’t want him to try and manipulate you to stopping us” Harry said timidly, afraid of my reaction.

“You seriously think that? I’d never rat you out, and Draco hasn’t ever asked me about you guys. I only tutor him and we have lunch every few weeks because we’re friends. I promise, besides I could really help you guys out. With my years of extensive training I can get everyone to have their patronum in a week or 2 instead of months” I said with a laugh, glad our problems were resolved.

“You could do that? Bloody hell Rae! I didn’t know you were THAT good!” blurted out Ron, it was the first thing he’d said to me all day. His ears turned bright red when he realized what he’d said, I just laughed.

“Yes, I am that good. I’ve picked up different teaching methods over the years and I believe I can really help” I said with a genuine smile.

“Then welcome to Dumbledore’s Army” Harry said, shaking my hand as well. Problems had been resolved, and secrets been revealed. Nearly everything was perfect, just nearly.

That night after everyone had gone to bed, I pulled out the mirror. To my surprise, a picture came into view. There was Viktor, sitting by the fire in his room holding the picture of us from our second year at Durmstrang. I remember the memory fondly. We had been in my hometown for Christmas break, he was visiting and I took him to the frozen meadow. There were special flowers that only bloomed in the snow; we were lying in a patch of them when a flash went off. My mother had snapped a photo of us smiling and laughing in the snow and flowers.

“Viktor…” I said just above a whisper. His head jolted towards me voice.

“Rae..?” he said looking around the room.

“The mirror Vik, I’m in the mirror” I said, he rushed towards it. His face full of joy, his eyes were slightly watering.

“I’m so sorry… so, so sorry… I” I cut him off knowing how upset he would get.

“It’s alright Viktor, I forgive you. Can you forgive such a stubborn girl like me?” I asked with a sad smile.

“Only every day of my life” 
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