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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 2: Summer Before The Storm

It was just like every other summer in Russia: cold but sunny for once. The school year would be starting up again in a few weeks, and I would be returning to my dear friend Viktor. I can still remember the day we met like it was yesterday.


I sat staring out the window, the early morning misting fogging it up. I heard a noise and turned to see a striking but shy boy sit down next to me.

He turned and looked at me astonished, “Are you on the way to Durmstrang?”

“Yes I am” I replied.

“Are you an aid or something? Because I hadn’t heard of girls ever coming here...” he stated nervously, afraid of my reaction.

“No, I’m going to be a student. My name is Allondra Petrovich but please call me Rae, and your name is?” I questioned flatly but kindly.

“Oh… uhm… Viktor, Viktor Krum. I’ve heard of you, aren’t you some wizard prodigy?” he question in a confused matter. The skin on his forehead wrinkled with confusion and curiosity.

I smiled shyly at him, “sort of. I’m no prodigy, but I’ve been trained all my life, I’ve heard quite a bit of you though. The next greatest seeker in all of Quidditch history” I replied smartly.

“Oh...” he blushed profusely, “you’ve heard of that junk? Mostly people beg for something or are overly excited to be my friend”.

“Well that’s silly” I stated immediately. And soon after that we became close friends. He being the wild and unruly one, while I kept him grounded and became his conscience.


The cold yet warm late July breeze brought me back to the present. I hopped off of the wall in the town square and hopped from stone to stone to avoid the frozen over cracks. I hurried into the pub and use the Floo System (god awful thing it is!), and appeared at Diagon Alley.

I wandered through the flurry of shoppers hurrying to buy supplies for their children in order to avoid the school rush. I weaved quickly in and out of the crowd, I soon landed in Ollivanders.

“Hello Rae! Long time no see!” piped Mr. Ollivander as soon as I slid behind the counter.

“Zdravstvuj (Hello) Olli” I greeted whilst hanging my scarf and coat on the rack.

“How goes your summer m’dear?” he question while climbing the ladder and searching for a wand.

“Quite well Olli, thank you for asking” I smiled and put on my small apron, “I see you’ve disregarded my organization system…again” I joked with a small laugh.

“Of course I have! You know I can’t stay organized for more than one moment” he laughed heartily. Even in his old age he still maintained his good sense of humor and thoughtfulness.

“How’s the wand working out for you?” he quizzed while knocking out four more wand cases.

“Quite well, actually. I’ve finally mastered the damn thing.” I said absent mindedly, my thoughts drifted to my lovely wand; the Chimera scale core, the Ivy wood with its unique and intricate carvings on it, and its rigid stature.

I snapped back to reality and ducked away from a stack of papers that flew at me, I turned and looked at the young wizard who looked quite frightened.

“Whoops!!” chuckled Olli, “that’s not right, let’s try another shall we?”

I spent the rest of the day re-organizing the shop and fixing any and all messes that appeared with each new wand buyer. When the shop closed I hurriedly Floo’d to my home in St. Petersburg and into my mother’s warm embrace and father’s welcoming smile.

After dinner and quality time spent with my parents, I walked up the stairs to my large but modest bedroom. I gazed at my Two-Way Mirror that Vik gave to me in my second year, wondering if he’d be on at this hour.

“Probably not…” I mumbled to myself. He’d have practiced all day, and I knew he desperately needed his beauty rest, and I smiled at the thought as I twisted my Deathly Hallows pendant at my neck, Viktor had given it to me as a gift last year for Christmas.

I couldn’t wait until the school year began, not only would I be with my friend again, but this year was special. It was the year of the Triwizard Tournament, and I had a feeling within my bones that everything would change.
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