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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 20: Living With Regrets and Falling Out of Line

May was ending; it was the day of the Quidditch match against Ravenclaw. I knew we didn’t have to worry; they wouldn’t beat us in a long shot because they never relied upon brute force and thinking on the spot, they stuck to formation and guidelines. After the game was won and we’d celebrated in the Common room, a great deal of us headed out to detention yet again.

I was tired of this, of it all. Extreme measures had to be taken, she had no right to do this to us; we need to act, and fast. She’s become a tyrant, we’re her slaves and she’s sucking the magic from us all. I had barely been sleeping, my dreams haunting me every single night, the screams of terror, the breaking of glass; it was becoming too much for me to handle. We were all studying for the coming O.W.L.’s, I wasn’t worried at all but the others were becoming frantic about studying.

Saturday brought no such change; Ron was forcing me and Hermione to tutor him in his worst subjects. I was becoming more and more frustrated each second.

“For the love of MERLIN! I need a break!” I shouted. I slammed the book closed and walked out towards the lake. I roughly ran my hands through my hair, trying to at least relieve some of the stress. I sat down at the water’s edge, the silent swish of the waves slowly calmed me down. I slipped off my shoes and socks, and dug my feed into the icy cold sand. I heard footsteps approaching from behind me.

“Rae…” whispered a familiar voice.

Without answering, I stood, gathered my belongings and began walking away.

“Rae! Please, wait! I need to talk to you.” shouted Draco. I whirled around and faced him, he stumbled back, a look of fear and shock on his face.

“How dare you, how dare you even attempt to speak to me. You betrayed me, turned me in, you horrible liar, filthy spy!” I yelled at him, not caring who heard or saw.

“I…I had to okay!! That awful which MADE me do it, I couldn’t stand her punishments anymore!” he yelled back, yanking up his sleeve and revealing the pinkish scars that covered his arm.

“I never wanted to… she made me, but everyone else joined in once they heard I was a part of her ‘team’… I tried so hard so that we would never catch you, but once she got a hold of that Chang girl, there was nothing I could do.” He whispered quietly, tears stung at my eyes. I couldn’t speak, I gently grabbed his hand and quickly walked to his room. When we got inside I sat him down and walked to the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” he asked, looked at me in a confused manner.

“Righting wrongs” I said with a sad smile. I gently placed a cold towel on his arm, he winced in pain. Some of the scars were newer than the rest. I pulled out the Dittany I carry around, for emergencies of course, and poured some on the cuts and scars. He hissed I pain and buried his face into my shoulder while I continued to heal his arm.

“Finally, all better” I said, he removed his head from my shoulder and unclenched his fist. I finally got a good look at him, his hair was a mess, he looked as though he hadn’t eaten or slept in weeks, and his eyes were slowly nodding into sleep. I laid him down on his bed and tucked him in, and I left.

I ran back to the Common room, this is finally it. We needed to do something about this, her control may soon become permanent and I couldn’t handle that. I needed Harry’s help for this, we need to finally take that last stand and get back to how things were supposed to be.

I found harry sitting on the couch, surrounded by books of every subject.

“Harry. Enough is enough, we need to end this” I said frantically, tripping over a stack of books that was on the floor.

“Rae? What are you talking about? I don’t have time for this I have to study” he said only glancing up from a potions book to see if I was okay.

“Harry, she’s doing it to the students again. The magic quill, the Veritasium, the rules, firing the teachers! This has to stop now!” I yelled, slamming a book on the table in from of him. He jumped in surprise and looked at me in shock.

“You’re right” he said standing up, “but how are we going to get rid of her, legally”

“I think I have a good idea; but for now, we need to talk about our entwined dreams”
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